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Jul 16, 2017

Jermaine Rogers at SDCC – A New Treasure Trove of Toys


Perhaps somewhere known only to the Dero, Jermaine Rogers has stashed away a toy chest full of figures, waiting for their time in the sun.  For SDCC, he’s cracked the chest wide open with at least five new art toy releases dropping from his booth [#4532].


Let’s start with Veil.  There are two new Veil: Specimen #72 editions-–Dero Skin (125 pcs) and Shadow (300 pcs). In addition, there’s the wild new Veil: East (10”, 500 pcs). The panda-esque new figure appears to feature a Specimen #72 head and body with newly sculpted arms—a great addition the new Veil family.


Jermaine will also release a new edition of Dero CreepingSpectre (50 pcs) features super clear resin with lime green GID resin swirled throughout.  It looks fresh in regular light, and downright ghostly or is that ghastly in the dark.


beLIEve—a new resin sculpt will make it’s debut at SDCC as well.  All we have so far is a teaser featuring a demon-like, four-fingered hand. Very interesting.  No word if this will see a release at Comic-Con or will be display-only with a release in the future.


For something completely different, Mr. Rogers has collaborated with the mad geniuses over at Special Ed. Toys on The Candyman resin action figure—an homage to Gene Wilder’s turn as Willy Wonka. This one will be released in limited quantities each day (7.19 – 7.23) in both a regular painted edition (50 pcs) and a Grape edition cast in translucent purple (25 pcs).


In addition to the new army of toys, there are also new pins! T here’s Dero Trance available in both standard and shadow variants.  If you’re looking to make a splash, there’s also the Aleppin Sane Glam edition featuring a speckled, silver/gray design. All of this goodness will be available at Jermaine’s booth [#4532].

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