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Jul 31, 2019

Magical Mosh Misfits x BlackBook Toy — Asura Rat Fink (8.2)


BlackBook Toy is set to offer an online release of the the new black + gold colorway of the Asura Rat Fink in collaboration with Magical Mosh Misfits. This radical, multi-armed sofubi of Ed 'Big Daddy' Roth's signature character is officially licensed from Mooneyes.

The new edition sports BBT's signature colorway, combining glossy black, matte black and gold. BBT painstakingly added black matte in numerous areas and gold to the toes of the partially factory-painted figures. The accents complete the design which features bugged-out eyes and gnarly teeth.

Standing 24 cm/9.45" (toes to outstretched arms), Asura Rat Fink  is an intricate figure created from 13 individual parts with articulated arms and tail. As a fun bonus, each set includes an unpainted, glossy black finger puppet. The street style continues from toy to packaging with an included screen-printed bag featuring the Asura Rat Fink shreddin'.  First available at WonderFest in a now sold-out drop of 20 sets, the new edition will be released direct from BBT on Friday (8.2) at 8 AM PDT for ¥16,200 ($150). 


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Jul 30, 2019

Tenacious Toys x QUICCS — Exclusive TEQ63 Vintage Edition (8.2)


The TEQ63 from QUICCS and Martian Toys continues to impress, sustaining a high-level of demand over an extended period, which is no easy task.  Tenacious Toys' upcoming Exclusive TEQ63 Vintage Edition carries on the toy's reputation with one of our favorite designs to-date.  The tan figure with an offset, multi-color line pattern distills 'retro'  into a timeless homage that has us fondly looking back to the power of the simple, yet evocative design tradition it represents. Flipping and repeating the pattern on the left side of the helmet is a really nice touch.  Asymmetry? Yes, please.  It's also fun and fitting that the '63', originally inspired by the telephone country code of QUICCS' native Philippines, has morphed into 1963. 

The TEQ63 Vintage edition (150 pcs, 6", 80), complete with the figure's distinctive dual sets of arms, drops exclusively from Tenacious Toys on Friday (8.2) at 9 AM PDT from their web shop.


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Jul 29, 2019

Beijing Toy Show 2019


The wondrous, worldwide art toy convention schedule never seems to slow down or disappoint.  Up next is Beijing Toy Show which will be held on August 16 through the 18th (Friday - Sunday) this year. One of the premier art toy shows, BTS is organized by China's Pop Mart which also puts on Shanghai Toy Show in the Spring (April).  One notable change for BTS 2019 is a new venue, the China International Exhibition Center, which is conveniently located near the Beijing Capital  International Airport.

This year's flier features the new Robo P toy from HK artist Pucky—who also graced the STS 2019 flier.  Robo P will debut at BTS and will come in four versions: Red, Teal, Black (chase) and the Silver (flier).

Beijing Toy Show
August 16th - 18th, 2019

China International Exhibition Center
Beijing, China


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Pop Life Global at ACG HK


Pop Life Global returned to Hong Kong this weekend for the ACG convention (Anime, Comics and Games) with a large booth (D47 - 54) offering a selection of new art toys from Ron English as well as several brand-new releases in the popular Soda line from Kenneth Tang (Black Seed Toys). 

Two large Soda Kats sculptures welcomed guests to the booth and served as a backdrop to signings by Kenneth Tang.  He and the new releases drew quite a crowd while he took the time to draw his super cute characters on the back of the boxes.   The popular Soda Kats SFBI figures were available in several flavors as were the new mini series. However, for those of us always on the lookout for the very newest toys, the five new Soda charactersSoda Bonnie, Soda Michael, Soda Leo, Soda Pansy, and Soda Poppy—just might be the highlight of Pop Life's ACG releases.  While cats can be hard to follow, the new Bunny, Monkey, Lion, Panda, and Puppy figures each bring the charm with new head sculpts and the fun soda concept, complete with straws.

ACG runs through Tuesday (7.30) in Hong Kong.  So if you're in HK, you have one last chance to enjoy the show.


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Jul 26, 2019

IAmRetro x QUICCS Crystal Swarovski Collection Pre-Order


IamRetro made quite a splash at SDCC with the sneak peek debut of their Custom Crystal QUICCS editions at the Nsurgo booth. A small number of the three figures were available in San Diego via lottery.  As promised, they opened up a few pre-order slots today (Friday) for each of the figures over at IamRetro.com ahead of the official release on Thursday, August 1st.  Act quickly, as we expect the pre-order window to close sometime Saturday.

The Crystal Green Camo Kitty (32 pieces, $1200), Crystal Gold Baby TEQ63 (17 pieces, $500) and Crystal Grey Baby TEQ63 ($300) all flaunt  genuine Swarovski crystals, precisely placed to enhance QUICCS' figures. Having had a chance to see these in person, the Crystal Editions bring the bling with bedazzling luxury.  


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Jul 25, 2019

Ron English's 'The Rabbits' Concert in Beacon, NY (7.28)


Did you know that most of Ron English's toys have their own songs detailing their backstories and lives in Delusionville? In fact, Ron wrote the songs and created a concept band, The Rabbbits, to record and perform them. The band will be live in concert at the Towne Crier in Ron's home town of Beacon, NY on Sunday (7.28) at 7 PM.  Tickets are available for $15.  It sounds like the perfect opportunity to experience Ron's art world in an entertaining new way.

In addition to the music, the evening will feature a delusional art exhibit as well as a release of his brand-new Delusionville mini figures produced by Pop Life Global.

Ron English ||The Rabbbits in Concert 
Sunday, July 28th 2019 (7 PM)

The Towne Crier
379 Main Street
Beacon, NY


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Jul 24, 2019

Seen: MINDstyle / Pop Life Global at SDCC


For San Diego Comic Con  MINDstyle showcased Pop Life Global's  DC Comics x Imperial Court collaboration at their new booth location, directly adjacent to the Funko booth.

To celebrate the worldwide debut of the line's Batman and Superman figures (15", $350), MINDstyle brought DC's characters to life with an impressive installation featuring six 7-foot fiberglass statues of Superman, Green Arrow, Batman, Robin, The Flash and Harley Quinn.

The new officially-licensed line of toys features alternate visions of DC's iconic superheroes (and villains) as ancient Chinese warriors wearing styled versions of traditional armor through a license from the Beijing Imperial Court Cultural Development Company. Each of the stylized characters is immediately recognizable yet immediately distinct as they carry the visual hallmarks of imperial tradition.

In addition to the release of the Batman and The Flash figures, MINDstyle also gave fans a sneak peak of coming figures with factory samples of Superman, Green Arrow, Harley Quinn and Robin.  

MINDstyle also showcased the brand-new Johnny vinyl (10", $150) from NYC graffiti legend Futura as well both Series 1 and Series 2 of the Bode SFBI minis
(2",4-pack, $60)
featuring Vaughn Bode's characters from his underground comics.

[Additional pre-show photos courtesy of MINDstyle]


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Mike Fudge x UVD Toys — 'Kub' Pre-Order


UVD Toys has just started taking pre-orders for Mike Fudge's upcoming Kub vinyl toy. The OG version of the figure features a decidedly urban bear rockin' a hoodie with a cute lil' bear graphic on the front, warm cap with ear flaps, and a backpack. The black, gray and blue design has a laid-black, mellow vibe which seems to suit the character well.

It's been a bit of a long development process, but having seen and photographed factory samples at Five Points Fest in June, I can happily say the wait has been worth it. Oasim Karmieh did a great job with the sculpting and the deco is well-done.  This should be high up on the list of urban vinyl fans.

Limited to 150 pieces, The OG Kub (7") is available for pre-order for $75 direct from UVD Toys and is slated to ship in the Fall.


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Paradise — Kaiju Hunting 2 is Coming


Paradise released the popular Kaiju Hunting mini series back in April 2018 featuring designs from six artists:  Dan, Studio UAMOU, Konatsu, T9G, Shoko Nakazawa and  Dehara  Yukinori.  Produced in relatively limited quantities, Kaiju Hunting quickly became difficult as the series sold out globally.

Fret not though, Kaiju Hunting 2 is 'coming soon' from Paradise with almost an entirely new lineup featuring an all-star lineup: coarse, FeeBee, Instinctoy, Kasing Lung, Kenny Wong, Shoko Nakazawa and Shon.  We're looking forward to seeing the beasts these talented artists dream up.  In the meantime, check out pics from S1 in the gallery.


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Jul 23, 2019

Kidrobot x Netflix — Disenchantment Mini Series Protos at SDCC


After making the rounds in the increasingly smaller art toy section at SDCC, I usually head over to the larger mainstream booths for anything that catches my eye.  On Friday I ran across these protos for Kidrobot's new Dienchantment mini series featuring the characters from Matt Groening's Netflix show.  Per the sign, expect these for this Holiday season.


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Seen: Unruly Industries at SDCC


For its first ever SDCC, Unruly Industries made a splash with displays at not one but two booths.  First, they had a standalone Unruly Industries booth in the desinger toy area where they showcased mostly brand-new prototypes including Ghetto Blaster by kaNO, Smelter Skelter by T.Wei, Stabby by Craola, the two Starry Knights toys also from Craola and Bone Head by Tony Riff.  The Unruly booth also showcased Tracy Tubera's Marvel trio: T'Challa, Wade and Miles.

As impressive as their booth was, Unruly also had an even larger set of displays at parent company Sideshow's enormous booth.  In addition to showcasing all the previously announced figures, Unruly also used the ample space to debut prototypes of Jesse Hernandez's upcoming Wolverine and Iron Man busts, Guru delToro by Chogrin, and King Charles by Dull.

Enjoy the pics!


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Jul 20, 2019

A Look at the Ron English x Pop Life Global SDCC Pop Up


As previously mentioned, Ron English and Pop Life Global have an SDCC Pop Up store located offsite at Luce Loft, about three blocks from the convention center.  On the last day of the event (Saturday, 11 AM - 6 PM), here's a quick look at just a small portion of what's available at the store.  The full range of new Ron English toys are available including the Street Fighter Grins, Megaman Grin, Menace Grin, Elefanka and many, many more.  There's also a wide selection of apparel including t-shirts, caps, and even formal dress shirts.

On Friday, Ron hand-painted five customs of his upcoming Mona Lisa Grin vinyl bust which is based on his painting of the same name, shown at his sold-out English Translation Series show in Shenzhen, China.  The customs are available for purchase at the Pop Up along with an amazing selection of Ron English product from Pop Life Global.  If you've love Ron's art, this is a must-do if you're down in San Diego for Comic Con.

Ron English x Pop Life Global SDCC Pop-Up
Saturday, July 20th (11 AM to 6 PM)

Luce Loft
1037 J St.
San Diego, CA


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Bill McMullen — Bizarre Love Triangle at Swish Projects (7.20)


The eclectic explorations of Bill McMullen will come together for Bizzare Love Triangle with an opening on Saturday (7.20, 7-10 PM) at Swish Projects in San Diego—about a fifteen minute drive from SDCC.  With a wide-ranging career that has included designing album covers for the Beastie Boys,  critical yet fun pieces tackling consumerism and of course his AD-AT and recently released Superstar Destroyer, 'Billions' finds connectedness along unexpected paths. While the title of the show and the promo image suggest visual riffs on music, we're curious to see what surprises await.

Bill McMullen || Bizarre Love Triangle

Swish Projects
2903 El Cajon Blvd #2
San Diego, CA 92104

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Jul 18, 2019

Ron English — 'Original Grin' Book Release (7.18) at SDCC Pop-Up


Ron English will release and sign his new Original Grin art book on Thursday (7.18) from 6 to 8 PM at his offsite SDCC Pop-Up located at nearby Luce Loft, presented by Pop Life Global. In addition to the new book, the event will feature brand-new, limited-edition Ron English art toys, food and drinks.

Ron English || 'Original Grin' Book Release
Thursday, July 18th 2019 (6-8 PM)

Luce Loft (3 blocks from convention center)
1037 J Street / 10TH Avenue
San Diego, CA


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Jul 16, 2019

Zeen Chin x Pop Life Global — Kinna Cola

2736  Kinna Cola_max

Pop Life Global will release the joyful Kinna Cola SFBI art toy by Malaysia-based Zeen Chin at SDCC.  The brand's second release with Zeen Chin, Kinna Cola features one of the artist's imp-like creatures enjoying a cold, refreshing soda pop.  Everyone, even imps, needs a relaxing break from time to time.

The Kinna Cola (8") vinyl toy will be available at the MINDstyle booth [#5145] for $75.

Secondary Photo: Anonymous Ridicule


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Jul 15, 2019

Jeromeski — 'Ninja Please' at SDCC


Now this one makes us smile.  Jeromeski (Jerome Lu and Scott Wilkowski) have teamed up once again on the SDCC Exclusive Ninja Please double-cast resin figures (2.25").  Starting with an original Ninja Monkey sculpt by Macsorro, Wilkowski has worked his figure-within-a-figure wizardry to bring these to undead life. 

Apparently available in four colorways, Ninja Please will be available at booth 2547 from Preview Night (Wednesday, 7.17) on for $80 each.


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Pop Life Global at SDCC — DC Comics x Imperial Court Batman and The Flash


Ever since Pop Life Global announced the DC Comics x Imperial Court art toys inspired  by ancient Chinese warriors and their traditional armor, many have been wondering when these would be released.  The answer is SDCC

Created in conjunction with the Beijing Imperial Court Cultural Development Company, the first two 15" vinyl figures in the series, Batman and The Flash, will be available at the MINDstyle booth [#5145] for $350 each.  For those that enjoy alternate, outside-the-box visions of iconic characters, the concept, the large form factor, armor variety and details on these should seal the deal.


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Futura x Pop Life Global — 'Johnny' SDCC Debut

2541 Johnny by Futura

Pop Life Global continues to reveal sought-after art toys for SDCC.  First seen in prototype form at ComplexCon last year, Johnny by pioneering graffiti artist Futura features his signature character style with a loose, sketch-like features.  The 10" vinyl art toy will debut at the MINDstyle booth [#5145] for $150 each.

The new Johnny toy is part of the Futura Laboratories project which made high-profile news with the debuts of the FL-001 and FL-002 sculptures at Beyond the Streets New York and the Paris Fashion Week in collaboration with Off-White

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Jul 14, 2019

Dull x Unruly Industries —King Charles


As we mentioned earlier today, Unruly Industries has announced a bumper crop of upcoming designer toys on this fine Sunday.  Starting with the traditional playing card royal, dull delivers a 3D tour de force with King Charles. Drawn in black + gold, the design fittingly features dual-skulls and a stylized re-work of the King's robes.  With a pre-order coming and the timing of this announcement, we're hoping King Charles will be on display at SDCC in the Sideshow booth [#1929]. Be sure to also drop by dull's booth [#4623] that he is sharing with Satellite Soda and Orange Phantasm. Get there early to score a free pin pack.


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Munky King x Unruly Industries SDCC Party (7.18)


San Diego Comic Con is right around the corner, so too the Munky King party.  The venerable tradition is back for its remarkable 12th year on Thursday (7.18) from 9 PM to 1 AM at Basic Bar in downtown SD.  This year's party is co-sponsored by Unruly Industries, Sideshow's new designer toy brand, who have sponsored giveaway prizes.  Live painting returns once again with a roster featuring several Unruly artists : kaNO, Luke Chueh, Nooligan, Jesse Hernandez and Mike 'poopbird' Groves

Munky King x Unruly Industries SDCC Party
Thursday, July 18th 2019 (9 PM - 1 AM)

410 Tenth Ave.
San Diego, CA 92101

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DesignerCon Tickets Available Now


Get ready for DesignerCon 2019 by purchasing your tickets now.  Buy a VIP ($70), Weekend ($35) or single day ($20) ticket over at the DCon site and check a key item for your to-do list. If you love Art Toys, the VIP is the way to go as it's the only ticket to the Friday VIP night.  DesignerCon 2019 is November 22nd through the 24th with a futuristic space theme.

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Pop Life at SDCC: SFBI Bode Minis


Pop Life continues to unveil it's SDCC lineup with their latest announcement of the SFBI Bode Minis featuring Vaughn Bode's comic characters, who continue to thrive thanks in part to his son Mark Bode's work. Both the brand-new Series 2 and the previously released Series 1 (DesignerCon 2018) 4-packs will be available for $60 each from the MINDstyle booth [#5145]. These are a must for fans of Cheech Wizard, Sgt. Sunflower and all of Bode's funky characters.


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kaNO x Unruly Industries — Ghetto Blaster


Unruly Industries has revealed the upcoming Ghetto Blaster art toy from kaNO.  More than any of his toys to date, Ghetto Blaster captures the style of the artist's paintings.  From this first preview photo, it's an excellent translation of his art and style. As with the Craola announcements, we're hoping this one makes an appearance at SDCC.

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Greg 'Craola' Simkins x Unruly Industries — Starry Knights + Stabby


Unruly Industries has made a series of new art toy announcements including three upcoming releases with Greg 'Craola' Simkins.  The Starry Knight series features two mystical characters -- Magi and Maret. While they bear a close resemblance to one another, Magi resembles a rabbit, while Maret appears to be a centaur (finned?). These have the feel of stout, mystical guardians. 

In addition to the Starry Knights, Unruly is previewing the brand-new Stabby figure.  This one features an animated, stylized version of the character, apart from the recent 3DRetro figure.  No word yet, but given the timing of these announcements, we're hopeful they will be on display at Sideshow's SDCC booth [#1929]


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Jul 13, 2019

Steve Caballero x HasNoTalent — Cab Dragon Action Figure


Proving once again that his name is a lie, Hasnotalent is collaborating with legendary skater Steve Caballero on a brand-new Cab Dragon action figure.  Based on Caballero's art, the new 3.75" figure is a new custom sculpt and features two removable heads (Cab and Dragon) as well as old-school articulation. Each card will be signed by Caballero as well.  Look for a release shortly. Be sure to follow @hasnotalent as his releases are done via IG comments. 


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