Jan 24, 2014

Joe Ledbetter – ‘Designing A Vinyl Toy: The Chaos Bunnies’ Video

At Vinyl Pulse, we enjoy seeing and sharing the process of creating art toys. Typically, the peek behind the curtain brings us pictures of sketches, unpainted prototypes, and revisions.  Before he started designing and developing his upcoming Chaos Minis which were produced by the Loyal Subjects, Joe Ledbetter decided to document the behind-the-scenes action in an intriguingly seamless way –- via video, offering us  a more comprehensive and cohesive perspective.

We’re happy to have the privilege of unveiling the result -- ‘Designing a Vinyl Toy: The Chaos Bunnies’.  The 9-minute video takes you on a tour of the work involved in making the toys a reality including initial concept, digital design, sculpt revisions, paint masters, packaging mockup and more.   Enjoy and be sure to keep a look out for the Chaos Minis due in about a month.


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