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Sep 06, 2018

Pop Life SFBI Originals at Beijing Toy Show via Filmboat


Pop Life will be offering several new SFBI Originals figures at the Beijing Toy Show (9.7 – 9.9) via Filmboat (Booths A20-21).  Before we dive into all the releases lined for BTS, let’s start things off with a brand-new release, the Smurfette SFBI which is the first Pop Life x Smurfs toy. 

In addition to the Smurfette’s Debut, Filmboat will also have a large number of Pop Life figures including Ron English’s Liberty Grin and MC Supersized Black Light Magic (Yellow) figures as well the Mc SuperSized Minis from Secret Base

IMG_2673 IMG_2670 IMG_2672 IMG_2671IMG_2667 IMG_2665 IMG_2666 IMG_2455

On the SFBI side, there’s a coffee-inspired Soda Kat from Kenneth Tang, as well as the Lucky Cat GrinMarvin the Martian (OG), Yosemite Sam and Speedy Gonzales SFBI—all featuring Ron English’s ‘grin’.

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