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Mar 30, 2019

Jay222 Opens 'Mad Monster Party' at Woot Bear (3.30)


East Bay-based Jay222 (Jason Sawyer) opens his Mad Monster Party solo at Woot Bear tonight (3.30) from 6 to 9 PM. The expansive show features 80+ monsters, many one-of-a-kind hand-painted creations.  For more info see Woot Bear's a full preview with pricing.

Jay222 || Mad Monster Party
Opening: Saturday, March 30th 2019 (6-9 PM)

Woot Bear
1512 Haight St
San Francisco CA 94117


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Mar 29, 2019

Graffiti Kings Exclusive TEQ63 by QUICCS x Martian Toys Debuts at ToyCon UK


The brand-new Graffiti Kings Exclusive TEQ63 by Quiccs and Martian Toys will be available in a very limited pre-release quantity—twenty pieces—at ToyCon UK (3.30 - 3.31) from the Martin Toys booth [#11/12]. An additional 80 pieces will be released online on 4.13 with another 150 due in the summer—a total of 250 pieces.  The  new edition features Graffiti Kings' new 420 Camo Hoodie complete with their skull smiley logo on the shoulder.


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Floating in Outer Space with POPek Galaxy by Whatshisname x Mighty Jaxx (3.30)


Earth, POPek's been there, done that.  Next up? The great frontier.  Whatshisname takes his balloon-dog creation to new heights with the new POPek Galaxy edition from Mighty Jaxx.   Featuring a cosmic, galaxy motif featuring iridiscent nebulas and tiny stars, POPek Galaxy will be available for pre-order this Saturday (3.30) at 6AM PDT for $149 direct from Mighty Jaxx.


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John Kenn Mortensen x Unbox Industries — Three Witches Blood Wake (3.30)


After a long absence, John Kenn Mortensen's Three Witches have returned.  Unbox will release the Three Witches Blood Wake edition on Saturday (3.30) at 8 AM PDT for $176 from the Unbox shop.  The newest colorway of the post-it artist's coven is cast in clear translucent resin with a gradient of red, purple and blue sprays evoking the edition's name.  The figures are based on one of Mortensen's original post-it drawings featuring the witches seemingly plotting outside the house of a nervous villager eyeing them through his partially opened front door.

In other Mortensen toy news, Unbox has also recently previewed an upcoming release of The Vampyres in what appears to be the same colorway.


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Coarse x Pop Mart — Little Voyagers Minis Debut at STS


Pop Mart has announced their brand-new Little Voyagers blind-box minis from Coarse.  The fun new figures features Coarse's  animal characters + a funky cactus—six in all—split across two separate series: one for the day versions and one for night.  In a collector-friendly move, the figures will be offered in sets of six for 534 RMB ($80).  Individual blind-boxes will be available for 89 RMB ($13).  Time to make plans to adopt Raccoon, Cat Fish, Frog, Humster, and Cactus.

The Little Voyagers are set to debut at Shanghai Toy Show (4.12 - 4.14) and then will be released to Pop Mart stores and overseas on May 11th.


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Martian Toys x Gary Ham -- Jaspar Series Zero Debuts at ToyCon UK


Martian Toys will debut its new Jaspar platform toy designed by Gary Ham at this weekend's ToyCon UK (3.30 - 3.31). Named after his son, Gary's ghost-shaped creation was selected as the winner of the brands Next Great Blank Contest.

The new platform mini (3") hits production status with Jaspar Series Zero—a focused introduction—featuring seven standard designs plus one exclusive. First partially shown in proto form at last year's Thailand Toy Expo, Series Zero features designs from Gary Ham, JellyKoe, Mizna Wada, Muxxi, Dex Dexign, Yema Yema and Doktor A.   Showcasing stylized illustrations of several of the figure designs, Series Zero's fun packaging was designed by JellyKoe.

Jaspar Series Zero launches in limited pre-release quantities from Martian Toys' ToyCon UK booth (11/12) this weekend (3.30 - 3.31).  New platforms—an essential part of the designer toy scene—come along rarely.  We're excited to see Jaspar out and about in the world.


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Mar 28, 2019

Kentanworks — Moon Coco (3.31)

2019-03-28 11.51.59 2

Kentanworks is following up the sold-out OG Coco Astrochimp with the retro-hued Moon Coco. Inspired by the primate space pioneers who made manned space exploration possible, it's only fitting that Coco visit the Moon.  Moon Coco (3.55") cuts a fun, stylish profile in his silver and black space suit.  As with the previous Coco, Moon Coco features 3 points of articulation (head + arms) and comes equipped with  removable visor, helmet and space gun.

Limited to 50 pieces, Moon Coco launches on Sunday (3.31) at 6 AM PDT for $60 each from the Kentanworks shop.


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Fools Paradise Brings April Fools to STS: Popeye and Dokan Awaken // Pink


The merry pranksters at Fools Paradise are gearing up for a great spring with their April Fools collection of new releases set to debut at STS with online pre-orders set for April 12th.  So far, Fools Paradise has revealed Dokan Awaken// Pink and their officially-licensed Popeye figure.  Seemingly out of nowhere, FP's take on Popeye blends the Low Fool-style treatment with the classic character.  The first 100 pieces of each figure will be available at Fools Paradise's STS booth.   


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Amanda Visell -- Big City Giraffe


Amanda Visell introduces us to a very clever Giraffe. Quickly acclimating to it's environment, the Big City Giraffe struts its chameleon-like skills.  The charming resin set features the Giraffe and look-alike house.  Limited to 15 sets, Big City Giraffe is available now for pre-orderfrom Switcheroo for $90 and should ship out in 2-3 weeks.


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J.T Studio -- STS Exclusive 8" Monkey King W Flocking Version


J.T Studio continues to reveal their exclusives for Shanghai Toy Show.  Following on the heels of the Yoru Fluorescent GID announcement, comes the STS Exclusive 8" Monkey King W Flocking version vinyl toy.  As with the STS Yoru, the new Monkey King W brings a darker feel with a black + red design featuring white flocked hair throughout the figure (face, forearms, legs, and tail).  With a black crown, black banana, and black + red staff, the STS Monkey King W offers a nicer alter-ego style contrast to the OG Monkey King W which features the more traditional red+yellow design with 'natural' coloring.

Limited to 100 pieces, the STS Exclusive 8" Monkey King W Flocking version will be available for 790 RMB (~$118) from the J.T Studio booth [A29].


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Mar 27, 2019

J.T Studio — STS Exclusive 8" Yoru Fluorescent GID


For the Shanghai Toy Show (4.12 - 4.14),  J.T Studio revisits its street-wise Yoru character from the Street Mask Series.  The STS Exclusive 8" Yoru Fluorescent GID vinyl reveals the the darker half of the yoyo player's story. As the sun drops, Yoru opts for his money gun over his trusty yoyo, his attention turning from competition to partying. His GID fox mask pays homage to Inari, the Shinto god of the Kitsune.

The STS Exclusive 8" Yoru Fluorescent GID vinyl is limited to 100 pieces and will be available for 790 RMB ($118) from the J.T Studio booth [A29].


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Labubu Astronaut Series by Kasing Lung at Shanghai Toy Show


Kasing Lung will release his new Labubu Astronaut blindbox series at Shanghai Toy Show (4.12 - 4.14) from his booth [A63] for 599 RMB ($89), presumably for a set of six.  The super cute cosmic series combines his signature Labubu character with his very popular Astronaut figures into what's likely to be an irresistible package. Shown above, the series feature six standard figures and a special pink chase featuring Shon's astro kitty from his A Space Dream figures.


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QUICCS — 'Code Red' Solo at myplasticheart (4.27.19)


myplasticheart has just announced—technically, teased—that they will be presenting QUICCS' Code Red solo with an opening on Saturday, April 27th 2019.  Expect art, toys, exclusive editions and more from the man behind TEQ63 who will be making the trip for the opening.

QUICCS || Code Red
Opening: Saturday, April 27th 2019

210 Forsyth St.
New York NY 10002

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Mar 26, 2019

Coarse Releases Strangers — Ignited


Surprise. Coarse continues its stealthy ways with the sudden release of Strangers — Ignited without any pre-release hype or fanfare.  The Ignited version of the stylishly enigmatic Ethos series piece features a GID Void sitting atop a interwoven, jumbled mass of bodies—some young, some old, strangers separated by the vagaries of time and circumstance.  For this Ignited release, only the Void receives the GID treatment—the ball of people below features a paint application similar to the Paranoia edition, albeit with different colored trunks.

Limited to 199 pieces, Strangers — Ignited is available for $199.99 (plus s/h) from the Coarse Shop  and will ship out within 1-2 weeks.  With the previous release of  the 3rd Cells edition and now the 3rdd Strangers edition, Coarse has marked a path for the announcement of the 3rd Ethos figure due later this year.


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Mar 25, 2019

2Petalrose x Collect and Display — Kid Katana (Original Renegade) Set To Debut at Toycon UK


As previously mentioned, 2petalrose's Kid Katana figure is making the jump to production resin figure by way of Collect and Display and Unbox Industries.  Today's update brings a full reveal of the Original Renegade edition and confirmation that the first 12 pieces will indeed be released from Collect and Display's ToyCon UK booth (3.30 - 3.31). 

With helmet, Original Renegade stands at 8" taller, considerably larger than the original 3.5" release and an inch or so taller than the artist customs created for his Crouching Shogun, Hidden Ninja show held in January at Wootbear.  As seen in the photo and Collect and Display's unboxing video, the new Kid Katana is quite impressive, comes with ornate samurai helmet and katana—with leather strap and ribbon battle wrap— and will arrive in a handsome box complete with shaped-foam insert.


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Instinctoy x Takashi Murakami — Exclusive Kaikai and Kiki [Blue Eyes] Set Lottery


Instinctoy's next lottery may be just the thing for Takashi Murakami collectors who missed out on the OG Kaikai and Kiki soft vinyl set which debuted at ComplexCon.  As work continues on their  anticipated Mr. DOB collaboration with Murakami, Instinctoy is offering an exclusive Kaikai & Kiki set featuring blue eyes rather than the green eyes of the OG set. 

Featuring the blue-eyed Kaikai (9.4") and Kiki (7.9") sofubi figures in individual boxes, the exclusive set is available via lottery until 7:59 AM PDT on Sunday (3.31) for ¥81,000 (~$727). Entering is simple via the Instinctoy online stores: International or Japan.


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Mar 21, 2019

Kurobokan — Daydream and Kinohel (Nimbus) Black and Gold Editions (3.29)


Kurobokan debuted the new Black and Gold editions of their Daydream and Kinohel (Nimbus) vinyl toys at their recent Scratching the Surface exhibition with Paradise Toys in Taipei.  For those that couldn't make it out to the show, Kurobokan will release both the Daydream (Nimbus) - Black and Gold ($40) and the Kinohel x Nimbus - Black and Gold ($50, $100 pieces)—a collaboration with p.p.pudding—on Friday, March 29th at 9PM PDT from their online store

From Nimbus's focused, determined expression to Kinhohel's charming appearance in her black + gold outfit complete with Daydream Nimbus hat, the new releases continue Kurobokan's tradition of light-hearted, adorable art toys.


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Mishka x Kalaka Toys Basuritas Release at 3Dretro (3.23)


3DRetro will host a special release and signing of their exclusive Mishka x Kalaka Toys Basuritas vinyl figure sets on Saturday (3.23) from 11 AM to 5 PM at their Glendale location. The 3DRetro Exclusive sets feature one of each character in a randomly-assorted mix of Red, Green, Black and GID versions. Inspired by the Garbage Pail Kids—named Basuritas in Argentina—the Basuritas feature four Mishka-themed takes on the youthful miscreants: Gregory O. Dioso, MISHKA Otico, Ojo Dido, and Ciclope Ligroso.  Greg Mishka and Matias Kalakas will both be at the event to sign the Basuritas figures. 

In addition to the new toys, 3DRetro will also release their exclusive Mishka Basuritas tee featuring Ramon Struoso—the elusive fifth Basurita—at the event. If you're in SoCal, head out to Saturday's event to enjoy Mishka's homage to the Garbage Pail Kids.

3DRetro Exclusive Basuritas Release with Mishka x Kalaka Toys
Saturday, March 23rd (11 AM to 5 PM)

1851 Victory Blvd.
Glendale, CA 91201


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Kidrobot Exclusive Locknesters 8" Puzzle Dunny No. 1 (3.22)


Kidrobot continues its recent string of Friday exclusives with a curiously clever collaboration with Locknesters.  Known for their series of interlocking 3D sculptures—part puzzles and part design objects—Locknesters has used their signature approach to create an 8" Dunny like no other.  The individual, interlocking pieces feature striated textures in neutral gray tones.  Displayed in pieces, partially assembled or fully put together, the KR x Locknesters collaboration offers a unique Dunny experience highlighting and playing with the iconic form.

The first of a series of planned collaborations, the Locknester 8" Puzzle Dunny No. 1 is limited to 250 pieces, comes in a fun Dunny-shaped, vacuformed package and will be available on Friday (3.22) at 9 AM PDT for $100 exclusively from Kidrobot.com.


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Ron English x Toy Art Gallery — Poultry Rex Spectral Terror


The terrifying, prehistoric conundrum that is Poultry Rex has returned.  The new factory-painted Spectral Terror edition from Ron English and Toy Art Gallery  features a ravaging rainbow design starting with a 'natural' olive green for the head and quickly turning into a riot of vivid hues with metallic gold and silver accents.

The 8" Poultry Rex Spectral Terror soft vinyl toy  features five points of articulation (Arms, tail and feet) and is available now directly from the TAG web shop for $95.


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Mar 20, 2019

Reina Koyano — Sole Fatale Print Drop (x6) Via 3DRetro (3.20)


Reina Koyano will release six Sole Fatale giclee prints (13x19") via 3Dretro—the exclusive retailer for her prints—today (Tuesday, 3.20) at 1 PM PDT for $60 each. Featuring imaginative portraits of women dressed in outfits inspired by specific models of Nike sneakers, Koyano's Sole Fatale series continues to grow in popularity.  This release features How Many Sneakers You Got? (AM90 We Love Nike), Sneakermail (AM1 We Love Nike), Queen of Siberia (AM! atmos Animal 2.0), Queen of the Jungle (AM95 atmos Animal 2.0), Have a Nike Day (AM97/1 Sean Wotherspoon), and Call the Plug (AM95 We Love Nike).  3DRetro will have a limited quantity of each of the unframed, open edition prints for this release.


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Mar 19, 2019

Tracy Tubera x Unruly Industries — Miles, Wade, and T'Challa Pre-Orders


The T's have it. Tuesday brings a triple-threat from Tracy Tubera. Unruly Industries has announced and is taking pre-orders for the new Marvel-licensed  Miles (5"), Wade (8.6")  and T'Challa (9.9") art toys created by Tracy Tubera.   Drawn from Spiderman, Deadpool and Black Panther, each of the figures features Tracy's sneaker-centric, urban aesthetic with dynamic poses and exaggerated proportions.

Sneakers and superheroes come together with streetwise synergy in all three of Tracy Tubera's hyper-energetic interpretations.  Each of the three figures is available for pre-order now from Sideshow Collectibles for $135 each.  While the material is not specified, we believe these will be vinyl, perhaps with ABS accessories and components.


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2Petalrose x Collect and Display — Kid Katana (Original Renegade) 7" Resin


2petalrose has teased his upcoming 7" Kid Katana production resin figures in the works from Collect and Display.  Twice the size of the original Kid Katana figures, the new figure will be a deluxe release with the details and flourishes one expects from a 2pr figure with the added benefit of larger run sizes.  Sculpted by Oasim Karmieh and produced by the fine folks at Unbox Industries, the dream of a production 2pr toy will soon be a reality. No word on the debut drop, perhaps Toycon UK (3.30 - 3.31).

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Mar 18, 2019

Sooya -- Ban & Nyang Ban Soft Vinyl for STS


Known primarily for her bisque (porcelain) dolls, Korean artist Sooya will release new Ban & Nyang Ban soft vinyl figures at Shanghai Toy Show (4.12 - 4.14). In order to ensure that the desert-themed STS versions of her signature bunny Ban and the brand-new cat Nyang Ban soft vinyl toys retain the refined, subtle look of her bisque figures, Sooya designed a new face sculpt to make it easier for painters in China to replicate her painting style.  As with her bisque dolls, each of the vinyl characters feature their favorite foods attached to the back of their heads—a carrot for Ban and a fish for Nyang Ban.

While we are relying on machine translation to understand the artist's posts, it appears that the pictured toys are the paint masters she created.  We're looking forward to seeing the production versions at STS—assuming we can get close-up before collectors quickly purchase them.


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Toynami x Robotech — New Generation Minis


Back in November, Toynami  released a DesignerCon exclusive Mospeada print by Jerome Lu. Where there's an exclusive print, there must be toys? In this case, the answer is thankfully yes. Toynami has just announced their brand-new Robotech New Generation mini figures featuring stylized, super deformed versions designed by none other than Jerome Lu. The blind-boxed series features the mechs you loved from the New Generation (Mospeada) cartoon including Alpha Fighter VFA-6H, Alpha Fighter VFA-6HI, Alpha Fighter VFA-6HZ, Scott Bernard Cyclone VR-052F, and Rand Cyclone VR-052T.


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