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Oct 07, 2019

kaNO x DesignerCon Be@rbrick


And so it begins… Over the weekend kaNO posted pics of his new 100% Be@rbrick, part of the upcoming DesignerCon Be@rbrick series which features several high-profile artists. KaNO's design features his signature urban style including water tower and cap silhouettes in the two clear ears.


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Andrew Kang Has A New Toy In The Works


During her NYCC signing at the myplasticheart booth, Andrea Kang showed off a proto of her new toy in development. While there aren't many details yet, we do know that the lion figure is slated to be produced in vinyl. Very exciting news.

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Candie Bolton — Bake-Kujira Whale Fall at TTF (10.10 - 10.13)


Candie Bolton is headed to Taiwan for Taipei Toy Festival (10.10 - 10.13) which opens this Thursday. In addition to a custom show featuring her Aura figure (Unusual Creation Club), she's also releasing her hand-painted, micro run Bake-Kujira Whale Fall soft vinyl toy.  Limited to just 5 pieces, Whale Fall features a striking portrayal of the phantom whale in 'natural' colors with just a hint of its mystical nature. Head to booth C13 for the new Bake-Kujira and the custom show.


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Funko — Ruth Bader Ginsburg Pop! Icons


As part of its Icon series, Funko will soon celebrate perseverance against stacked odds and enduring commitment with the new Ruth Bader Ginsburg Pop!. Beyond politics, RBG has lived her life, her way, to the fullest from the beginning to her tenure as a Supreme Court justice.

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Kidrobot Exclusive Candy Cornelius Candemon by Alex Pardee x 3DRetro (10.8)


Alex Pardee's Cornelius Candemon makes the leap from the Candemon enamel pin series to horrifying (or is that hilarious?) art toy produced by 3DRetro. While apparently many people despise the iconic Halloween treat, the toy works either way — just a matter of who you root for, human or treat! 

The new character debuts with Kidrobot's exclusive Candy Cornelius Candemon Melty Metallic Edition vinyl art toy (250 pieces, 7.5") dropping tomorrow (10.8) at 9 AM PDT on Kidrobot.com. Pricing has yet to be announced.

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