Oct 06, 2010

Baby Sharky @ NYCC


Keith Poon’s Baby Sharky’s have finally landed and are ready for NYCC to be displayed at the ToyQube booth (#2874) in The Cultyard. TQ will be debuting two versions for NYCC, one being a Gray and the other a Black Sharky. They will have 150 pieces of the Gray available and the Black is NYCC Exclusive (150 pieces). These cute lil’ sharks will set you back $44.99 each. You can also find Keith signing at the booth on Friday and Saturday from 2-3PM.

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Vinyl Pulse Spotlight (#2577) @ NYCC

 vp_spotlight copy

For the fourth awesome year in a row, Vinyl Pulse will be making the trip out to New York for NYCC.  We’ll be sending back photos of the exclusives, signings, parties and booths for your enjoyment.  That’s as you might expect.  However, this year is also a first for us.  This year we’re happy to announce that we’ll also be exhibiting at NYCC : booth 2577 in The Cultyard!

In thinking about what to do for our booth we decided to go with what we love – showing off new toys.  That’s what the Vinyl Pulse Spotlight is all about.  We’ll be showing products from nine awesome companies including  Artoyz, Bic Plastics, Coarse, Kuso Vinyl, Munky KingMuttpop, myplasticheart, The Loyal Subjects and Vannen.  Thanks to everyone who made this crazy last-minute dream a reality.  If you’re going to NYCC ,drop by the VP booth (#2577) to check out what’s next.  See ya there!

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Oct 05, 2010

Pushead @ NYCC


Thanks to Kirkland of ToybotStudios, we now know that Pushead will most definitely be at NYCC again this year. He will be making two appearances on Saturday, October 9th at Javitz. The first will take place at the Toy Tokyo Booth (#2871) at 3PM, where he will release 2 Special NYCC Exclusives. One being the Sparrow #15 Special Brown Slipcased version with bookplate and 2 signed and numbered giclees. The second is a uber limited figure that is yet to be revealed. Then you can find him at the IDW Booth (#2115) at 5:30PM, where he will sign copies of Sparrow #15. Thanks for the heads up Kirk!

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Paul Kaiju @ NYCC


Paul Kaiju has been working non-stop to gear up for NYCC. He will be showcasing his toys at the Onell Design Booth (#2780). We have been posting up all of the goodies he has made, such as his Boss Carrions, Mini Boss, and his Trunk Toppers. Not only will those be there, but also some of his Biterman figure with RealxHead and yet another awesome Biterman collaboration with Onell. You would think this is a lot, but I am certain he has a lot more up his sleeve.


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Jared Deal @ NYCC


Jared Deal has put together some a new custom resin series, dubbed The Flock. This series features a lil’ birdy in a nice collared shirt in various color schemes. He will be showing them off at his booth (#2686) in The Cultyard at NYCC. He should also have some sneak peeks of his Timber: The Forest Spirit figures very soon! Take a look at The Flock figures after the jump.


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Keith Poon Customs For NYCC

Keith Poon has just finished up some awesome Transformers themed Bertie mk2 customs for the Toyqube booth (#2874). He takes Ashley Woods figures and applies the basic colors of Optimus, BumbleBee, Galvatron, and Devastator. Keith even added the Autobot and Decepticon logos to the figures. Make sure to take a closer look at them in The Cultyard at NYCC.

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Monster Worship @ NYCC

NYCC 2010

Monster Worship reveals all the goodies they will be bringing to their booth (#2682) at this years NYCC in The Cultyard. I know a lot of you Greasebat fans will be excited for the first ever painted edition by Jeff Lamm. What is Monster Worship without their Kusogon by beaK. They will be releasing a new colorway, as well as some of the Marble/GID they had available at Superfest 54. Working along side Galaxy People, MW will also have an exclusive Asterian Parasitoid. Lastly, the booth will have a 5 color silkscreen art print titled “Transformation” by Mark Rudolph, which features their newest Character, Altar Beast.

Greasebat by Jeff Lamm Asterian Parasitoid Galaxy People Kusogon


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Shawnimals @ NYCC


Shawn Smith of Shawnimals will once again be attending this years NYCC. We last talked about his teaser of what he was planning on bringing HERE. We now know the mystery between the geeky specs and bitten mustache. Along with myplasticheart, Shawnimals will be releasing their popular Pocket Pork Plush. The Pork Dorkling comes with thick rimmed eye glasses and will be available for $15 each and is limited to 100 pieces. There will also be one lucky winner that will find a Super Pork Cape inside their big, whoever that may be will also receive a AP edition Super Pork.


Kidrobot explains to us what that bitten mustache in the teaser is all about. They will have a pre-release of Shawnimals Zombie Stache. For only $45 you can own this terrifying bloody mustache, which is limited to 100 pieces. Who would have thought mustaches had a bone. You can find this guy at the KR booth (#2674).

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myplasticheart Presents: Custom Gordo Showcase @ NYCC In The Cultyard


myplasticheart will be playing host to a show, within a show, which is within another show. Apart of their booth (#2879) will be a custom showcase featuring Brent Nolasco’s Gordo figure. Participating artists consist of Leecifer, Lou Pimentel, Mikie Graham, Reactor-88, Scribe, Sleetwealth, and Southern Drawl. This is a pretty impressive line up and it should make for a good show!

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Tenacious Toys @ NYCC


Tenacious Toys will be exhibiting at this years NYCC within The Cultyard. Their booth (#2878) will be carrying toys of designer toy goodies, including your favorite resin, plush, and vinyl figures. You can also find them exhibiting and sellings works by: NEMO, Brent Nolasco, OsirisOrion, Jason Freeny, AW177, Bryan Collins, ZAM, Rsin, and Motorbot. Some of their exclusives include a NYCC Exclusive Art Hustle Foil Stamped Travis Louie card, which is free with purchase of a Art Hustle pack for $3.50 and is limited to 180. They also have the Kaiju Cupcake Resin figure from Rampage Toys, which comes with print and is limited to 5 pieces for $100 each. Be sure to visit the good folks of Tenacious Toys and give them a big NYCC welcome. OH! How can we forget their signing schedule!

Friday Oct 8th
1pm: meet & greet Sidekick Labs/ Art Hustle

Saturday Oct 9th

Noon: Jason Freeny
1pm: AW177
2pm: OsirisOrion 
3pm: Brent Nolasco

Sunday Oct 10th
1pm: Sidekick Labs/ Art Hustle
2pm: NEMO

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Andrew Bell – Glop in a Box: Bio Hazard Edition @ NYCC


Awesome.  Andrew Bell’s Glop in a Box  resin set from mphlabs  hits the cute yet slightly disturbing vibe just right.  As cool as Glop looks outside his box, he looks great in the box as well where his chin flows over the edges. Glop stands 4.5” tall and is almost nearly as wide (svelte, he is not).  This first Biohazard edition features hand-embellished chases – call ‘em ‘dirt’y featuring black grime and brown boxes instead of the standard gray.  Glop in a box  will drop from the myplasticheart booth (#2879) complete with signed packaging  in the cultyard @ NYCC for $90.   Hit the jump for more pics.

“A box showed up on my doorstep one afternoon. This is not an altogether unusual experience, boxes show up at my studio all the time. But when I bent down to pick it up I noticed there was something different about this particular package. The box itself was bulging, a viscous fluid was slowly leaking from the bottom, and the whole thing had a distinct musty smell. I leaned closer to read the return address on the shipping label, and that’s when it started moving…”


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Keithing’s Dragon Warrior @ NYCC

Here’s a quick look at Keithing’s  completed Dragon Warrior resin figure (ed. of 50), the first of twelve Myth Warriors. Standing 10” tall, the Dragon Warriors feature a hand-painted treatment that gives the figures which were sculpted by Tony Montalvo, the appearance of stone.  These special figures come in a handsome wooden box featuring a burned-in logo – a nice touch which adds to the classic feel of the release.

The Dragon Warrior will makes it debut @ ToyQube’s booth(#2874)  in the Cultyard @ NYCC with 25 of the 50 pieces available for purchase for $160 each.   The other half of the run will be released following the convention.

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Oct 04, 2010

Proto Monday >> Camilla d’Errico x Inner Sanctum: Kuro Vinyl


Today on Proto Monday we’re excited to reveal the first look at a proto of Camilla d’Errico’s upcoming Kuro vinyl figure in production from newcomer Inner Sanctum. Kuro, the evil yet adorable character from Camilla’s Tanpopo book series, has been released previously in plush both in  6” and 2’ forms but never vinyl.  In fact, this will be Camilla’s first original vinyl figure.  Shown here as a resin proto, the 6”  limited-edition figure, sculpted by Daniel Ritthanondh, is due for release in the Spring of 2011 in a few different editions.   He’s looking quite cute and seems to have made the jump rather nicely.

If you’re attending NYCC (10.8-10.10), you’ll want to know that Camilla will be officially unveiling Kuro at the ‘Art to Merchandise – How to Make More with Your Art’ panel to be held at the ‘con on Friday October 8th 2010 from 12:15 to 1:15 PM in Panel Room 5 (1A17-18).  Also, be sure to drop by her table (C11) in the Artist Alley starting on Friday @ 1 PM through the close of NYCC on Sunday (5 PM) for a nice selection of merch (books,  prints, comics, and more) as well as a brand-new print.


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Sep 30, 2010

myplasticheart Artist Signing Schedule


It’s about one more week until NYCC and we are as excited as all of you. myplasticheart just posted up their Artist Signing schedule for their booth #2879 in The Cultyard. So here it is and get your sketch books ready!

FRIDAY 10/08
Brent Nolasco/Lou Pimentel 3:30PM – 4:30PM
KO & Brandt Peters 5:00PM – 6:00PM

Brent Nolasco 1:00PM – 2:00PM
Shawnimals 2:30PM – 3:30PM
Andrew Bell 4:00PM – 5:00PM
KO & Brandt Peters 5:30PM – 6:30PM

SUNDAY 10/10
Abe Lincoln Jr. 11:00AM – 12:00PM
Patricio Oliver (PO!) 1:00PM – 2:00PM
Lou Pimentel 2:30PM – 3:30PM

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Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters – Indigo Fade Mini Skelve @ NYCC


Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters are headed to NYCC and they are bringing the brand new Indigo Fade Mini Skelve from Circus Posterous as well a several customs.Limited to 50 pieces, the 4” resin skelve will be released by myplasticheart from their booth (#2879) in The Cultyard for $50.  Both artists will be signing at the mph booth on Friday (5 – 6 PM) and Saturday (5:30 – 6:30 PM). 

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Sep 29, 2010

Brent Nolasco x Blamo – Mijo @ NYCC

Brent Nolasco  Blamo Figure 003

Having moved away from customs, Brent Nolasco is now exploring 3D work as an extension of his fine art.  His new   Mijo (my child) project done with Blamo is a glimpse of his new direction.  Brent sculpted Mijo completely from scratch, a first.  The six individual parts were then sent to Blamo who created the molds and cast the figure into resin.

The first hand-painted Mijo is an edition of one and will be offered by Tenacious Toys in their booth  (#2878) in the Cultyard @ NYCC for $300.  The debut piece marks the beginning of an artistic journey for Brent.  With complete control over every aspect of the figure (shape + deco)  Mijo is 100% his art in every sense.  The juxtaposition of wildly painted elements and the bare red translucent resin are the result of this creative freedom. Future Mijo editions will be extremely limited and many will be sculpturally distinct.  Brent plans to experiment and mix things up including the inclusion of different materials.

Hit the jump for additional photos of the completed piece as well as Brent’s sculpt.


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Kidrobot @ NYCC 2010


Kidrobot will be making their NYCC debut with several signings and exclusives lined up for their booth (#2674) in The Cultyard.   The official schedule is below.  The release highlights include Jeff Soto’s ‘The Deek’ which is an NYCC Exclusive Kidrobot Black figure, SEEN’s Vandal Express, Shawnimals’ Zombie Stache Plush and an exclusive Dunny 2tone Tee.

Per Kronikle:

Thursday, October 7

5-7:30 pm – Live Painting at Kidrobot New York with PON.

Friday, October 8

3-5pm – 2Tone Dunny Series Signing with PON, Aya Kakeda and Chuckboy. Plus FREE super-limited colorway of the Gary Baseman 2Tone Dunny with case purchases while supplies last.

Saturday, October 9

1-3pm - The Deek, NYCC Exclusive Kidrobot Black signing with Jeff Soto.

Sunday, October 10

11am-1pmZombie Stache Plush, NYCC Exclusive Pre-Release & Signing with Shawnimals.

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Brent Nolasco – Deep Coral Gordo @ NYCC


myplasticheart continues to unveil their seemingly bottomless NYCC lineup with the announcement of Brent Nolasco’s hand-painted Deep Coral Gordo.  These extremely limited ocean dwellers will be available for $90 in mph’s booth (#2879) in the Cultyard @ NYCC (8.8 – 8.10). Brent will be signing at the booth on Friday (3:30 – 4:30) and Saturday (1:00 – 2:00 PM).


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Sep 28, 2010

Lou Pimentel – Tarnished Cranston Fellows Jr. @ NYCC


myplasticheart will release Lou Pimentel’s new Tarnished Edition Cranston Fellows Jr. at their booth (# 2879) in The Cultyard @ NYCC (10.8 – 10.10).   Resembling a just uncovered did sworship relic to the mighty evil bat dude, the new Cranston features a nice weathered look hand-painted by Lou himself.  Pick up the Tarnished Cranston for $90 at the ‘con.  Lou will be signing at the mph booth on Friday from 3:30 – 4:30 PM and on Sunday from 2:30 – 3:30 PM.  The awesome photos shown here were taken by Dave Gittleman.


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The Cultyard @ NYCC (10.8 – 10.10)


We’re amped for the upcoming fifth New York Comic-Con (October 8th thru the 10th) @ the Javits Center in NYC.  This year’s show is bound to the best yet for art toys and counter culture with the addition of ‘The Cultyard’ section featuring a focused block of booths.  The new NYCC section builds off the galvanizing success of the Toy Grower’s Cultyard at SDCC and takes things one notch higher with a Cultyard-specific lounge area for unwinding and chatting in between booth crawling for exclusives and signings.

Speaking of booths, this year’s lineup features a strong mix of quintessential brands including 1st time NYCC exhibitors Kidrobot and Tokidoki, NYC stalwarts including myplasticheart and Toy Tokyo, as well as new energetic companies such as RAJE Toys and Monster Worship.  Oh and your favorite toy blog (well ok, our favorite toy blog). 

There’s alot going on this year from live ‘cubez’ painting from Phetus and Elite Gudz and live DJs in the lounge to the massive Re:Form School art show opening on Saturday, October 9th in a reclaimed school house on Mott Street between Houston and Prince.

With the new show-within-a-show Cultyard, this year’s NYCC is a no-brainer if you live in or around NYC. 


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Paul Kaiju Lil’ Boss Carrions & Trunk Toppers


Paul Kaiju has been a busy busy man, gearing up for the upcoming NYCC. He has been posting non-stop photos of goodies we are hoping to see in New York. Take a look at the colorful array of  little resin Boss Carrions he sculpted and casted himself. He has also put together the “Circus Girl” trunk toppers, which fit perfectly upon the trunk of his Boss Carrion figure. I didn’t think he would be able to top the magnetic baby biters, but he certainly proved me wrong. Be sure to keep a look out for Paul at the Onell Booth #2780 in The Cultyard.



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Sep 27, 2010

Keithing – Baby Sharky @ NYCC

First seen at SDCCKeithing is back with the new 5” Baby Sharky, the followup to his popular Sharky figure.  The debut black colorway (150 pcs) will drop from ToyQube at their booth (#2874) in the Cultyard @ NYCC (10.8 – 10.10). 

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Sep 23, 2010

Shawinmals @ NYCC In The Cultyard


Shawnimals just posted up this little teaser picture of what may be seen at this years NYCC in The Cultyard. So what do we see here? We see a bitten stache, nerd specs, Kidrobot logo, as well as myplasticheart’s. What will they bring!?

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Go Hero @ NYCC In The Cultyard


Go Hero will be coinciding with Executive Replicas, Zica Toys, and Reel Art Studios for this years NYCC in The Cultyard. They will be displaying tons of original work, such as new licenses, designs, protoypes, and even customs. Another reason to check em out is because they will have some exclusives from Max Toy Company by Mark Nagata, Dead Presidents, Go Hero, and they will even have some of their SDCC Exclusive GID Bat Boy that they did with Funko. Be sure to check out their booths #2880 & #2882!

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Raje Toys @ NYCC


Raje Toys has finally updated us with some photos of the finished product of their collaboration piece with Patricio Oliver. More of the Tenebrae and Paladin can be found at the Raje Toy booth #2680 in the Cultyard at NYCC. They will also have some posters available of the Ruby & Agent Paladin By Patricio and Dr. Brain by Robotic Industries. Not only will they have some of these goodies there, but they will also announce the winners of Project Blueprint. Take a look after the jump at some of the entries.


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