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Sep 04, 2016

Junko Mizuno x Poposition Press – Triad Pop-Up Book (9.13)

unnamedUpdate: Added Pricing 

Poposition Press, the folks who brought you the The Pop Up Art Book (2015) featuring 2.5D versions of street/pop surrealist artists has teamed up with Junko Mizuno for the upcoming Triad.  The standard edition of Triad ($50)will feature five pop-up spreads based on Junko’s original paintings: Ocean, Serpent, Triptych, Mansion and Tree.  The cover features a wraparound version of the Dawn image with foil treatments on the cover and spine.   A special laser-etched acrylic slipcase will be available as an add-on. 

Triad will also be available in a special edition  (100 pieces, $250) featuring the five spreads featured in the standard edition plus a special ‘ink’ edition of Triptych, a pull-out poster featuring Dawn/Night, the previously mentioned laser-etched acrylic slipcase, and will be signed and numbered by the artist.

Both the standard and special editions of Junko Mizuno’s Triad will be available for preorder on Tuesday, September 13 2016 over at Poposition.com.  The pop-ups look great – a must for Junko fans.  Can’t wait to check it out.



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