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Dec 31, 2018

2petalrose – ‘Crouching Shogun, Hidden Ninja’ at Woot Bear (1.12)


2petalrose will open Crouching Shogun, Hidden Ninja at  San Francisco’s Woot Bear on Saturday January 12th 2018.   The exhibition will feature customs of his Kid Katana figure from a talented artist lineup.  2petalrose has also created several special pieces for the show including the brand-new Shogun Air Service (Who Dares Dies) in the debut Jungle Ops Edition.  Brought to life by the sculpting talents of Oasim Karmieh, the new sculpt is based on 2petalrose’s previous Hondo figure.

Before he introduced us to the deadly and beautiful Maiko, 2petalrose was all about the bullet action with his Kombat Kings figures including his first release—an SAS trooper.  It’s fun to see things come all the way around to where they started.

2petalrose || Crouching Shogun, Hidden Ninja
Opening: Saturday January 12th 2018 (6-9 PM)

Woot Bear
1512 Haight St
San Francisco CA 94117

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Spy Boy Legacy Orange by Compton III


New Orleans-based designer Compton III officially launched his first art toy—Spy Boy—this past Saturday at Sneaker Politics. The original resin figure celebrates the Mardi Gras Indians, a lesser known part of New Orleans’ world-famous cultural event.  The debut Legacy Orange edition stands 9.5” tall and is limited to 300 pieces  to commemorate the city’s 300th anniversary.  Spy Boy is available direct from Space Broccoli for $350.00.

Having seen the figure in person twice at Five Points and DesignerCon, Spy Boy has an undeniable presence thanks to the ornate yet personable sculpt and its commanding physical size.  While the figure stands 9.5” tall, it’s even wider still and much larger than one might expect.  The design blends ceremonial tradition with a modern, urban character design punctuated with an out of sight surprise—a gloved hand blending into the rear of the Indian dress. Art Toys are in part, about delivering the unexpected, with style.  Spy Boy represents.


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Umi Toys Hawai’i -- Exclusive Gemnibbler + Lucky Bags (1.1)


Umi Toys Hawai’i will ring in the New Year with their Exclusive Gemnibbler Canyon Edition from the Thimblestump Hollow 2 Series by Amanda Louise Spayd and Chris Ryniak and produced by Cardboard Spaceship. Limited to 85 pieces, the gleeful mining beastie will be available for $15 from Umi’s web shop on January 1st 2019 around  Midnight Hawaii time (10 PM PST on 12.31).  Gemnibbler and Blossom (Cardboard Spaceship) which also drops on 1.1 are the final Canyon Editions.

If you’re thinking about picking up the exclusive, you might want to consider buying one of Umi Toys’  Fukubukuro  Lucky Bags as each includes the Gemnibbler. Available in three sizes—small (12 bags, $60), medium (10 bags, $100), and large (4 bags, $200)—the mysterious contents of the bag will include a Men’s Tee, the Gemnibbler, and other surprise items totaling roughly double the asking price. The Lucky Bags are available now.


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Teresa Chiba x Keios x adFunture: KD-Harigon (1.3)


Fresh off its debut at Toy Soul, the OG KD-Harigon soft vinyl figure from Teresa Chiba and adFunture is lined up for its official online drop. The new version of the artist’s signature character is a take on Kayden—the three-eyed mascot of sister headwear company Keios.

The OG KD-Harigon  (5.3”) drops on January 3rd from the brand-new adFunture online shop for $75 plus free shipping (through 1/9 storewide).


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Dec 30, 2018

Lightyear Studio–Chimp & Kong Rudolph Pre-Order


Thailand-based Lightyear Studio has opened a pre-order for its new Chimp & Kong Rudolph Edition resins in two editions.  The holiday-themed version sees the humorous two-headed figure (4.5”) masquerading as the most famous of reindeer with bright red noses and antlers – one per head of course. In addition to the fun design and nice sculpt, the paint on these is impressive.  The figure also features magnetic articulation – though it doesn’t like the design allows for much range of motion.

The Rudolph edition is available in the standard edition (15 pcs, $31) and the Special edition which includes a custom Santa suit (9 pieces, $37).  Shipping is $15 within Asia and $20 for America and Europe.   To order, visit the official pre-order post on Facebook, and comment with what you’d like to order: Original 1 or Special 1.  If there’s remaining stock, you’ll get a reply and DM.


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Dolly Oblong–Triple Drop to Close Out 2018


Dolly Oblong is going to send out 2018 in cute fashion with three drops set at undisclosed/random times on Monday (12.31) over at her webshop.  What’s up for grabs?  Penguin Tucky, Flamingo Tucky and Beetle Juice Billy.  Since all three of these figures have previously been released, we’re assuming this stock is coming from the artist’s private reserve and will be very limited in quantity.  Time to bring your F5 game.   The pictures after the jump are for reference and are from the initial release announcements earlier this year and are not an indication of stock available.


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Luke Chueh x Flabslab–BobaCotta Incoming


Luke Chueh and Flabslab keep the Boba goodness flowing with the brand-new BobaCotta set to drop this weekend.  A follow-up of sorts to the extremely popular Boba busts, the new figures blend the word play concept with China’s Terracotta Warriors in a way that is pure Luke. While Boba rep’d two sides of his identity: Star Wars geek and Asian, BobaCotta hones the humor and ethnic references to a fine Chinese edge.  Look for an official announcement soon.


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Grape Brain x Candie Bolton-Onigiri and Randalu Customs


The Grape Brain x Candie Bolton Onigiri & Randalu customs released at SuperFestival 79 two weeks ago are now available on Bolton’s site for $250 each.  Candie Bolton has worked her magic in creating the matching custom cosmic micro-runs of Grapebrain’s Onigiri figure and her Randalu figure by adding a saturated galaxy of sprays to clear vinyl versions of each toy and filling them with generous amounts of sparkly glitter.  Nicely done.


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Dec 29, 2018

AE Workshop–The Fattie Jeff in Three Unpainted Editions


Surprise!  AE Workshop has released The Fattie Jeff, their signature figure, in three new unpainted editions which highlight the fun and unusual sculpt.   The 8” food lover/part burger character is available in Living Coral, Blue Turquoise and Pink Yarrow – each for $50 from the AE Workshop online store.

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Cardboard Spaceship Exclusive Canyon Blossom Thimblestump Hollow 2 Release (1.1)


Start 2019 with a burst of sunshine with Cardboard Spaceship’s Exclusive Blossom Canyon Edition mini from the Thimblestump Hollow 2 series by Amanda Louise Spayd and Chris Ryniak.  Pick it up on Tuesday (1.1) from Cardboard Spaceship’s web shop. Blossom and the upcoming Umi Toys Gem Nibbler exclusive (1.1) complete the retailer-exclusive Canyon colorway. No official word on pricing, but based on previous retailer exclusives, Blossom will likely be $15.  


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Andre Tan x Thunder Mates–The Fuckin’ Fragile (12.30)


For those that missed the original drop at ComplexCon back in November, Thunder Mates is about to offer an online release of  The Fuckin’ Fragile (150 pcs, 6.8”, vinyl) by Singaporean artist Andre Tan.  The vinyl toy features a shy or perhaps playful character wearing a cardboard shipping box marked FRAGILE over his head.  Despite the disguise, the masked hypebeast bears a striking resemblance to a certain rather famous Mouse. This one plays on several levels – macro, micro and of course superficial.

Thunder Mates will release a limited, reserve stock of The Fuckin’ Fragile on Sunday (12.30) at 6 AM PST from their web shop for an as-yet unannounced price.


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Mike Sutfin x Unbox–Devilman Purple Marble (12.29)


Unbox Industries is set to unleash a limited, reserved stock of Mike Sutfin’s artist exclusive  Devilman Purple Marble edition which he originally released at the end of November. The newest edition of Sutfin’s homage to the legendary Go Nagai character has a wicked appearance with the marbling giving the figure a ghostly quality that’s grounded by the deep black accents on the wings, head piece, and more. 

Standing 12.5” tall, the Devilman Purple Marble soft vinyl drops on Unbox’s shop on Saturday (12.29) at 7 AM PST for $135.


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Dec 28, 2018

Law Sun-Yeung x adFunture – Space Woody First Pull GID Edition

space-woody-ws-04Space Woody debuted at Toy Soul in Hong Kong in an unpainted blue edition packing green glow power.  Designed by Law Sun-Yeung and produced by the resurgent adFunture, Woody is ready to break cosmic stereotypes with XL spacesuit and removable clear helmet. Toy nerds might recognize the design as a subtle nod to Kayden, the three-eyed mascot of adFunture's sister headwear brand Keios.   Limited to just 20 pieces, the 6” soft vinyl figure is available now for $98 direct from adFunture’s new online store.

adFunture’s store is also stocked with a variety of recent soft vinyl releases including numerous Kayzilla editions.


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Shoko Nakazawa x The Little Hut – Holiday Byron & Seedlas Brother


Shoko Nakazawa and The Little Hut are celebrating the joyous season with the upcoming Holiday Byron and Seedlas Brother sofubi set.  The figures feature a pink to purple to blue gradient design with silver snow flake deco.

The set will be available shortly (any day now) from The Little Hut’s retailer network including myplasticheart (USA, $109.99), Rotofugi (USA), QPop (USA), Paradise (Taiwan), JP Toys (Thailand),  Spanky (Japan), Fewmany (Japan), Popmart (China), Superman Toys (HK), and Ozzo (Singapore).  Specific dates vary by retailer but we do know that Superman Toys will release their stock on Saturday (12.29) at 1 PM HK time for HK$730.  myplasticheart will release their stock today (12.28) at 3 PM PST.


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Dec 27, 2018

The Cometdebris Shop is Stocked with Lucky Bags + SuperFestival 79 Releases


Koji has stocked the Cometdebris Shop with plenty of sofubi goodies including Lucky Bags in two sizes and a couple of SuperFestival 79 Releases.  For 2019, he’s offering two Lucky Bags: a regular bag with 2 custom sofubi toys ($100) and a jumbo bag with 5 sofubi (4 custom + 1 unpainted for $200).  For the SuperFest79 toys, both the Kappa Kidd Green Glow ($30) and Kid X Pink Glow ($35) are also now available in the store.


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JP Toys x Kasing Lung – Mini Labubu JP Snowy (12.28)


JP Toys will close out the year in style with three winter-themed Kasing Lung toys including their exclusive Mini Labubu JP Snowy (400 baht/ ~$12.30) which drops on Friday (12.28) at 8:30 PM PST  both in store at their Bangkok gallery and online via a special  form from their FB page

In addition to the Snowy Mini Labubu, JP Toys will also be releasing  the Snowman Labubu and Spooky figures—originally released at Toy Soul earlier this month—with translucent bodies filled with blue+white balls. Unfortunately, these will be available only in-store at their Bangkok location on Saturday (12.29).


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Candie Bolton– Custom Kyuubi Dunnys (12.29)


For what we assume is her last drop of ‘18, Candie Bolton is customizing five of her Kyuubi Dunnys from the City Cryptid Dunny series (12.29).   From what she’s revealed so far (back to come), this micro custom run adds numerous flourishes to her Dunny design in a new purple, cream and blue color treatment.   The added eye details stand out in particular with nicely rendered pupils as does the added shading throughout.

The Kyuubi Customs drop this Sunday (12.29) at 6 PM PST for $150 from the artist’s web shop.

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Dec 26, 2018

Whale Rabbit x Art Alchemy–SnowBaller 18


Whale Rabbit Collective is taking pre-orders for the new SnowBaller 18 figures from their collaborative Art Alchemy line. SnowBaller 18 features special holiday editions of Mr. Q + Pet  (3”, Vinyl, $90) by Skullman  and VYNC, Samego Mini (2”, Resin, $50) by Nebby Art, and Gachamon – Numb (3”, Resin, $60) by Fingerguns.   For true ballers, there’s the Super SnowBaller Set ($200)  which includes all the standard figures plus a 5th mystery figure—Vee-5 by VYNC.  The SnowBaller figures are available for pre-order from CoveTrove and are  set to ship in March of 2019.

A sharp looking set of figures, SnowBaller 18 stands out as a strong, collaborative effort from four indie artists with a cohesive visual identity while still promoting each of their own characters. There’s plenty of holiday cheer here from the Snowman theme—with carrot noses, Pet as a Reindeer and Numb’s festive scarf.


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Yoyo Yeung x Unbox– Milk Candy Raby


Pssst… In case you missed it, Unbox has the Milk Candy Raby (5”) from Yoyo Yeung in their online shop for $85.  Originally released in HK as part of the Toy Soul preview event, this edition was inspired by the popular retro White Rabbit Candy and includes special packaging tying it back to the sweet treat. 


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Celebrate with Beer Dino Cat by Rato Kim


Enjoy the festive season with the brand-new Beer Cat Dino soft vinyl by Rato Kim.  The new Dino Cat is more than up to the calling with a translucent amber body (w/bubbles, ) a frothy, foamy top, and blitzed eyes. This one is available direct from the artist for $45 + shipping ($20).  If you’d like to add boozy to your collection, drop an email to [email protected] and be sure to mention you’re ordering the Beer Dino Cat and include your name, home address, paypal email address, and phone number. Bottoms up!

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Ron English x Blackbook Toy Close Out 2018 with A Pair of Mousezillas (12.27)


Ron English and Blackbook Toy are sending out 2018 with a bang by way of two new Mousezilla editions.  First up is the Hologramzilla (9”, $97).  Cast in translucent blue sofubi, the figure lives up to its name with the inclusion of an unpainted blue GID mini-mousezilla that can be displayed separately or inside its big brother.  If you’re in the mood for color, BBT will also release Disguisedzilla (9”, $108).  Rather than openly showing off his Mickey colors, Mousezilla is playing sly with a metallic purple design and the telltale gloves.  This design is an homage to the metallic purple Mousemask Murphy released by Made by Monsters a few years ago.

Both Hologramzilla and Disguisedzilla will be available directly from BBT on Thursday (12.27) at 7 AM PST from their web shop.


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Dec 25, 2018

IamRetro Exclusive Super Retro TEQ63 by QUICCS x Martian Toys (12.28)


Relive 16-bit gaming glory with IamRetro’s Exclusive Super Retro TEQ63 from  QUICCS and Martian Toys.  The gamepad-meets-street edition celebrates the big N’s second coming in style from the gray + purple color scheme to the iconic quad buttons.  A perfectly executed concept for IamRetro whose logo pays homage to the house that Mario built, Super Retro TEQ63 (edition of 150) will drop on Friday (12.28) at 9 AM PST from their web shop for $75 (USA shipping included).


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Dec 24, 2018

Sesame Street XXRAY Big Bird by Jason Freeny x Mighty Jaxx


Mighty Jaxx has revealed its second Sesame Street XXRAY figure—Big Bird by Jason Freeny. The officially-licensed vinyl of the beloved character features the artist’s signature dissected-anatomy style along with a friendly, animated pose. Big Bird follows the previously released XXRAY Elmo editions.  While not yet announced, we believe it likely that the XXRAY Big Bird figure will be available for pre-order this coming Saturday (12.29).


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Dec 22, 2018

Gary Baseman x Apportfolio – Kazans Soft Vinyl Figures (12.24)


Apportfolio will offer the new Kazans soft vinyl figures from Gary Baseman in an online release set for Monday (12.24).   Based on his travels in Japan, Baseman has created four figures featured in two separate sets. Set A features Wildgirl Freida + Netta Fish  while Set B has Morrie The Protector and Samzilla.  Previously released at the Art Toy Japan event in HK, each of the ~7.9” figures feature designs with a nicely done brushed/hand-painted appearance. 

The Kazans figures will be available on Monday (12.24) at 6 AM PST through the Apportfolio web shop for $204/set.


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Yoskay Yamamoto x Apportfolio – Buoyant Moon (12.23)


Yoskay Yamamoto and Apportfolio continue their collaboration with the brand-new Buoyant Moon soft vinyl figure.  Featuring a slumbering moon atop a floating cloud, the 11” piece features a realistic lunar texture with purple spray.   The new vinyl follows the artist’s  previously released Submerged wood sculptures done in conjunction with Apportfolio.

Buoyant Moon drops on Sunday (12.23) at 6 AM PST directly from Apportfolio for $120.


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