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Jul 06, 2016

Super7 x Aliens – 18” Aliens Xenomorph Warrior


Back in the good ol’ days of 79’, Kenner released the 18” Alien figure, which is a prized possession to many fans and collectors til’ this day. For the summer of 2016, exclusive to San Diego Comic-Con, Super7 is proud to announce the release of their 18” Aliens Xenomorph Warrior, who will gladly take on any Alien figure today. Their SDCC Exclusive Prototype edition features a light blue color with exclusive prototype packaging. The figure itself features articulation in the neck, hips, arms, waist and wrists with spring-loaded jaw! Super7 is most definitely keeping the Alien and Aliens line alive! Seeing as this is a SDCC exclusive, we believe these will be super limited and will retail you $195.

The Alien Warrior figure never existed in prototype form in 1986. The backstory is that this piece is a prototype sample of the Alien Warrior for "internal review". The packaging is a prototype package, modeled after the Alien ReAction Figures 2-Pack from 2013. The package is meant to be a mock-up, with hand-written notes about what is approved, needs to be changed, or filled in during the production process. While the original Kenner 3.75” Alien action figures were genuinely created and cancelled in the late-70s, and rescued by Super7 for ReAction Figures, the Super Size Alien Warrior is a "what-if" figure.

IMG_9795 IMG_9794

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