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Oct 14, 2019

Watsd x Funny Model Club — Gramps


It's been about five months since Funny Model Club opened pre-orders for their first, since sold-out art toy, Boss by Watsd (Watchara Boonpokkrong) .  Now the artist and brand are back with Gramps, a funny figure featuring an old-school gamer (or is that just plain OLD) with adjusting to new-fangled gaming with his very own hand-held console that bears a striking similarity to the Switch. With his over-the-top design featuring vintage tube TV  head, 70's era gaming shirt, short shorts, knee high socks and more Gramps is instantly recognizable as a throwback to the 8-bit era and bound to spark more than few gaming tall tales.  And perhaps a few confused looks from Millennials. While the cat-piloted Boss 'bot and Gramps are at first very different, the sense of humor, bright color palette, and retro vibe bring them together as two expressions of a universe we'd like to revisit often.

Limited to 199 pieces,  the traditionally-sculpted Gramps (10.25") resin art toy is available for pre-order for $111.50 direct from Funny Model Club's FB page and their retailer network which includes myplasticheart, Strangecat Toys, PlayToysForever (TW), Tomenosuke (JP) and Toy Galleria (SG).  The figure is slated to ship the second quarter of 2020.


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Ronald Ventura x Nickelodeon x Secret Fresh Gallery — SpongeBro (10.20)


Secret Fresh Gallery has collaborated with Filipino artist Ronald Ventura and Nickelodeon to create the extremely limited SpongeBro series of art sculptures.  Produced by ToyQube, the four figures revisit the famous inhabitants of Bikini Bottom with Ventura's pet-centric style. SpongeBob gets a kitty makeover while Patrick has become a star-shaped dog treat.  An edition of 35, SpongeBro will be released on Sunday (10.20) from Secret Fresh Gallery. 


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Twelvedot — Wild at Heart APO Frogs (10.18)


The APO Frogs return with a fresh style just in time for Autumn with the new Wild at Heart edition (5") from Twelvedot.  The newest APO Frog features a blue + yellow frog, comfortably cloaked in a vibrant, all-over print coat featuring a tropical jungle motif with toucans and fantastic flora. The design ties back into the APO Frog project's inspiration: raising awareness of the need to protect endangered frogs and their disappearing wild habitats.

Wild at Heart will be released on Friday, October 18th direct from Twelvedot as well as several retailers including myplasticheart, Strangecat Toys, Ozzo (SG) and Xinghui Creations (CN). No word yet on pricing or edition size, but based on the recent APO Frog editions, it's quite possible that these will retail for $69.99 and be limited to 300 pieces.


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