Apr 16, 2006

Art Focus: Andrea Offermann

Art Focus is a feature on Vinyl Pulse where we introduce an artist along with a chosen example of their work. We hope to revive this feature with an entry every other Sunday. At the recent Unicorn Show at Gallery Nucleus, I came across two paintings by Andrea Offermann, which I believed deserved a wider audience. 

Andrea Offermann:

I grew up in Germany and originally started studying medicine there. In 2002, I came to the US to study art. I graduated a year ago from Art Center College of Design and worked as a freelance artist. I love old printmaking techniques, especially etching, and have a strange obsession with drawing fish.

I think my medical background really shows in all the work i do. There is always an interest in history and science. When Nucleus asked me to do artwork for a show themed "Unicorns" I was intrigued, because there is so much history connected to the beliefs and stories concerning that animal. I remembered that the horn of the unicorn actually comes from a whale, and that it's a tooth growing out of its mouth. I researched the animal and found it to be very awkward-looking, a great contrast to the elegance of the common image of unicorns, and I loved that. Through my research I also stumbled across several historical events in Germany, and decided to base my paintings on them:

"1711" is based on a historical report that in the year 1711 a narwhale swam all the way up the Elbe into the city of Hamburg. I combined this historical event with an old belief that if a maiden touches a unicorn, she will find true love. In the painting a large crowd has gathered at the pier near the marketplace in Hamburg, where the narwhale has been tied. All the young girls try to get into the water to touch the whale, so they can find true love.

"Bargain" deals with another historical event. In the 16th century the count of Beyreuth accepted  two long twisted horns as payoffs for large depths which emperor Karl V. owed him. The horns were believed to be unicorn horns and thought to be priceless. In the image, a group of nuns accompanied by soldiers are crossing a forest. They are guarding two carts with the unicorn horns on them. At the time transporting goods was very risky because of robbers and feuds between different counties.

To learn more about Andrea Offerman visit www.andreaoffermann.com

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Nov 15, 2005

Art of d'Holbachie Yoko

While in Japan this past summer, I discovered the work of d'Holbachie Yoko and was blown away by her whimsical art work. Her psychedelic computer graphic illustrations explored with colorful and simple themed creatures. Her art left its viewers a sugary rush and a sunny disposition. The current issue of Direct Art has her pleasing work on its cover. Take a journey with her work and be happy.

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Oct 01, 2005

"Fly Boy" by VanBeater

"Fly Boy" by VanBeater


For the love of sweet hearty wheat... it's VanBeater! Self proclaimed master of scribble induced pareidolia! He was born a Yankee, but raised up in the dirty south on CheerWine and B’z BBQ (Take your shirt off, spin it around in da air just like a helicopter). The Beater mixes seven years of working experience; with the love for armpit farts, Saturday morning cartoons, and (insert your favorite immature thing here). Currently, he is getting together a body of work that will include tee shirts, stickers, letter press prints, and several hand painted works. VanBeater is also creator of Jamungo's Sqwerts and co-creator of Jamungo's BlowUp Dolls. Both toys to be released very soon (sorry for the delay... don’t get me "started"). VanBeater’s day job is creating web based games and interactive experiences. His “real world” clients include : Citi bank, HBO, Red Bull, Hasbro, Lego, Mazda, Verizon, and oh so many more. Go now and peep his latest steez before you get owned!

To learn more about VanBeater visit www.vanbeater.com.

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Sep 03, 2005

"Triggles" by Okkle

Triggles by Okkle

Okkle: Born and bred in the West Midlands of the UK I have always been drawing and for as long as I remember I have been drawing creatures! Up untill Sixth Form and Uni I've never really had many real friends, which left me with a lot of spare time on my own, now I have some of the best freinds I could ask for but back then I wasn't really accepted by many. Maybe it was because when all the other boys in the class wanted to be firemen or a footballer I wanted to be an animator and an artist. It never really bothered me, I was quite happy to sit and doodle away the hours or try and catch the frogs and newts in my back garden or the school pond (I caught loads of newts but frogs proved far trickier!). Nature was one of my biggest influences I think, that and cartoons. Both fascinated me, and still do really, I love to watch wildlife on tv or in person, it's amazing what some creatures do, almost like some have super-powers! And cartoons, well the thought that I could bring my drawings to life was mind blowing to me, so I've spent my life so far building towards the opportunity to study animation at university, which is where I am now, and very happy there too! It wasn't until a couple of years ago that I discovered vinyl and with it most of my favourite artists who have also influenced and inspired me greatly. People like Pete Fowler, Touma, David Horvath, Andrew Bell, Luke Chueh, Joe Ledbetter amoungst many others. Since then I have been doing custom pieces and building up plans for my own figures that hopefully I will be able to produce someday in the future, fingers crossed! Untill then I'm taking part wherever I can and working towards my degree. Wish me luck! :D

To learn more about Okkle visit www.okkle.co.uk.

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Aug 20, 2005

"Tastey mint testing of Robo-Float-Armour" by Phoneticontrol

"Tastey mint testing of Robo-Float-Armour" by Phoneticontrol


I heart drawing. Iv'e been doing this since ... well, as long as I can remember. More often than not I will pick up a trusty Sharpie marker rather than a mouse as the starting point for my work. That is not to say that it will not end up on the computer - I think it's just more about the time I was brought up. My art classes didn't have computers in them for anything more than attendance records. There was no internet availible...it haden't been invented yet!- so, yes, I am a bit ancient as far as technology goes. In the 80s as a kid with no depth perception, organized sports were completely out of the question. Thankfully, skateboarding came into my life and made a huge impression on my art as well as my self-view. I finally found a place were I belonged. Then, of course, punk rock soon followed and further shaped/warped me into the person I am today. I currently run phoneticontrol to display my illustrations, designs, paintings, and prints. It serves as my electric portfolio, and also turned into a place to make friends with other artists for collaboration and inspiration. About a year and a half ago I discovered this urban vinyl scene. Lucky for me Rotofugi opened in my home town: Sweet home Chicago. They are really supportive of local cats, and throw amazing parties every month. Let me tell you ... beer, toys and a DJ? Tell me that I'd be experiencing this now when I was back in JR high getting wedgies and my books dumped by bullies in school hallways, and I would've never believed you! Through Rotofugi I had the pleasure of meeting Shawnimal and Nakanari. We all have been collaborating on stuff ever since. I actually just returned from Taipei Toy Fair on the last stop of The Funny Club Show. There I ran into Reni, Eric and Crazy Cult of Jump & Hop Studio. Reni also introduced me to people of Gallery G999 and Xin Magazine. We are all working on some interesting team ups due out soon. In fact, it was at the opening of that show here in Chi-Town where Shawnimal and I met. Keep your eyes peeled for our duo show coming up later this year.

To learn about Phoneticontrol and to obtain his art -- visit www.phoneticontrol.com

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Aug 11, 2005

"Bat Boy" by Tyson Summers

Bat Boy by Tyson Summers [closeup]

Tyson Summers:

I'm from Dallas, Texas and  a graduate from the Art Institute of Dallas 1995. Long time fan of late eighties and early nineties skateboard art. Santa Cruz, Zorlac and Powell were gods to me! I'm influenced by things that cross lines, whether its comedy, music or artwork. Go all the way, I hate rules and pussies that get scared. This is okay like this but not like that....Pussies!  I was a skater in a shit hole town back before the X-Games, and the internet. Yes kids back then you had to hide your porn and risk watching vhs tapes on your parents tv in the living room. You had to break out that shit on a special occasion. Talk about being paranoid. Now it's like "Quicktime". Back to the shit hole town that I grew up in. I'm from Garland the town "King Of The Hill" is based on, and it's just like that! Getting ready to run or get beat up was just how it was, purely because we skated. I didn't like it.  I think it gave me a different way of looking at things though. Keep getting better is my motto, plus random blood is cool!

To learn more about Tyson and to obtain his art -- visit www.tysonsummers.com

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