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Jul 06, 2019

Mighty Jaxx x Brandalised — 'Kissing Coppers' Polystone


Mighty Jaxx is currently offering a 24-hour timed pre-release of their new Kissing Coppers polystone figure inspired by the mural from legendary street artist/prankster Banksy. Licensed through the Brandalised brand from Full Colour Black Ltd, the figure features black and white paint effects designed to recreate the look of Banksy's stenciled walls.  The 10" polystone figure is available now for pre-order until Sunday (7.7)  5:59 AM PDT direct from Mighty Jaxx for $350 each.

With Banksy art toys, the question of authenticity  is ever present and seemingly vague.  Medicom has released several high-profile art toys featuring Banksy's iconic images through their Sync brand via the Brandalism trademark which is owned by Full Colour Black, the same firm that provided the license for Mighty Jaxx's new Kissing Coppers toy.  For us the best evidence that Full Colour Black has Banksy's OK, is the apparent lack of any public complaint from Banksy.  Not proof per se, but suggestive evidence of an official connection, be it license or tacit approval. With Banksy merch (other than prints), that seems to be as 'official' as it gets.


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