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May 28, 2019

Pop Life Debuts New Art Toys at Sneaker Con Shanghai


For those wanting to stay on top of the newest art toys and trends, conventions in Asia are a must. At the recent Sneaker Con in Shangahi (5.17 - 5.19), Pop Life debuted several new art toys including three new We Bare Bears SFBI soft vinyl figures (Panda, Grizz and Ice Bear) from the Cartoon Network show, The Flash from the DC x Imperial Palace art toy series, and four new blindbox mini series.

Pop Life's SFBI brand debuted two new mini series based on their popular Soda Kats by Kenneth Tang and the Ice Kirin figures by Andy Chen.  The Ice Kirin Minis (Baby) feature thirteen designs packaged in 'mystery cups' including several that feature translucent vinyl with embedded glitter. The Soda Kats minis also feature 13 new drink-flavored designs including popular Asian and Western soft drinks, childhood favorites and one inspired by the iconic Irish stout. 

In addition to the new SFBI mini series, Pop Life also released Ron English's Delusionville minis featuring 13 designs and 12 original sculpts.  The cast of characters includes a few appearances by Ron's classic Rabbbit, the brand-new Elefanka, and two smiley grins. Perhaps the metallic gold version is the chase?

Finally, Pop Life released its new Smurfs minis, part of its Collectormates collection. Having had the chance to see these in person, the new figures are an addictive mix of old and new. While your favorites are here including Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Jokey Smurf, Brainy Smurf and more, the noticeably larger size immediately clues you in that, yes, these are brand-new versions of the classic toys.  It's like being a kid, all over again.

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