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Aug 14, 2018

Toy Geeks Behind the Counter: S2E20 With Funko Founder Mike Becker


The Toy Geeks are back with an all-new episode featuring  special guest Mike Becker, the founder of Funko.  Check out S2E20 over on Youtube or below. Mike dropped by to talk about Funko’s Saturday Morning concept featuring their FunkO’s cereal line featuring mini Pop prizes inside the box and fun art on the outside.   He also gave us a preview of what to expect from the large Saturday Morning booth planed for this year’s DesignerCon

Beyond talk of Cartoons and Cereal, George, Ben, Jack M. and Mike also reviewed a few toys including the glorious Cognition Enhancement Engine 8” Dunny from Doktor A and Kidrobot, the new Empire Strikes Back Mystery Minis from Funko, a pair of new toys from Vincent Scala, and Find Chaffy from Jamie Smart.

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I'm a major toy nerd and I'm so glad I found this blog. thank you!

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