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Apr 06, 2016

2PetalRose – Shogun Rebels: Hondo for ToyCon UK (4.9.16)


2PetalRose will introduce its new Shogun Rebels line with the debut Hondo figure at ToyCon UK 2016 (4.9).  A continuation of 2PetalRose’s samurai lineage, the nearly completely scratch-built Hondo embraces the solider swordsman concept more than perhaps any of the previous figures. Mostly forgoing the ornamental, his gear is purpose-driven from his helmet and armor to the bo staff and katana.

As with previous releases, all of the fabric/material was custom-designed and printed. The hand-painted details elevates the piece—the stylized face is nicely done.  The figure is fixed, though the head and flag can be posed. For dramatic display, Hondo comes complete with Shogun Rebels flag and magnetic wood base.

Eight (one-off?) Hondo figures will be available at the show in at least three colors: Red, Green and Blue for £230 (~ US$330).  If you want one,


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