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Jul 21, 2016

Martin Hsu + PowerCore at SDCC: Kindreds, Dragon Dog Plush, Smart Stickers and More



Martin Hsu is at SDCC once again in his usual spot, booth # 4530, stocked with art, toys and merch including the debut releases of the Kindreds Powder 2 figure resin set and the new Dragon Dog plush.  A collaboration with boothmates PowerCore, Kindreds conveys a minimalistic design sense through the large Protector  and the aptly named Little One whom he watches over. With the Little One placed atop the Protector, the combined pair stands 7” tall.  Cast in powder resin, the first edition is limited to 50  pieces and is available for $150.  It includes a digital PowerCore Certificate Card that serves the dual role of digital COA and a key to access exclusive digital content.

In addition to Kindreds, Martin has also released his Dragon Dog Plush.  While the figure bears a striking resemblance to Blacky, each Dragon Dog comes with a blank collar tag, ready for you to adopt him/her and name as you choose. The plush stands 8” tall and is available for $35.  It looks great in person and features a distinctive head design  with facial features that pop nicely, lending a welcome sculpted feel to the soft toy.

As part of their unfolding plans to help bridge the analog/digital divide for art products,  PowerCore is also offering several exclusives including a new Uamou edition, and the Kaiju Amedas Purple + Green Boots figure from the Chima Group,   and is also offering stickers for purchase which include fun twist – a QR code that unlocks a digital sticker pack for use with their new Powercore Collector messaging companion app.


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