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Feb 16, 2019

Kentanworks — Coco: The Astrochimp OG Edition (2.17)

coco-pose5 copy

Kendy Tan celebrates the critical role Chimpanzees played in the early days of space exploration with his brand-new  Coco: The Astrochimp soft vinyl art toy. After his aborted mission to find a new home in the stars, the intrepid primate now seeks his way back to earth, making new cosmic friends along the way.

With character development input from Clogtwo, the OG edition of Coco is a fun blend of cute, snazzy and spacey.  The space suit design is a big draw with lots of sculpted-in technical details throughout including a striking helmet, control unit, life support hosing, boots, gloves and more.  Coco's helmet is quite sophisticated with a functional visor complete with stylish hinge and an inner support/liner system.  Oh, yes, Coco also has a retro-styled ray gun.

Limited to 30 pieces, Coco: The Astrochimp OG Edition will be launched on Sunday (2.17) at 6 PM PST from the artist's Kentanworks online shop for $60 each.  Kendy Tan's Coco joins a growing trend of great space exploration-themed art toys from talented indie artists such as  Itokin Park, Kasing Lung, 009, Ciecy and more.  More space art toys? Yes, please!

coco-pose4 copycoco-pose3 copycoco-pose6 copycoco-pose2 copy

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