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Apr 01, 2018

ToyQube for Shanghai Toy Show


ToyQube is on the way to China for the first-ever Shanghai Toy Show. They have an absolutely loaded release schedule for their booth [C5-C6]—seven so far with the possibility of at least one more.  Let’s dive right in.  On the brand-new front, there’s the sweet double-take Banalien from Paul Jackson in limited, advance release quantities.  STS will also serve as the debut of Camilla D’Errico’s Rainbow Roll.


TQ will also release new editions of five of its recent figures. First up is a metallic gold Popeye Grin from Ron English.  Steven Harrington’s Gotcha returns in a neon green follow-up to the sold-out OG edition.  Going for the trifecta, ToyQube will release The Scarecrow by Jim McKenzie in its third editions, a  sensational two-tone pink, call it ‘cherry’, colorway.

unnamed-6 unnamed-7

If blue is your hue, then you’ll want to pick up the blue GID Half A Nice Day fr om Alex Pardee and the new Skull Flower—with gold + black  base—from Tara McPherson.

unnamed-5 unnamed-1unnamed-2 unnamed-3

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