Jul 29, 2019

Pop Life Global at ACG HK


Pop Life Global returned to Hong Kong this weekend for the ACG convention (Anime, Comics and Games) with a large booth (D47 - 54) offering a selection of new art toys from Ron English as well as several brand-new releases in the popular Soda line from Kenneth Tang (Black Seed Toys). 

Two large Soda Kats sculptures welcomed guests to the booth and served as a backdrop to signings by Kenneth Tang.  He and the new releases drew quite a crowd while he took the time to draw his super cute characters on the back of the boxes.   The popular Soda Kats SFBI figures were available in several flavors as were the new mini series. However, for those of us always on the lookout for the very newest toys, the five new Soda charactersSoda Bonnie, Soda Michael, Soda Leo, Soda Pansy, and Soda Poppy—just might be the highlight of Pop Life's ACG releases.  While cats can be hard to follow, the new Bunny, Monkey, Lion, Panda, and Puppy figures each bring the charm with new head sculpts and the fun soda concept, complete with straws.

ACG runs through Tuesday (7.30) in Hong Kong.  So if you're in HK, you have one last chance to enjoy the show.


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