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Sep 16, 2019

Apportfolio x André Saraiva — Snoopy x Mr. A Art Toys


First previewed at Shanghai Toy Show back in April, Apportfolio has just officially launched their ambitious Peanuts Collection in conjunction with the Peanuts Global Artist Collective.  First up are a trio of fun pieces by celebrated graffiti artist André Saraiva. Each one features Charles M. Schulz's beloved Snoopy character from the classic comic strip and André's signature top hat-wearing Mr. A. character. They are available for pre-order directly from Apportfolio's web shop and are slated to ship in January of 2020.

Instead of titles, each of the pieces is identified by letter-coded styles. While the other two pieces incorporate Mr. A into Snoopy's world, Style A switches things around with a large, spindly Mr. A comforting Snoopy. The head-turning moment comes when you notice that Mr. A's feet resemble Snoopy's, in a sort of deconstructed, reassembled manner. Mr. A's yellow head seems in part a nod to Snoopy's companion, Woodstock. The Style A resin stands 30 cm (11.8") and is available now for pre-order for $250.

Styles B and C offer a more conventional take, incorporating both Snoopy and his iconic red dog house with a Mr. A graffiti tag on the side.  For Style B (30 cm, resin, $178) Mr. A peeks out from the dog house while Snoopy looks down from the roof. Standing an impressive 120 cm or nearly 4-feet tall, the large-format Style C (Edition of 50, 120 cm, fiberglass, $2940) features Snoopy and Woodstock (on his head) sitting on top of the dog house—perhaps the most conventional of the three designs.

In addition to André's designs, Apportfolio's Peanuts Collection will also feature work from Friends With You, Kenny Scharf and AVAF (Assume Vivid Astro Focus).


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