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Oct 06, 2019

Uamou — 'Astronaut Uamou' Space Week Lottery


Uamou is releasing three new Astronaut Uamou figures timed in celebration of Space Week. The space-bound Uamou  debuted back in June 2018 in a classic white edition. These Astronaut Uamous have a looser/hand-sculpted style that sets them apart from the numerous space figures which usually feature tightly sculpted space gear and equipment. Uamou's approach adds a welcome charm and change of pace. The new Orange, Gold and Blue editions with ECLSS life support systems are available now via email lottery through Thursday (10.10) at 7:59 PDT for ¥5000 ($47). Versions without the life support systems will be offered afterwards via a yet to be announced sales method.

To enter for a chance to purchase, drop an email to [email protected] with a subject of 'Astronaut Uamou' entry and be sure to include your Name/Shipping Address/Zip Code/Phone Number and specify your preferred color (orange, gold, or blue).  One entry per person.  See the official lottery page for complete details including dates for winner notification and payment.  


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