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Jul 24, 2018

Toy Geeks Behind the Counter S2 E17 -- ‘You Made It Gross-er’

Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 9.33.11 PM

The Toy Geeks are back with a brand-new episode.  Toy Geeks Behind the Counter S2 E17 features Ben, George, Sarah Jo and Jack (yours truly) chatting about toys, dodging Raptors, and enjoying ‘safe’ pretend Kinder Eggs. Watch it on Youtube or below.  Ok here’s a more detailed list of what put in our two cents about :  Jurassic World "Blue" Mask - Frank Kozik 5 inch Murder Dunny - 1990's TMNT Baby Turtles Box Set - Tristan Eaton's Starbucks Collection - Kinder Chocolate Eggs - Jeff Gillette's Minksy - Super Plastic's Janky Toys. After a bit of a hiatus to reorganize, the show should be back on a weekly schedule.  Stay tuned for more geekiness!

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