Nov 02, 2018

Brett Crawford x Avenue des Arts — ‘Knievel the Falcaroo’ Landing at ComplexCon


Avenue des Arts will release Knievel the Falcaroo art toy from LA artist Brett Crawford at their ComplexCon booth [L5]. Based on the artist’s original painting, this wild piece features a daredevil Falcaroo and his co-pilot Amelia.  This is one of those, ‘wait, what?’ moments, quickly followed by a  compulsion to buy.  Beyond the wacky, fun concept, the execution and humor put this one well over the top.


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BAIT at ComplexCon : Olive Mr. Penny Bags


Mr. Penny Bags returns for ComplexConBAIT is bringing back their officially-licensed figure of the Monopoly land baron in a new Olive edition.  Designed by Les Schettkoe, the 7” solid green vinyl figure evokes a toy solider vibe  and comes with his full slate of matching accessories.  Pick it up at BAIT’s booth [E5].


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MINDstyle x Capcom Street Fighter Ryu Grin by Ron English


Shoryuken!  MINDstyle will unleash their Street Fighter Ryu Grin from Ron English at ComplexCon (11.3 – 11.4).  Officially licensed from Capacom, the iconic coin-op warrior is re-imagined by the master of Popaganda.  Sporting the artist’s signature skeletal grin, the shredded Ryu figure cuts an imposing profile at 15” tall and will be available from the Toy Tokyo Booth [J-13] for $250.

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Oct 30, 2018

X-Large x Sorayama — ‘Robot Gorilla’ Sculpture Debuts at ComplexCon


After a fun tease showcasing the elaborate packaging, here’s a look at the now revealed X-Large x Sorayama Robot Gorilla (700 pcs, $660) sculpture which will debut at ComplexCon (11.3 – 11.4).  The light-up piece, which blends elements of a bust and bold signage, features celebrated Japanese Artist Hajime Sorayama’s futuristic take on the streetwear brand’s irreverent Gorilla mascot.  A highly collaborative effort, the sculpture was realized through the additional efforts of Medicom Toy, Apportfolio and Japan’s Nanzuka Gallery.  Check out the piece with the lighting off after the jump.


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ToyQube — Astroboy Los Angeles Edition Debuts at ComplexCon


Astroboy is showing for the City of Angeles with the new Astroboy LA edition coming to ComplexCon from ToyQube [Booth J9].  The black on black figure features the iconic character flashing LA Hands.  This is the third installment of TQ’s Astro Boy city series following NYC and Bangkok.

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Oct 28, 2018

BAIT x Medicom — Rick and Morty Be@rbricks (11.3)


Ricky and Morty fans take note, BAIT will release their Rick and Morty Be@rbricks in both 100% and 400% sizes on November 3rd—which coincides with ComplexCon.   Produced by Medicom, the officially-licensed Be@bricks of a  distressed Rick and a determined Morty feature translucent ears for extra flair.


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Oct 27, 2018

Fidia Falaschetti’s ‘Donald Fuck’ Goes Art Toy for ComplexCon


Italian artist Fidia Falaschetti is known for his humorous and blunt sculptural takes on iconic animated characters.  From Freaky Mouse to Ass Throw Boy and Donald Fuck, his sculptures—often large scale—recast our childhood heros by rearranging their bodies, hands where there should be feet and vice versa. 

For ComplexCon, the artist will debut art toy editions of Donald Fuck.  Standing 8” tall, the flippant duck, obsessed with his cell-phone, will be available in both gold and black glossy editions of 100 pieces each from the Gallery Stan booth (K3).

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Eric So for ‘Get Animated’ To Debut at ComplexCon


ToyQube will debut a new Get Animated sculpture/figure from legendary HK artist Eric So at ComplexCon (11.3 – 11.4).  Designed for the  officially-licensed Warner Brothers series from ToyQube and Soap Studios, the new piece features a translucent rocket that appears to have several beloved WB characters inside including Bugs Bunny.  See it first hand at the TQ booth [J09]. 

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Oct 25, 2018

Alex Pardee x ToyQube Green GID ‘Half A Nice Day’ for ComplexCon


Quick, what do you think of when you think of ComplexCon? Sneakers?  What about toys? ToyQube will be at ComplexCon this year with several new drops including this  Green GID Half A Nice Day from Alex Pardee.  If you’re going to the show, drop by booth J09 to check out all of TQ’s releases.

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Marvin Is Ready to Bring It. ‘Aggression’ by Matt Gondek.


After a black+white tease of the figure earlier this year, Matt Gondek has just revealed and announced the OG edition of his Aggression vinyl figure.  Marvin’s ticked off and looking to bring it.  An edition of 500, this one will be available exclusively at ComplexCon from the Avenue Des Arts booth. 

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Oct 23, 2018

Steve Harrington x AAPE at ComplexCon (11.3 – 11.4)


Oooh.  So no details yet, but a teaser image has been released showing the upcoming Steve Harrington x AAPE (by *A Bathing Ape) x ToyQube collaboration set for ComplexCon (11.3 – 11.4).  From what’s shown, the sculpture features an Aape scaling/hugging one of Harrington’s signature palm tree characters.

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