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Oct 03, 2019

Okeh x Mighty Jaxx — Vomit Kid Fast Food Pink (10.5)


He's back… A bit gnarly, maybe even gross, but definitely a great idea for a toy.  Okeh and Mighty Jaxx return with the new Vomit Kid Fast Food Pink. The edition name comes from his red+yellow outfit, but we're focused on the first part of the toy's name, this time created with translucent pink soft vinyl. We're hopeful that the toy looks as great as these renders.

The Vomit Kid Fast Food Pink (8") will be available for pre-order on Saturday (10.5) for $119 from the Mighty Jaxx shop.  The toy is scheduled to ship in the first quarter of 2020.


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BOUNCE — Limited Bounce Man Drop at TTF


If you missed out on the pre-order for the 1/6 Bounce Man deluxe figure from Taiwanese graffiti artist Bounce, you'll be happy to know that he'll have roughly 20 of the figures available at Taipei Toy Festival on October 10th.  It also sounds like he's trying to assess if he has enough quantity to open up another pre-order.

Bounce Man takes the artist's signature speaker-head spray can vandal into the 1/6 realm with a gritty, yet stylish portrayal. Taking his profession strictly seriously, Bounce Man is armed with the ultimate in painting tech —a shoulder-fired multi-can spray gun.  From the concept to the color scheme to the load-out, this is an impressive drop.


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Ron English x Clutter — Big Poppa at Five Points Fall (10.4)


Whoa.  Ron English has teamed up with the folks at Clutter to create an inspired mashup of his signature Mc Supersize figure celebrating the musical genius of the notorious rapper from Brooklyn. 

The brand-new vinyl figure features a head-sculpt that captures the musician's likeness and includes three removable accessories: a crown, shades, and big money chain. Did we mention the super sharp black + red colorway?

Limited to just 100 pieces, Big Poppa drops at Five Points Fall on Friday (10.4) at 6 PM EDT for $150.  Stay sharp.


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Healeymade — Raider, 1st Injected Molded Release


Today marks a special milestone for Healeymade.  Raider is his first injected-molded figure allowing for classic 3.75" action figure articulation.  If 'no articulation' has been holding you back, these are calling your name.  Raider features two swappable heads and comes with SMG weapon and extra rockets. Available now for $20 from the Healeymade shop.


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Fools Paradise — Low Fool: Skeleton Pre-Order


A little more than a week ago, Fools Paradise released their Low Fool - I Have the Power figure fore pre-order along with a teaser shot of his arch-nemesis.  Now comes  Low Fool - Skeleton.

Skeleton features the classic purple and blue design with several Fools' features including the oversized scepter, 'F' insignia on the chest plate, and of course sneakers.  What we're particularly enjoying is Skeleton's 'fool' head sculpt complete with customary moustache.   At 18" tall, the Skeleton vinyl art toy will cut an impressive profile, especially with the standard ultra-muscular Low Fool design.

Fools Paradise is taking pre-orders for the Low Fool-Skeleton (max edition of 398 pieces, 18") for $298 (includes global shipping) on their online shop. The purple baddie should ship out in the first quarter of 2020.


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Skinner — Original Monster Paintings (10.4)


Skinner, our favorite madman genius/artist, will release six original monster paintings (8x10") on Friday (10.4) at high noon (12 PM PDT) from his web shop for $500 each. From archetypes to some a bit more Skinner-ized, each is vibrantly painted in a fiery yet creepy palette set against a stark black background for a super crisp, high contrast look.  In addition to the six shown above, he'll also be releasing a trio of snake men pieces (10x20") at the same time.

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