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Mar 01, 2019

Kyuubi Shapeshifts into 8" Dunny (3.8) from Candie Bolton and Kidrobot


Candie Bolton's Kyuubi Dunny from The City Cryptid Dunny series (2018) from Kidrobot proved to be quite popular with collectors.  So much so that her vision of the legendary Nine-Tailed Fox has harnessed its mystical energy to transform from 3" mini into a full-size 8" Dunny.  

The first thing we noticed in the pictures Kidrobot kindly sent over was the brand-new Kidrobot Exclusive Black/Blue colorway which joins the OG White/Blue edition. Yin to the OG's Yang, the new black edition offers a compelling, darker vision of the shape-shifting mystical creature, steeped in ancient Asian lore. 

At first glance, the 8" Kyuubi seems nearly identical to the 3" version. However, staring at photos as obsessive bloggers have been known to do,  reveals that the new 8" editions offer increased detail, most notably on the rear image featuring Kyuubi's beguiling alternate human appearance. While the printing on the smaller version was impressive, the 8" offers a sharper rendering of Bolton's design. The red clouds' negative space details are crisp and defined as opposed to their fuzzy appearance on the 3" design. As well, the blue energy elements have a crisper look, thanks in part to opting for a thin, colored outline instead of the color accents on the smaller Dunny.  To our (old) eyes, the 8" makes good use of the larger canvas with a sharper rendition of Bolton's art.

The 8" Kyuubi Dunnys from Candie Bolton and Kidrobot will be released on Friday, March 8th 2019 for $75 each.  The standard white edition will be available at select retailers and Kidrobot.com, while the KR Exclusive Black edition (200 pieces) will be available only on Kidrobot.com.


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