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Jan 31, 2019

Meet Baby Yolk from Ramarama Studios


From the talented and perhaps twisted Thailand-based Ramarama Studios comes Baby Yolk.  The follow-up to the popular Mr. Yolk, Baby Yolk delivers all the eggy goodness in a smaller, seated sculpt (~2.5") complete with articulated head.  We're looking forward to seeing more of the newest member of the Yolk family.


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OJO Studio x Scotty Wang -- Ushioni Samurai Yaksha Custom Edition


Ojo Studio (Nuttayuth Joey Thunyaluckpak) has re-envisioned the Ushioni Samurai figure from Scotty Wang and Toyzeroplus  as a 'Yaksha' or Thai Buddhist temple guardian.  His hand-painted custom edition  features a green, gold and purple design complete with custom mask (similar to his Asura character) and demon weapon. 

Limited to 20 pieces, the Ushioni Samurai Yaksha Custom Edition (~8") is available now for HK$1060 ($135) direct from Toyzeroplus.


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The claw, the claw! Alien Tobi by Kelvin Wang (2.1)


Kelvin Wang continues his pop culture-inspired Teletobi editions with the Alien Tobi soft vinyl. Immediately familiar to fans of the classic CG-animated film, the Teletobi version has just a bit more edge and snarl—cute 'n creepy.

Limited to 15 pieces, Alien Tobin (6.5") drops this Friday (2.1) at 5 AM PST from the artist's web shop for $72.


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Abominable Toys — Chomp Founders Edition (2.1)


Abominable Toys' Chomp has proven to be quite the charmer since the release of the OG version of the friendly yeti back in December.  The OG, Gold and Blank editions of the figure—designed by Pixar artist Ben Su— have sold out. 

Next up is the Founders Edition. Turns out Chomp loves oranges so much that he's becoming one.  Limited to 125 pieces, the vinyl figure will be available on Friday (2.1) at 1 PM PST directly from Abominable Toys.


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Taku Obata x Unbox Industries Sofb-Boy Raw Black (2.2)


Taku Obata collectors will want to mark their calendars and perhaps set an alarm for this weekend's drop of the Sofb-Boy Raw (Black) art toy from Unbox Industries.  The latest colorway from the Raw (unpainted) series, this Black version differs from the OG as it does not have the white rub treatment. 

Sofb-Boy stands ~10" tall and features a remarkable nine points of articulation, allowing for plenty b-boy action. The Black Raw edition drops on Saturday (2.2) at 7 AM PST for $85 from the Unbox shop.


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Amanda Visell -- Sequoia F*ck Off


Amanda Visell follows her recently released Stag and LumberJane set with a more pointed expression of her popular 'wood' motif. Sequoia F*ck Off features an 8.5" smiling tree bust and matching gesturing hand—both in resin. 

Limited to three pieces, the latest in her popular, defiant F*ck Off line is available now for pre-order for $1200 from Switcheroo  and should ship out in 2-3 weeks.

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PHASE2 x Unbox Industries -- Hidra 24-hour Pre-Order


NYC graff legend PHASE2's Abomination Diety Guardian returns in the special Hidra GID Edition featuring a splattered, layered paint application created by the artist and executed by the talented folks at Unbox Industries. Fusing his personal paint design with the wild guardian form drawn from his imagination, Hidra delivers PHASE2's full vision in art toy form.

Hidra (12", 8 points of articulation) will be available as a 24-hour timed pre-order starting on Saturday (2.2) at 7 AM PST for $125 each from the Unbox shop.


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Year Of The Pig Androids by Andrew Bell (2.1)


As he does most years, Andrew Bell is celebrating the Lunar New Year /Chinese New Year (2.5) with a special Android. For 2019 he's created the Year of the Pig Android as well as a golden chase. The standard design features an everyday pig with a bit of mud—being a pig is hard, unglamorous work you know.  One out of every ten piggie Androids has been magically transformed into a gleaming, pristine golden chase.

The Year of the Pig Androids drop on Friday (2.1) at 8 AM PST from the Dead Zebra shop.


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Jan 30, 2019

Candie Bolton — Putrid Poltergeist GID Bake-Kujira Lottery

B417309E-F364-4AEE-BD01-5E4B265C94DDCandie Bolton's next Bake-Kujira is the Putrid Poltergeist (edition of 30). The newest marbled GID phantom whale blends vivid purple and glow soft vinyl to striking effect. It's available now via email lottery for $200 each

To enter for a chance to purchase, drop an email to [email protected] with 'Putrid Poltergeist' as the subject and include your Full Name, Shipping Address, Phone Number and Paypal Email.  Winners will be picked on Sunday (2.3),

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Jesse Hernandez Set to Release his Tlaloc Dunny APs (2.1)


The God of Thunder returns for a brief show of force as Jesse Hernandez is set to release a limited number of his Tlaloc Dunny APs (Red, Blue, and Green).  This maybe your last, best chance to pick up these figures which sold out quite quickly.  The AP drop is this Friday (2.1) at 10:30 AM PST from the his web shop.

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Luke Chueh x Flabslab — 9.5" Bobacotta (2.4)


Luke Chueh and Flabslab have been hard at work bringing you a large size of their latest concoction, Bobacotta. Originally released a month ago in what we'll call the regular 3.5" size, the Luke Chueh x Intergalactic Bounty Hunter x Ancient China is back in a supergulp-sized 9.5" version for more smiles, shocked expressions, and stares.

Limited to 88 pieces, the 9.5" Bobacotta solid resin figure comes in a swanky laser-engraved wood box and will be released on Monday (2.4) at 7 AM PST for $300 each from the Flabslab web emporium. As this is one heavy figure, shipping to the USA will run $90.


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Toy Art Gallery x Paul Kaiju — Paul Kaiju Gacha Minis Atomic Shine Ed. (2.1)


For their weekly drop, Toy Art Gallery will release the Atomic Shine edition of their Paul Kaiju Gacha Minis set. As the name suggests, this new edition features GID versions of five of PK's classic characters: Boss Carrion, Unchiman, Mockbat, Demon Dog, and Mockpet. This new GID gacha set should make a nice compliment to any Paul Kaiju collection as well as a fun addition to a discriminating GID display.

The Atomic Shine gacha set will be available on Friday (2.1) at 12 PM PST from the TAG Web Shop for $65/set.


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J*Ryu x Kidrobot -- Arcane Divination: Gabriel 5" Dunny (2.1)


The new Gabriel 5" Dunny from J*Ryu  is the angelic counterpart to the previously-released Azazel 5" edition from Jon-Paul Kaiser. The Demon and Angel  storyline from Arcane Divination is now complete. Matching the style and general design cues of the Azazel Dunny, J*Ryu offers a hopeful take with the Archangel in thoughtful prayer, rendered in a style that evokes his previous female characters. As with her nemesis, the Gabriel Dunny features a stone-like textural effect.

A prelude to Kidrobot's Arcane Divination 2 mini series, the 5" Gabriel Dunny will be released on Friday (2.1) for $50/each from Kidrobot.com (9 AM PST) and select retailers including myplasticheart. Perhaps we'll see a KR-exclusive colorway as well—Black to match Azazel ?


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Jan 29, 2019

Wild Sculpture from Buwon x Gunshotlife(2.4.19)


Korean artist Buwon is known for his impeccably executed resin figures of street-style rabbits with lighthearted, mischievous streaks. His upcoming collaboration with tattoo artist/model Noma Han's Gunshotlife brand brings an unexpected darkness with a bold, dynamic sculpture featuring a terrified rabbit who seems to be melting away. The 'two sides of a story' style piece, also features a screaming skeletal figure on the back with medusa-like tentacles and 'stress' neatly imprinted on his forehead.  As strong as his previous work has been, Buwon has outdone himself this time with a captivating, compelling limited-edition.

Buwon will release the apparently un-named collaboration (Edition of 10) on Monday (2.4) at 2 AM PST via email with further details to come.  Given the limited run, it might be a good idea to DM the artist ahead of time for additional info.


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Seiji Matsumoto x Mighty Jaxx — 'Smoking Lady' Polystone (2.2)

SeijiMatsumoto_SmokingLady-1sJapanese illustrator Seiji Matsumoto creates curious, cute and charming character work, often with heavy, curved black outlines. In between illustrations of all manners of cute animals and nameless people living lives ordinary and extraordinary, he has from time to time turned his attention to celebrities including his take on the Kate Moss Supreme campaign (2012).

In collaboration with Mighty Jaxx, Matsuomoto's illustration gains weight and dimension with the upcoming Smoking Lady polystone figure (8").  Translating his art to 3D poses the challenge of how to address his prominent use of heavy black outlines.  In this case, Smoking Lady drops them while retaining his curvy, streamlined shapes, lines and distinct eye treatment.   Limited to 200 pieces, Smoking Lady will be available for pre-order on Saturday (2.2) at 6 AM PST for $159 with free worldwide shipping.


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Litorsworks Will Debut Umasou! Yogurt Jellyfish at Wonder Festival (2.10)


Litorsworks has burst on the scene in the last year or so thanks in no part to the popularity of Umasou!, the super cute girl-in-a-dinosaur soft vinyl figure.  Now, they are expanding the Umasou! unvierse with the new Jellyfish figure. As with before, the girls fits inside the larger figure.

The new figure set debuts with the Yogurt Jellyfish GID edition for this year's Winter Wonder Festival (2.10.19) at Makuhari Messe just outside of Tokyo. Find the Umasou! Jellyfish at the Litorsworks booth [7-16-03].


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'Work Dog' Kickstarter Campaign by Vincent Scala


If you follow Vincent Scala on Instagram, you've likely seen his Work Dog short comics featuring the character's office misadventures often involving his infuriating computer. Now, Work Dog is about to jump from the page to the shelf as Scala's next art toy. The new vinyl toy design celebrates the trials and tribulations of office work. Wearing a forced smile and typical work attire, the toy  should make a great empathetic office toy/companion. Digitally sculpted by Vin DiResta, Work Dog stands 6" tall and feature an articulated head and arms.

To make his new vision a reality, Scala has launched the Work Dog Kickstarter campaign to raise the necessary production funds.  This is the artist's third toy funded through Kickstarter and follows his previous Lucky Cat and Mickey Monster figures. Rewards include an enamel pin and sticker combo ($15), a step-up package that also includes a 6x6' collection of the comics ($30), and of course a fully-painted Work Dog vinyl ($35). Finally, the deluxe package gets you everything for $50.


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Super7 Goes Green : Wing Kong and ZombieFighter


Super7 returns to its roots with two new sofubi figures sporting varying shades of glorious green.  First up is the Wing Kong Jade Statue edition(9", $125) featuring a rare double pour process with a translucent green outer layer and in an inner opaque green pour.

And… talk about roots, S7 has also dropped a new edition of the celebrated Zombiefighter collab with Secret Base.  The Mean Green edition (5.5", $65) features dark blue, blue, yellow and white accents. 

Both of the new Super7 sofubi releases are available directly from their web shop.


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Kidrobot x Gary Baseman x 3DRetro -- Exclusive Ahwroo (1.29)


As they teased last night, Kidrobot is set to release this exclusive edition of Ahwroo! by Gary Baseman and 3Dretro this morning (1.29) at 9 AM PST from Kidrobot.com.  While many (including us) probably would have liked to see a full pic earlier, the lack of one does add to the anticipation for these quick drops.

Limited to 130 pieces, this metallic version features silver skin and  is a nice counterpart to the OG brown/tan edition. No price has been announced as of this post.


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Jan 28, 2019

Luke Chueh x VTSS -- Bruised Lee Gold

bruised lee GOLD01_700

First seen in proto form back in May '18 at The Pop Life FanX convention held in Gaungzhou, China,  the wait for the Gold edition of the Bruised Lee figure from Luke Chueh and VTSS is over. Limited to just 100 pieces, the 6.3" Bruised Lee Gold vinyl toy features a gold bear, clad in black with black + gold nunchucks.  The follow-up to the OG yellow edition is now available from VTSS's web shop for $120 with free worldwide shipping. 


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Jan 27, 2019

Twelvedot —Sorcerer's Apprentice APO Frog (2.4)


The return of the APO Frogs continues with the new Sorcerer's Apprentice (5") from Twelvedot.  This fun, mystical edition feature a purple (body) + yellow (belly) frog with a magical piggie cloak—likely a celebration of the Year of the Pig.

Limited to 300 pieces worldwide, the magical amphibian drops on Monday February 4th 2019 at 7 AM PST from Twelvedot and select retailers including myplasticheart (USA, $70).


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Jan 26, 2019

Kikkake -- The Auspicious Guy (1.27)


Kikkake Toy debuted The Auspicious Guy sofubi figures in an unpainted mixed parts edition at DesignerCon back in November. The elaborate figure featuring a child-like character in formal traditional garb takes on new life (and meaning) with the upcoming first painted editions dropping this Sunday (1.27).  With the addition of the skull drum sticks, it turns out that the curious smiley face attached to the front of the character is in fact a drum—perhaps played to change fortunes.

The three painted editions (blue, red and orange) are a sight to behold—full of life and the seeds of fantastical stories.  Kikkake Toy will release these first painted editions via his online store on Sunday (1.27) at 6 AM PST.


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Jan 25, 2019

Ngaew Ngaew — Snowy Ngeaw Online Release (1.27)


Perfect for the middle of winter comes the Snowy Ngeaw (~5")from Thai artist Ngaew Ngaew and Unbox.  Braving the cold, the chilly new scarf-wearing edition features a white + blue design that transitions from a snowy white  to translucent blue ice/water with a bright red nose.

Snowy Ngeaw will be released  on Sunday (1.27) at 5 AM PST from the artist's facebook page for $70 each.  To order, comment on the official order post (available at the release time) with a '1' indicating that you'd like one figure.  If there's available stock, you will receive notification with payment instructions.


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Byebyechuchu x ToyZeroPlus -- RUYH Ology Chicken


Ology Chicken by Taiwanese artist Byebyechuchu is the newest addition to ToyZeroPlus' Raise Up Your Hands (RUYH) series of mini figures. The cute, chubby chicken is off to a flying start with Paradise Toy's 1-minute sell-out of a special pre-order of 100 signed pieces. 

While the signed editions have come and gone, the regular stock should be arriving at Paradise and perhaps other retailers shortly.  Based on Byebyechuchu's signature character, the Ology Chicken toy stands ~2.75" tall and retails for ~$13.   Oh, did we mention he's super cute?


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TKOM — NEO Doublethink #1 Lottery


TKOM is releasing the debut edition of his new NEO Doublethink sofubi (11") via lottery.  The re-done Doublethink features a considerably revised sculpt with two completely separate heads, and revised arms, legs, and torso while retaining the same fun, monster vibe.  The original sculpt is shown below for comparison.

Limited to 40 pieces, NEO Doublethink #1 is available via lottery for ¥50,000 (~$458).  To enter for a chance to purchase, fill out the application form on the artist's website by the deadline of Saturday (1.26) at 6:59 AM PST.


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