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Dec 15, 2016

Blackbook Toy at Toy Soul 2016


Blackbook Toy is showing at the 2016 edition of Toy Soul, underway in Hong Kong through Sunday (12.18).  BBT’s convention tradition centers around crazy one-off customs of their figures from a close-knit group of Japanese artists. This time around props go to a trio of paint wiazards—Kenth Toy Works, Chop of Monster Farm, and Marvel Okinawa

Kenth Toy Works brings the bright, multi-hue funk with customs of NekoFukurou (Jeff Soto) and  Mr. 12 (Cook One). Plus, he also created a purple  micro-run of the new A Clockwork Hateball mashup (Frank Kozik).  Look for another colorway of the Hateball micro-run slated for an online drop after the show.  The hand-drawn details on these are incredible—so clean that you might wrongly assume he’s relied on water transfers or similar tech. Props. 

For his Toy Soul turn, Chop of Monsterfarm brings his Dynamic Duo custom series to Ron English’s Evil MC.  Asshole and Prick are in rare, glossy form here.

Finally, Marvel Okinawa shows of his range with customs of Mr. 12, SKUM-kun, Lil Alex and a crazy tatted Evil MC—slated for auction at the show.  

You can find all of this BBT goodness at Booth G-12 which they are sharing with their friends at Yamakichiya.

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