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Apr 06, 2016

Super7 – Preview of Alien Day Releases (4.26)


In celebration of the newly created ‘Alien Day’ (4.26)—named after Acheron (LV-426), the Xenomorph discovery site—Super7 is prepping three new releases.  First up there’s a “mystery” Super7 x Secret Base figure. If you don’t recognize it from the silhouette, you could always go with a right-click for a ‘hint’.  Nicely fitting into the what-if-it-existed ReAction fun, there will also be a new Alien carrying case—in 70’s era vinyl—which will hold 24 3.75” figures, features new Alien art, and includes a yet to be revealed bonus figure.  Finally, there’s a Nostromo 3-figure repack featuring exclusive black Japanese packaging for Alien Day. Look for official release details as the fateful day approaches.



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