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Oct 05, 2019

Jim Dreams x OKluna — Jobi Chunk Debuts at TTF (10.10)


After a few teases, Jim Dreams and OKluna have revealed Jobi Chunk.  The fun new collaborative toy features both artist's signature characters in a clever design that plays off the front/back, expected/unexpected concept. From the front, Jobi looks like he's hitching a ride with his new found Chunk (Chubbi) bud, but the back reveals a more amusing story.

Jobi Chunk will debut at Taipei Toy Festival from the Unbox booth [A73-A74] on 10.10 at 3 PM with a signing and release.


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Ziqi Wu x Unbox Industries — Supersize Dino Lime Cola (10.5)


Continuing their recent run of beverage-themed editions, Ziqi Wu and Unbox Industries will release the Supersize Dino Lime Cola soft vinyl figure on Saturday (10.5) at 8 AM PDT from the Unbox Shop for $150. First released at Beijing Toy Show in mid-August, the large 8" refreshing figure is rather convincing from the cola-coloring to the ice, bubbles and yes, slices of lime. While Dino's food guises over the years have been enjoyable, the new Cola edition impresses with the attention to detail.


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