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Jul 13, 2016

Tony Bui and Genuine Haha Greeting Cards at SDCC 2016


Tony Bui of Genuine Haha will be posted up in the Small Press Aisle at this years San Diego Comic-Con! Where you may ask? That would be Small Press L-05! He will have tons of goodies, including exclusive prints, as well as some of the best Greeting Cards you may ever spend your money on. They genuinely make you “haha”. Each card will also come with multiple choice references related to each design.

genuine haha 2 genuine haha 1


Tony has also teamed up with Chris lee for a “Pretty Cool” scavenger hunt! On each day of SDCC, you can score yourself some free buttons from both the Chris Lee Booth #1535 and the Genuine Haha table Small Press L-05. Each day will feature a special theme VS theme from various pop culture icons.

Thursday: Alien vs Predator (science fiction theme)
Friday: Iron Man vs Captain America (super hero theme)
Saturday: Terminator T-800 vs Robocop (robot theme)
Sunday: Jason Voorhees vs Freddy Krueger (horror theme)

Scavenger_Hunt_B Scavenger_Hunt_C

wood-background-darkercivil war wood-background-darkercivil war3 wood-background-darkercivil war2

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