Aug 16, 2019

Lam Toys at Beijing Toy Show


Lam Toys returns to Beijing Toy Show with a striking new booth [A07] anchored by a sweet installation featuring Wazzup Family's signature Chameleon Baby taking a hover cruise.  Several new Chameleon Babys are available at the show including a fun space exploration design. Chaosfactory 11 is also debuting their big Zeus in a colorful edition. While primarily available in Asia at the moment, Lam Toys is looking to bring its fun, stylish minis to collectors worldwide.  Be sure to check out the full photo gallery.

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Aug 13, 2019

J.T Studio at Beijing Toy Show (8.16 - 8.18)


J.T Studio will have three new releases for Beijing Toy Show: Wang — Work Day, Monkey King W Flocked, and Yoru & Yoku Ice and Fire Editions.  Starting with the 1/6 scale drop, the new Wang - Work Day edition from the Street Masks line transforms Wang from fierce Kendama pro into a workman complete with black jumpsuit and bat.  The figure is available in a deluxe edition (complete with matching mini Jians lion) for 1790 RMB (50 pcs, $254) as well as a single edition (50 pcs, 1550 RMB/$220).

Moving over to the vinyl side, J.T studio is releasing the final versions of two of his figures.  The new Monkey King W Flocked (100 pieces, 790 RMB/$112) is the golden-fur counterpart to the white-flocked edition released in May at Thailand Toy Expo.  He comes with staff, golden crown, banana and fabric cape.   Finally, we have Yoru and Yoku in the Ice and Fire editions (100 pieces, 790 RMB/$112) featuring light blue + black and orange + black designs, complete with fox mask, money gun, and matching mini Yox figures.

Find all of the J.T Studio releases at Beijing Studio in Booth A61. See you there!


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Aug 12, 2019

Coolrain — OG Series Exhibition at Beijing Toy Show (8.16 - 8.18)


Coolrain will unveil the first exhibition of his OG 1/6 series at Beijing Toy Show (8.16 - 8.18). The series showcases  his meticulously handmade replicas of iconic sneakers.  The prototypes of the Nike x Off White Air Jordan 1 (above) showcase the high fidelity we've come to expect from him.  In addition to the AJ1's,  Coolrain has shown work on 'Lil Jerry', a 1/6th version of designer Jerry Lorenzo, with mini versions of his Fear of God kicks. If you're going to BTS, be sure to drop by the CoolrainLABO booth [A50] to check out the OG series and several new production releases. Coolrain will also be on stage on Saturday (8.17) talking about 'Making Nike Shoes Pla-kit' from 1 to 2 PM.


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Aug 06, 2019

Tobey — 'You Will Not Certainly Die' for Beijing Toy Show


Korean artist tObey will debut his new You Will Not Certainly Die resin toy at Beijing Toy Show in a nearly monochromatic edition.  Inspired by the biblical passage that describes the temptation of the forbidden fruit, the piece features a rather large snake encircling a woman about to take another bite. The visually striking piece carries tObey's signature aesthetic and continues his efforts to push the technical limits of the medium. No word yet on pricing/booth info.


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Toy Zero+ x AAAZ — Robber Baby for BTS (8.16 - 8.18)


For Beijing Toy Show, Toy Zero+ will release Robber Baby by AAAZ.  As his 'wanted' poster states, this new edition of PP Baby may be cute, but he's also 'extremely dangerous'.  Robber Baby features a monochromatic design—all the better to blend into the shadows—and comes with an axe accessory. The black smudges on his cheeks and nose add nicely to the concept. 

Robber Baby will be available from Toy Zero+'s BTS booth [A78], as will all of their other forthcoming releases.


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Aug 05, 2019

Sank Toys for Beijing Toy Show (8.16 - 8.18)


So far, Sank Toys has made two Beijing Toy Show (8.16 - 8.18) announcements featuring four new production editions as well as several custom collaborations. On the production side there are three new Little Sank versions.  Starting on the soft vinyl side, Sank Toys will release both the Little Sank Obsidian (99 pcs, 9.5", 580 RMB/$84) and Little Sank Radiation (88 pcs,9.5", 680 RMB/$99) editions. The Obsidian edition features a distressed gray and gold design while the deluxe yellow + red Radiation includes the yellow fire/hazmat jacket and baseball bat accessories, for a bit of the 1/6 vibe.  BTS will also see the release of the 3.5" Little Sank Rainbow In The Sky resin edition (99 pcs,  348 RMB/$50) will have specific lineups (8.16 and 8.17 at 11 AM), in anticipation of high demand.  All three Little Sank editions  will be offered via Wechat lottery as well.

Finally, Sank Toys is taking pre-orders for its Sank The Child: Gone With the Wind — Bronze Age resin (99 pieces,15.75", 1398 rmb/$204) featuring a dynamic inverted pose with the artist's original diver character swept up by a powerful wind. These breathtaking, deluxe figures will ship after the show.

If you're going to the show, you can find Sank Toys at booth A59. If you can't make it to BTS, many (all?) will be available online from Sank's retail partners including myplasticheart.


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Aug 04, 2019

Fluffy House x Amanda Visell Series Debuts at BTS (8.16 - 8.18)


First shown as protos at Thailand Toy Expo (which we somehow missed…), the new Fluffy House x Amanda Visell Series figures are set to debut at Beijing Toy Show (8.16 - 8.18).  The new figures feature Amanda's take on Fluffy House's popular characters with a seated Mr. White Cloud (5") a mini Little Raindrop companion.   The vinyl figure set will be available in three editions: Cloudy Day, Black Cloud and Rain x Shine.  From the sculpts to the deco, including a nice rendition of Amanda's dry brush style, the new figures look to be excellent crossovers—blending both aesthetics together nicely.

The new Fluffy House x AV figures will be available at the Fluffy House BTS booth [A03] for 399 RMB each.  If you can't make it to Beijing, Fluffy House will be releasing them worldwide from their web shop for $55 each on Monday, August 19th.


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Jul 29, 2019

Beijing Toy Show 2019


The wondrous, worldwide art toy convention schedule never seems to slow down or disappoint.  Up next is Beijing Toy Show which will be held on August 16 through the 18th (Friday - Sunday) this year. One of the premier art toy shows, BTS is organized by China's Pop Mart which also puts on Shanghai Toy Show in the Spring (April).  One notable change for BTS 2019 is a new venue, the China International Exhibition Center, which is conveniently located near the Beijing Capital  International Airport.

This year's flier features the new Robo P toy from HK artist Pucky—who also graced the STS 2019 flier.  Robo P will debut at BTS and will come in four versions: Red, Teal, Black (chase) and the Silver (flier).

Beijing Toy Show
August 16th - 18th, 2019

China International Exhibition Center
Beijing, China


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