Nov 11, 2011

Lulubell / Cherry Vinyl / Pretty In Plastic @ Designer Con 2011


If the huge Grenade Bunny at the lulubell Toys / Cherry Vinyl / Pretty in Plastic Booth didn’t draw you to their booth, I don’t know what’s wrong with you. Fresh from NYCC, they brought with them a massive amount of goodies. The Grody Shogun releases went in a flash, as well as the collaborative Paul Kaiju Seagool. They were selling tons of goods from Tattoo Royale, RealxHead, Refreshment, Goccodo, Bara Pro, and Velocitron.Their booth also exhibited some upcoming projects from both Cherry Vinyl and Pretty In Plastic.


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Tracy Tubera & KWEST ONE @ Designer Con 2011


Our good friends Tracy Tubera and KWEST ONE attended their first Designer Con as vendors this year. On display were a ton of prints from both Tracy and KWEST, Tracy’s Super Double Ninja Battle Bros 10-Doh Figure, a Flux Capacitor, and KWEST and Edgar Anotonio’s Art Book, Peaches. These two are such great characters and made attending the con that much more enjoyable. Until next year!

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Scott Tolleson @ Designer Con 2011


Scott Tolleson had a myriad of goodies at his Stolle Art Booth at Designer Con. Everything from his new Nosellot plush figures, Chipster, Ottis, and his new collaborative figures with MAQET, Bernie. What I loved about the Bernie figures, was how smooth they were. They looked to be made of a porcelain material, but is in fact made of a plastic called Plastin and was as light as air.


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Nov 10, 2011

Hyperactive Monkey @ Designer Con 2011


There is no way you could have missed the Hyperactive Monkey booth at Designer Con, especially with the huge 3’ Wooden Kung Fu master sitting at the table. They had a few of the older toy releases, and some wearables available, as well as the Dcon Exclusive Red Wood Edition Monkey Kung Fu Master.


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Super7 @ Designer Con 2011


Super7 made the trip down from San Francisco to make it to this years Designer Con. They offered up an exclusive Rose Vampire and Burgerbuns for the special event. Josh Herbolsheimer also had a signing event, where he would sketch and release some custom figures. That included a number of Rose Vampires and a custom Earth Wolf figure.


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Nov 08, 2011

Scott Wilkowski’s Skin Deep @ Designer Con


Scott Wilkowski (above, on the left, next to George and Ayleen Gaspar) turned heads and put the hurt on credit cards with the first stop of his ‘Skin Deep’ touring show @ Designer Con. Presented by DKE Toys, Skin Deep showcases Scott’s sculpting and resin figure making prowess with his specialty – shimmering translucent figures with ghastly, detailed, embedded skeletal features.   This time around he’s expanding his reach producing limited-edition runs of six figures : – Gwin from October Toys ($50), Otis & Otto from Scott Tolleson ($50), the Sucklord carded figure from Suckadelic ($100), the Buff Monster 3” figure ($100), Frank Kozik’s 5” Labbit by Kidrobot ($150) and finally, Luke Chueh’s Possesed by Munky King ($300).  Each one is limited to 50 pieces split across two colorways.

Collectors made a bee line to the DKE booth as the doors opened to pick up a ticket, thereby reserving their place in line.  By the end of the day only a handful of figures remained from the initial stock of 10 per figure type. Success, by any measure.

Next up on the tour? Lulubell (Meza,AZ) in December and Screaming Sky Gallery (Portland, OR) in late February.


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Suckathon Delivers Designer Con with Attitude


Sure, Sucklord is an artist/toymaker.  But in my opinion, he’s best described as a quirky, funny, crass,  force of nature.  Mr. Suck’s personality was on full display during Designer Con for the ‘Suckathon’ – five plus hours of him hustling his wares and interviewing/harassing  various artists, toy industry folks, and collectors.   And yes, I *mostly* enjoyed my turn.  Though honestly, the Sucklord Ass Wipe really is a rip off – I would at least expected printing on the toilet paper. Maybe that’s next year’s *premium* release!  Kudos (I think) to DKE Toys and Toy Break for making the magic happen.  If you missed it, go check out the recorded feed (3 installments).


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Toy Art Gallery @ Designer Con


Toy Art Gallery debuted Mark Nagata’s Neo Eyezon metal figures @ their Designer Con booth.  The smaller, winged Eyezon is available in four colorways – golden, silver, brass, and copper.   TAG also offered pieces from their recent shows, the new Sumo figure from Arkiv as well as a wide selection of toys from a variety of companies.


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The Loyal Subjects @ Designer Con


At last weekend’s Designer Con, The Loyal Subjects featured signings and toys from Gary Baseman who signed his  new 36” Toby inflatable and Joe Ledbetter who signed his  Pico and Wilshire figure set.  On the lifestyle side, TLS featured metal jewelry from both Han Cholo and Union the Brand which focuses on bicycle culture. 


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MonstreHero / Uh Oh Toys / Paul Kaiju @ Designer Con 2011


The MonstreHero / Uh Oh Toys / Paul Kaiju booth at Designer Con was maintaining a large crowd as the convention opened up. They offered a ton of awesome resin figures, t-shirts, pencil erasers, as well as a few vinyl releases from PK. We’re looking forward to see what these guys have planned for next year.


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Spanky Stokes @ Designer Con 2011


SpankyStokes took part of the Designer Con once again. With every year it seems as though his booth gets larger and larger. On display were a number of awesome customs from artists such as, Eckotyper, Leecifer, Nebulon5, F+, and tons more. He also had his live cam going on through out the whole event, which gave those not able to attend a glimpse of what was happening.


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Kuso Vinyl @ Designer Con 2011


We caught up with the Kuso Vinyl booth as Jesse Hernandez was doing his signing. They had just released the red resin Mictlan figure, which looked so much like candy that I wanted to take a bite out of it. Kuso had also pre-released a limited number of kaNO’s Dragon King figure and debuted their upcoming figure with Doktor A.


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Cavey @ Designer Con 2011


Hey Cavey by A Little Stranger made the trip all the way to Pasadena to attend Designer Con. She brought along with her a fabulous display of all of her Cavey plush toys. She was also carrying an exclusive Spanky Stokes collaboration Stroll Cavey, which had completely sold out!


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Dragatomi @ Designer Con 2011


I nominate the Dragatomi crew for best dressed at Designer Con. They were rocking ADIDAS from head to toe and had even practiced their b-boy stance. Dragatomi, including Jay222 had a number of things to offer, such as tons of vinyl toys, t-shirts, and one off customs from a number of artists. I do hope they come up with a new theme for next year.


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Nov 03, 2011

Lulubell x Cherry Vinyl x Pretty In Plastic @ Designer Con


Lulubell Toy Bodega, Cherry Vinyl, and Pretty in Plastic will be in full effect for Designer Con. 3 amazing companies rolled together into one booth! Find all the sweetness at booth #234

Lulubell will be bringing tons of Grody Shogun figures, which include Yokai-armed ($30), Mr. Squiggle Arms ($30), and blank black and pink monsters ($25). They will also have the collaborative Paul Kaiju x Grody Shogun Monstergool figures available in pink and black ($35). Not enough Grody for ya? They will also have the Siccaluna x Grody Shogun painted Usagi Bunnies ($10). All Grody Shogun items will be 1 per customer per sculpt. If there so happens to be any left over after 2, feel free to grab more! Lulubell will also be carrying a DCon exclusive colorway of Velocitron Ghouls, throne skulls, and more. Is that not enough? Coming from the Tattoo Royale Garage comes some Larry’s for Designer Con. They will have some DIY blanks available for $60, as well as some customs by Guf and Milton.

Cherry Vinyl will have available the master series of Nathan Jurevicus' AKIS owl in gold. They are limited to 6 pieces and include a wooden display box for $140. Also up for grabs will be the clear Le Chat vinyl toy by Femke Hiemstra. Stop by the booth to figure out how to enter a raffle to win the Le Chat master edition.

Pretty In Plastic will be exhibiting a ton of surprises and prototypes, which includes some goodies by Sketchbot, CAM De Leon, Elliot Jackson, CHIE, Carrie Kruger, and more.


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DKE Toys & Toy Break Presents: The First Annual Suckathon

Headshot1 Headshot2

This Saturday at Designer Con you can find The Super Sucklord Raw and uncut! They will be broadcasting everything live through Toy Break from Noon-5PM. He will be wandering the aisles, interviewing artists, collectors, and any passers-by. In search of a piece of The Sucklord to take home with you? He will be slanging $2 headshots, which also gets you qualified for a raffle to win some goodies.

Want some exclusives? The Sucklord has got exclusives! Releasing at Designer Con is the exclusive Dumny, which is limited to 9 pieces, with only 6 available at the convention. Want more? Take a look at the Carrator, who is the new Scrubs of the Universe exclusive and is limited to 16 pieces with only 10 available. Need something to wipe your ass with? Well The Sucklord has you covered there as well! The exclusive magenta and silver Asswipe colorway is limited to 14 pieces with only 10 available that day. Find all of these goods at booth #308.


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Troy Stith’s Miscreants Series for Designer Con

Miscreant - Anphibateamis

Troy Stith will be releasing his new Miscreants Series over at the Toypinionated booth #412 at Designer Con. This series features 6 different strains, that cause some brutal sounding symptoms. The smaller Retromin Hybrid 80, Hematcysis, Carbatitis, and Aquasantosis Miscreants will run you $25 each. The two larger Pilaboilpus and Anphibateamis Miscreants will be $35 each. Each plaque features the bio of the Miscreant, just so you know if you are experiencing the symptoms or not. I’m just hoping Troy creates some sort of cure series for all of these various strains.


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3D Retro Exclusive Releases & Signings @ Designer Con


Of course 3D Retro will be attending Designer Con! How can they not be? There booth #507 will be featuring a few exclusive releases, as well as a few signings. Doktor A. and Pobber Toys will be bringing the GID Humphrey Mooncalf to the table. This piece is limited to 150 pieces and will retail for $90. You can get yours signed by the man himself from 11AM-12PM. bunny_stinker

They will also be releasing Nathan Hamill’s Belicose Bunny “Stinker” Edition. This lil’ stinker is limited to 150 pieces and will run you $50. You want your Belicose Bunny signed? Well stop by the booth between the hours of 12-1:30PM and you can get your figure signed by Nathan.


Last up is the “Cream” Edition of Brande Milne’s Bunny Ride Go figure, which so happens to be the second and final release. These will be limited to 100 pieces for $90. Brande will be at the booth signing from 2-3PM.

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Dragatomi @ Designer Con


Our favorite Sacramento toy store Dragatomi will be partaking in the fun at this years Designer Con once again! Their booth #325 will feature exclusive customs and toys by Leecifer. Drilone will also be signing at the booth from 11AM – 12PM. During his signing he will be releasing some custom TYO trucks and his collaborative resin release with Jay222. Speaking of Jay222, he will have a number of his one of a kind customs available as well. Dragatomi also has Philip Lumbang making the journey to Dcon to release an exclusive print and sign at their booth from 3-4PM.


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Nov 02, 2011

Blamo Toys / ZombieMonkie @ Designer Con

fuzzy_turnaround_1.1 500x500_knuckles 

Blamo Toys will once again gracing our presence at Designer Con this weekend. They will be releasing the California Brown BEar edition of their newest character, Fuzzie Bare. Fuzzie is made of resin and stands 5” tall and was designed by Spencer Hansen and painted by Mikie Graham. This is a run of 5 pieces total and will retail for $65 each.

They will also be dropping another new character for Designer Con, by the name of Knuckles. Known in the Blamoville world as one of the best street fighters there are. He will debut at Designer Con, them will be made available online on November 17th.

green lantern add web2

Also sharing the stage with the Blamo Booth #208 is Mikie Graham aka ZombieMonkie. There he will be dropping tons of goodues, which includes remaining figures from his Z.A.P. release, a special release of his 40 page photo book, and an exclusive Dcon colorway of his Chochinobake resin figure.

The Ectoplasm GID Green Chochinobake is limited to 5 pieces. This figure was designed and painted by Mikie and poured by Motorbot. They will be available for only $65 a piece.


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Nov 01, 2011

Sergey Safonov – Gooma World + Godot @ Designer Con (11.5)


Russian toy artist Sergey Safonov will be bringing his magic to Designer Con with over 50 painted figures.  While some of the figures are colorways of previously released toys, most are never-seen-before releases.  Here’s a look at several new resin figures from his Gooma World series, celebrating the 5th anniversary of OG Gooma. Look for Sergey to   All of the Gooma World figs (~ 4.5”) shown here as well as the OG Birch Juice Gooma will be available at the show for $50 each.  Sergey will also be releasing two new Godot editions – Sunrise and Sunset, for $70 each.  Find it all at his booth (#319).

Sergey Safonov @ Booth #319

Designer Con 2011
Pasadena Convention Center, Exhibit Hall A
300 E. Green Street
Pasadena, CA 91101


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Yoskay Yamamoto – DCon Exclusive Red ‘Screaming for the Sunrise’


Here’s an advance sneak peek at Munky King’s  special DesignerCon exclusive ‘Screaming for the Sunrise’ edition by Yoskay Yamamoto, in brilliant metallic red. Limited to 20 pieces, the red edition will be available on Saturday November 5th 2011 @ Munky King’s DesignerCon booth (#221).  No word on pricing as of yet.

Designer Con 2011
Pasadena Convention Center, Exhibit Hall A
300 E. Green Street
Pasadena, CA 91101

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kaNO x Kuso Vinyl – OG Dragon King Pre-Release @ Designer Con


kaNO’s G.O.D. Dragon King was first released during NYCC not to long ago. Now the West Coast is getting some love, as Kuso Vinyl does a special 20 piece pre-release of the Original Dragon King Colorway. Be sure to grab yours early at the Kuso Vinyl booth #111.

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Oct 31, 2011

Super7: Rose Vampire DX & Burgerbuns Designer Con Exclusives

Designer Con is drawing nearer, which means more exclusive releases will be trickling in. Here we have the two exclusive releases the Super7 booth #224 will have in store for you this Saturday. First up is the Green Hell Rose Vampire DX by Josh Herbolsheimer, who is cast in a green vinyl with red, yellow, and blue sprays for $65. Every purchase of the Green Hell Rose Vampire DX at Designer Con will be accompanied by an exclusive Rose Vampire mini-print for the special signing event with Josh from 12-1PM. There will also be a number of custom toys and paintings Josh available at the booth as well. Next up is the Mossy Rocks Burgerbuns by Le Merde. This release is cast in a yellow vinyl with green, turquoise, dark blue, white, and orange sprays for $65 each.


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Hyperactive Monkey DCon Exclusive Rose Wood Edition Monkey Kung Fu Master


Hyperactive Monkey will be participating at this years Designer Con. Available at their booth #427 will be the Designer Con Exclusive Monkey Kung Fu Master Shaolin Savings Bank Rose Wood Edition. This designer toy/bank stands 6.25” tall and features a magnificent black and red paint job. The Kung Fu master is limited to 20 pieces and comes with a signed 3.25” x 4.75” black and red wood grained mini print. These will retail $50 each. While you are at the booth, be sure to take a look at the 3’ wooden Monkey Kung Fu Master on display, which was carved by Lorenzo Foncerrada.


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