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Oct 03, 2016

Kyle Kirwan at NYCC: Blooms are Blooming x7 !

cavusactualGo big or go home.  Kyle Kirwan has taken that to heart with his epically large plans for his ironically diminutive Bloom figure.  For NYCC, Kyle will unleash the Cavus GID Blooms (5.5”) spanning seven editions, each available from a different booth, or in the case of the seventh from a source roaming the floor. Beyond mere colorways, each has a personality of it’s own thanks to varying facial expressions/treatments.  As if that weren’t enough fun for one convention, Kyle has gone the extra step with one-off variants for each edition, plus randomly inserted golden-tickets redeemable for a secret colorway due next year.  At $30 each, the Cavus Blooms will be easy on the wallet. Grab your favorite colors or maybe go big and catch ‘em all:

Red (10): Arsine via Big Kev’s Geek Stuff [booth #401]
Yellow (10): Germane via the DKE Toys [booth #423]
Orange (10): Boron via  Art Whino  [booth #104/#108]
Green (10): Chlor via MyPlasticHeart [booth #113]
Blue (10): Bromine via Tenacious Toys [booth #309]
Purple (10): Stibine via Clutter [booth #603]
White (5): Florine  via For The Masses Podcast who will be hiding amongst the crowd.

Hit the jump for close-up shots of each specimen plus a first-hand account of the Cavus Bloomus in the wild.

Day 11:

One of the things I was most excited about upon entering Manchester proper was a chance to encounter the rare Cavus Bloomus that reside solely within the kingdom. There has never been a proper study of them, so I’ve spent the last few years interviewing anyone who has encountered one of these fascinating subterranean Blooms. From my research I have learned that there are at least six distinct varieties of this subspecies and they are somehow frothy. Nearly every subject has reported that the Cavus Bloomus “smell and bubble.” It is unfortunate that with my breathing apparatus in place I will be unable to verify their odor for myself. I’ve also heard there are marked physical differences between each hue and they are almost nothing like the more common Terra Bloomus that reside in the rest of Dor. My theory is that Cavus Bloomus are mutated Terra, physically changed by years of exposure to the multitude of gasses in the caves. There are tales of fluffy footed Blues and single-eyed Reds. According to some the Purples possess stumpy little legs and fly about. Yellows and Greens are said to be friendly and less wary of the Cave People. No one knows much about the Orange beyond the fact that they definitely exist. I look forward to encountering these creatures myself for a chance to apply the Naturalist Scientific Process to their study. 

Excerpt from A Year Underground - Travels in Modern Manchester By Stylvus Reed


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