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Oct 17, 2019

Joan Cornellà x AllRightsReserved — 'Selfie Gun' Vinyl Art Toy (10.17)


Following the release of Joan Cornellà's Selfie Gun sculpture as a bronze edition, AllRightsReserved will make the buzz-worthy piece available to a much larger audience with a new vinyl art toy edition. Other than the slightly smaller size (10" vs. 12.6"), the new vinyl edition appears to match the design of the bronze edition.

Whether you see the piece as a critique of people's obsession with documenting their lives on social media or a more general commentary on self-destructive behaviors, Selfie Gun combines a double-take visual with a concept that lingers long after the novelty has subsided. 

Limited to 1000 numbered pieces, the Selfie Gun vinyl will available from ARR's Ding Dong Takuhabin store on Thursday (10.17) at 8 PM PDT for $199.  For those whom the bronze edition was out of reach, this vinyl edition is a perfect way to collect Cornell√†'s striking work at a considerably more affordable price.

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