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Aug 05, 2019

Sank Toys for Beijing Toy Show (8.16 - 8.18)


So far, Sank Toys has made two Beijing Toy Show (8.16 - 8.18) announcements featuring four new production editions as well as several custom collaborations. On the production side there are three new Little Sank versions.  Starting on the soft vinyl side, Sank Toys will release both the Little Sank Obsidian (99 pcs, 9.5", 580 RMB/$84) and Little Sank Radiation (88 pcs,9.5", 680 RMB/$99) editions. The Obsidian edition features a distressed gray and gold design while the deluxe yellow + red Radiation includes the yellow fire/hazmat jacket and baseball bat accessories, for a bit of the 1/6 vibe.  BTS will also see the release of the 3.5" Little Sank Rainbow In The Sky resin edition (99 pcs,  348 RMB/$50) will have specific lineups (8.16 and 8.17 at 11 AM), in anticipation of high demand.  All three Little Sank editions  will be offered via Wechat lottery as well.

Finally, Sank Toys is taking pre-orders for its Sank The Child: Gone With the Wind — Bronze Age resin (99 pieces,15.75", 1398 rmb/$204) featuring a dynamic inverted pose with the artist's original diver character swept up by a powerful wind. These breathtaking, deluxe figures will ship after the show.

If you're going to the show, you can find Sank Toys at booth A59. If you can't make it to BTS, many (all?) will be available online from Sank's retail partners including myplasticheart.


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