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Aug 11, 2019

IamRetro Exclusive Teal Balloon 8" Dunny (8.16)

DN_8in_BalloonDunny_ImRetro_Teal_5IamRetro has a special release floating your way.  Their new Exclusive Teal Balloon 8" Dunny aims skyward, anchored to mother earth by a sturdy weight.  Designed by Andrew Martin (Wendigo Toys) and produced by Kidrobot, the new exclusive features a 4.5"  Dunny in a soothing blue-green hue—handpicked by IamRetro—with a shiny, metallic finish. Limited to just 200 pieces, this is the rarest of the Balloon Dunnys including the OG Red and the KR Exclusive Gold (300 pieces).  IamRetro will release their whimsical, gravity-defying Dunny on Friday (8.16) at 9 AM PDT from their online store for $59.95.  As quickly as the larger Gold edition sold out, we expect the Teal Balloon Dunny to disappear into the distance shortly after the drop.

The Teal Balloon Dunny design brings us back to carefree, childhood days when the simple pleasure of watching a 'lost' helium balloon soaring ever higher inspired us to wonder what was waiting just beyond the horizon. The joyful sculpt cleverly transforms the beloved Dunny into a helium balloon with the subtle seam lines, wrinkles, and gathered areas of the metallic material creating the uplifting illusion. Designed to be enjoyed from multiple angles, the strategically-placed fill valve with humorous 'blow here' sign on the Balloon Dunny's butt completes this fun design.



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