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Jun 18, 2019

Inch Lab Will Debut New Prototypes at TAGCC (6.22 - 6.23)


Malaysia-based Inch Lab is off to a quick start with their new toy line showcasing designs by Malaysian artists.  In addition to Odette by Evangelione, now available for pre-order, the new brand is headed to TAGCC (Toys/Anime/Games/Comics Convention) in Kuala Lumpur.  They will be displaying painted prototypes of several new art toys this weekend (6.21 - 6.22) in booth A81. 

Our first preview of the new line features four of the new figures: Kaki Bakar from Kupeh Rodriguez, DiD Hapser by Arifin Amin, Lionbxi by Darrel Cheong,  and Smoke Skull from Messy Desk Studio.  All four feature detailed sculpts that reflect each character's story and personality.

The curious, walking matchbox that is Kaki Bakar (Mischievous Arsonist) from Kupeh Rodriguez is in fact the unseen 'devil on the shoulder' of a young boy who enjoys playing with fire. The spirited sculpt offers a dynamic vision as the mischievous one strikes a pose while preparing to ignite yet more trouble with a lit match. There's more to come as the match's unlit friends lie waiting, nestled safely within the instigator.  Be sure to check out the photo gallery for preview images, artist bios and character stories for each of the four new Inch Lab figures.


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