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Aug 31, 2018

Coarse at Beijing Toy Show – Jaws Half Moon and Aura Half Moon


In conjunction with Pop Mart, Coarse will release two new figures at next week’s Beijing Toy Show (9.7 – 9.9) – a new version of an old friend and a brand-new, stunning Asian-inspired showcase piece.   

The new Jaws Half Moon (10.5”) marks a return for one of Coarse’s signature at a smaller size, pairing Noop with his cunning shark gear.  If you don’t have a Jaws in your collection, this is an unexpected new opportunity – not to be missed.

JAWS_AND_AURA_2500px-4 JAWS_AND_AURA_2500px-6

As excited as we are for a new Jaws, Aura is plain nuts. This one features a Lion Dance-inspired Noop with a dragon riding piggyback!  Nearly two figures in one, Aura Half Moon promises plenty of head turning moments. In fact I’ve caught myself staring at its crazy profile several times, mid-sentence, the experience overwhelming the yet-to-come words.

JAWS_AND_AURA_2500px-2 JAWS_AND_AURA_2500px-8  JAWS_AND_AURA_2500px-9 JAWS_AND_AURA_2500px-3

It might sound trite to say that Coarse has outdone themselves but it’s true. Aura eclipses their East Meets West Noop figure from about 2008 with that dragon. The sculpt and the pose are spot on.  One to remember for next Spring’s Toy of the Year discussion.

Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at 9.43.30 AM

Jaws Half Moon (899 RMB /~$131) and Aura Half Moon (1399 RMB / ~$205) will be available starting on Friday (9.7) at Coarse’s BTS booth [#B12].

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