Jul 09, 2012

3DRetro’s Bart Grin ‘Ron English’ Drop @ SDCC


3DRetro has just announced that they will be debuting the Bart Grin ‘Ron English’ edition figure from Ron English at SDCC. This edition of the new 10” figure, features a blue tee with Ron’s iconic happy face grin graphic.  3DRetro will have 50 pieces (run of 200) for $120 each at their booth [#4734].  Ron will be on-hand for a signing at a still to be announced time.  In case you’re wondering, the standard edition of Bart Grin (w/red shirt) will be available at Toy Tokyo for $120 as well.

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Jun 28, 2012

The Chung x 3Dretro – SDCC Exclusive Shrympee GID


LA artist David Chung (better known simply as ‘The Chung’) creates paintings featuring  off-beat, colorful characters worthy of a second take, chuckle and smirk.  One of these, Shrympee is now a small adorable, yet oh-so mouthwatering vinyl toy.   Limited to just 100 pieces, look for the SDCC exclusive Shrympee Ghost edition (GID) from the 3DRetro booth [#4734] for $14.95 each.  This will be followed by the OG pink edition as well several other ‘flavors’.

Shrympee looks like a fun and quirky (in the finest tradition of the word) figure with a creative instant noodle bow-style package.  Not sure how one displays this fun morsel in a case, but maybe that’s besides the point.


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Buff Monster x 3DRetro – Boob Ball Silver @ SDCC


3DRetro will release the Silver Boob Ball vinyl from Buff Monster at SDCC.  Limited to 125 pieces, this is the second edition of the Buff’s new 4” geometric creation.  The master of pink himself, Buff Monster, will be at the booth [#4734] on Friday (7.13) @ 1 PM.


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Jun 26, 2012

Nathan Hamill – Bellicose Bunny Vortex Edition @ SDCC


For SDCC, 3DRetro will be taking over Frank Kozik’s booth.  They’ll be offering several 3Dretro exclusives as well as plenty of Kozik product.  First up is the Bellicose Bunny Vortex Edition by Nathan Hamill.  Limited to 120 pieces, this new mono edition is the last launch for the intrepid hare.  It will be available from the 3DRetro booth [#4734] for $49.95.  Nathan will be on-hand for signing at the booth on Saturday (7.14) @ 2:30 PM.


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