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Jan 26, 2019

Kikkake -- The Auspicious Guy (1.27)


Kikkake Toy debuted The Auspicious Guy sofubi figures in an unpainted mixed parts edition at DesignerCon back in November. The elaborate figure featuring a child-like character in formal traditional garb takes on new life (and meaning) with the upcoming first painted editions dropping this Sunday (1.27).  With the addition of the skull drum sticks, it turns out that the curious smiley face attached to the front of the character is in fact a drum—perhaps played to change fortunes.

The three painted editions (blue, red and orange) are a sight to behold—full of life and the seeds of fantastical stories.  Kikkake Toy will release these first painted editions via his online store on Sunday (1.27) at 6 AM PST.


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