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Jun 03, 2017

Kaiju One – Super Sun Sun is one mean Monkey King

Kaiju One has been showing off really impressive proto (3d output?) shots of his upcoming Super Sun Sun soft vinyl toy (~11”).  A fierce interpretation of the legendary Monkey King (Sun WuKong) from Journey to the West, the toy’s name is a play on the magical trickster’s Chinese name. Sculpted digitally by Patrick Suen who has sculpted several sofubi for PlanetXAsia, Super Sun Sun is bristling with detail from the primal monkey face to his armor, mystical staff, and what appear to be numerous hands.  Oh, did we mention the gnarly tail ?

From the proto/development shots, Kaiju One has at least considered/tested five separate versions of the right hand including – closed fist, open/grasping, middle finger, two finger salute, and the Buddha Palm (w/Buddhsit symbol) representing the kung-fu technique of the same name.  Whether or not all of these will see production is currently unknown.

From the artist’s last update, it sounds like Super Sun Sun is in the production pipeline and and on his way to striking fear into the rest of the unsuspecting toys on your shelf. Hit the jump for additional views of Super Sun Sun.

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