Nov 14, 2013

Mutant Vinyl Hardcore x Paul Kaiju @ Designer Con


Mutant Vinyl Hardcore and Paul Kaiju were holding it down over this past weekend at Designer Con! It’s safe to say they sold out of everything and it’s no surprise when you have these two titans in one spot. There were so many amazing pieces available for raffle. So we won’t keep you waiting, just take a look after the jump!


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Nov 10, 2013

Munky King x Luke Chueh – Large Possessed Proto


Munky King is showing a prototype of the upcoming large fiberglass Possessed from Luke Chueh.  The revised showcase piece is smaller than the behemoth initially show at Luke’s solo show at Corey Helford a few years ago – and is maybe about 6 ft tall now at the tip of the devil’s wings.  No word on a release yet, but it’s getting close.

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Nov 09, 2013

Chris Lee – Freeman Robotics U-23 Prototype


Chris Lee is about to be back in the art toy game with his new U-23, the first in his ‘Freeman Robotics’ line of autonomous wonders.  Sculpted by Scott Wetterschneider  Of Shinbone Creative, U-23 stands 4.5” tall and is articulated at the arms.  Limited to a total run of 50 pcs30 standard, 5 pcs x 2 variant editions, and 10 DIY), the figures will be hand-painted by Chris himself.  As you can see in the shots after the jump, Chris has designed a whole line of robots – half construction/utility models and half with a darker mission.  It’s great to see that Chris will be making art toys once again.  We’ll keep you updated as these get closer to release.


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Munky King x Dabs Myla -- Vinyl Toy Project Revealed

Ooooh. Munky King has lifted the lid on their upcoming art toy set with renown Aussie street art duo Dabs Myla. Shown in sculpt form at DesignerCon, the set features a big stick of dynamite character with his companion, a lit match -- of course. The pieces capture Dabs Myla's aesthetic mixing whimsy with a touch of ironic humor. We're definitely looking forward to seeing more of this project as it develops.



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Trampt x Alto – Little Ox Golden Tip for DesignerCon


Ok, so here’s one last post about DesignerCon before we call it a night.  I love Alto’s Little Ox resin with it’s faceted geometry, so it’s great to see that Trampt will be releasing the Little Ox Golden Tip micro-run (3”, 10 pcs, $50).  As with the other Little Ox figures, this one is hand-cast resin and features magnets at the neck joint for full 360 degree posability.  Pick up this nice piece at the Trampt Booth (#601).

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Preview: The Super Suck-Up 2


Here’s a quick look at most of the artist edition Sucklord customs for The Super Suck-Up 2, part of Mr. Suck’s never ending quest for world supremacy or at very least, DesignerCon Domination.  This year’s pieces are really good – something for almost everyone. The 2013 roster includes Bob Conge/Plaseebo (Ed. of 28), Healeymade (Ed. of 30),  Grody Shogun (Ed. of 50),  J*Ryu (Ed. of 50), Jesse Hernandez  (Ed. of 50), Leecifer (Ed. of 30),  Michelle Valigura (Ed. of 29), Mike Egan (Ed. of 30), Sket One (Ed. of 50), Touma (Ed. of 50), Uamou (Ed. of 50, above),  Woes Martin (Ed. of 50), Scott Wilkowski (Edition of 50), Sucklord (Ed. of 35).

The figures ($100 each) will be released on Saturday at 11 AM and be available throughout the weekend or until they sell out. 


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Munky King x Joe Ledbetter – Good Morning Sunshine Protos @ Dcon


Oooh… Munky King is showing not one, but two prototypes of their upcoming Good Morning Sunshine vinyl figures from Joe Ledbetter.  First seen a few years ago at SDCC, the figure has been reworked slightly – with the most notable change being the move to a flat, 2.5d style bird.   MK is showing both the standard colorway and a classic black+yellow Lava edition.  Coming soon!


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Wrong Gallery brings the Best of Taiwan Art Toys to DesignerCon


For DesignerCon, Wrong Gallery (a new gallery from the Wrong Gear family)  is showcasing a wide variety of art toys from Taiwanese artists including pieces from Shon, BanaNa Virus, Bounce and many more.  The tall Bounce Boy resin from Bounce and VTSS looks great in person and comes in a crazy, deluxe wood box.  If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, you need to drop by the Wrong Gear booth [#530]


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Instinctoy at DesignerCon


As DesignerCon grows, it’s starting to attract both collectors and exhibitors from around the globe.  It’s really exciting for me that Japan’s Instinctoy has crossed the Pacific for their debut Dcon appearance.  As far as I know, it’s their first ever USA showing. They’ve got three exclusives to tempt collectors.

First up is a new ‘Blackout’ Vincent.  This ferocious dino with signature ‘liquid’ eyes throughout the body, is limited to 50 pieces and will retail between $300-350.  This is a pre-release with the main release happening in December via lottery.  Next up is the 2nd colorway of the Muckey bear featuring a translucent cream vinyl base with pearlescent paint ($100).  Finally there’s the new blind-bagged Liquid keychain [Black on Black]  toy series featuring 5 standard colorways, 3 rare colorways, and 2 secret editions ($10 each).  Be sure to drop by Instinctoy’s booth [#116] and welcome them!


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Nov 08, 2013

The Loyal Subjects @ DesignerCon


For DesignerCon, The Loyal Subjects have put together two Lucky Bag offerings filled with toy goodness including unlreased G.I. Joe 2-packs, ‘secret stash’ Transformers and more .  The $50 bag features items worth a total of $200 while the $100 bag’s goodies are worth $350.  Expect some hard-to-find scores. 

In addition, TLS will be offering the Transformers minis, large 8” editions, and special deals on Tees (1 for $20, 2 for $35, 3 for $40) and Decks (1 for $40, 2 for $55, 3 for $65).  Also be sure to catch G.I. Joe and Transformers mini series artist Les Schettkoe for signings at 2 PM on both Saturday and Sunday.


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Healeymade – Witches for DesignerCon


Healeymade is bring his bag of tricks all the way from NYC to Pasadena for Dcon 2013.  He’ll be holding it down at the Galactic Jerkbags booth [#122] with several releases including his take on a certain fairytale Witch – expect several glitter-filled glam editions as well as metallic ones. 


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Kathie Olivas & Brandt Peters – Micro Skelve w/ GID Spirit for DesignerCon


In addition to all the sweetness Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters have in store for collectors at the Circus Posterus booth, they’ve also created a sweet translucent micro run skelve with a blue body and embedded GID spirit which will be available at the Mana Studios booth [#717].  Don’t snooze.

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DeKorner – Bunnywith Affinity for Slaves + OMFG! S3 Clear Yellow for DesignerCon


If you love mini pvc figures, DeKorner has you covered at DesignerCon.  First up, is their exclusive yelllow Bunnywith Affinity for Slaves by Alex Pardee (200 pcs, $10).  Finally, there’s an exclusive clear yellow OMFG! 3 set (200 sets, $10) – the first exclusive version of the brand-new series of micro beasties.

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DeKorner x Broken Pigeon – Goblin and Astro Goon Resins


DeKorner has teamed up with Broken Pigeon again on two new resin figures – Goblin (5 pcs, $35), and Astro-Goons (10 pcs, $35).  Each of the figures are one-off editions with glitter, translucent, and marble styling and come in card/blister packaging.  Get ‘em from DeKorner’s booth [#720].

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MAD at DesignerCon


MAD is flying in for DesignerCon.  He’s got several signings and releases planned including a signing for Dragatomi’s exclusive Black Modern Hero Bank (30 pcs, $150) @ 11 AM on Saturday [booth #300], as well as two signings at the Spankystokes booth [#201] on Saturday at 1 PM and Sunday at 2 PM during which he’ll be doodling on 5” blank MADLs (20pcs, $25).  Finally, the legend of the 3d-printed Micro MADLs continues with a new blue edition.  Catch MAD around the show on either day and ask him to buy one. 


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Frank Kozik at DesignerCon 2013


Frank Kozik will be holding it down at DesignerCon with a trio of exclusives in booth #318.  Continuing his line of self-produced mini-resins comes Ludwig in both clear and orange editions.  In addition, Frank flexed his airbrush skills for a small run of hand-painted slime bogs – pretty epic.


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Arbito at DesignerCon


Arbito, the Cosmic Hobo, will be setting up shop at DesignerCon in his very own booth [#304].  He’s been posting some of the goodies he’s bringing to his instagram.  On the toy front he’s got several solid color minis including Seeker, Patty Power, and Cosmic Hobo.  He’s also bringing larger solid color Cosmic Hobos as well – very cool!  In addition to the toys, he’ll be brining a series of very nice watercolor originals. 



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Nov 07, 2013

Circus Posterus at DesignerCon



Circus Posterus will be holding it down at DesignerCon in a booth (#400) bursting with art and toy goodness.  Here’s an overview of what’s been announced so far including the first two painted editions of the Wandering Misfits minis with Cardboard SpaceshipInk Slinger #5 (100 pcs, $15) by Brandt Peters and Ash (100 pcs, $15) and Kathie Olivas as well as white blanks (100 pcs, $15).  The painted exclusives are 1 per person, while the blanks are 2 per person/day.  In addition, there will be two mini masao kitty ear skelve editions – clear with embedded lucky skull and frosted blue, plus a micro-run Blue Monday Boo (8 pcs).  For Sofubi fans, CP will release their share of the Tomenosuke + CP GID sofubi set.  Art book collectors will  want to pick  Muse #1 – CP’s first artist sketch book featuring the work of Brandt Peters.

From Chris Ryniak comes two original limited-edition resins in blue (apparently CP’s color of choice) – Fuzzlethump (3.5”, 10 pcs, $175) and the mini Bugbites (50 pcs, $16).  Speaking of Blue Minis, Amanda Louise Spayd  will unleash her Pipsqueak resins (50 pcs, $16). 

Drilone will bring his post-apocalyptic aesthetic to Pasadena with several customs and original resins – War Machine Rumble ($350), Red Eye Drone ($200), Gasmask Skelve ($200), Gasmask Sal No. 2 ($140), 5 Mecha Sharks ($60 each), 1-off Micro Drones ($20 each).

New CP artist Shing Yin Khor will  offer her numerous bug-themed paintings, limited-edition sculptures, and her mounted uni-horned Grave Beasts ($200).

Finally, Leecifer will be offering numerous customs including Neapolitan Squid Girl and Skully Jack.

All of this goodness and more from the Circus Posterous art collective at booth #400.  Please note that due to demand, CP will hand out line numbers and sell items via lottery for the first few hours on Saturday.


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2bitHACK – DesignerCon Exclusives


2bitHACK will be offering several of his new bootleg figures for DesignerCon.  He’ll have three figures from his MiEmpireLocaEse series – Darth Po-Po (10 pcs, $45), Lil’ Chewie (10 pcs, $40) and Bubba Fett (10 pcs, $40). He’ll also have his new Alien figure (10 pcs, $70) complete with leaf blower accessory – perfect gift for your favorite right-winger.  Finally he’ll also be brining a few Kaws of Death Bubonic edition figures ($60) as well as some ‘random mis-casts’.  All of this will be available at the Spankystokes booth [#201].


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Scott Tolleson x Ink It Labs – Designer Con Exclusive Rufus


According to Scott Tolleson, legend has it that the first zombie ever was a boy named Rufus. He was so inspired by the story, that he had decided to create a wooden toy based on him. Also, word on the street is that he will be available at Designer Con this weekend as an exclusive and is limited to only 50 pieces at the Ink It Labs booth #800. A little birdy also told me that these will come with 3 different heads, depicting 3 different stages of zombism, infection, infection, and “totally fucked” infection.

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DeKorner – DCon Exclusive S’Murk + Hand-painted Chases


Surprise!  While you probably know that DeKorner will be releasing their exclusive Evil S’Murk from David Flores and Blackbook Toy at DesignerCon (66 pcs, $90), did you know that there are 6 hand-painted Papa S’Murk chase figures created by Malo One ?  Having seen one of these in person, Mike did a great job – extremely clean and he added subtle accent lines in light blue and light red corresponding to the black outlines of the toy.

The chases will be available only at DesignerCon. Once you purchase a figure you’ll  draw a ticket to see whether you’ve scored the chase.  If you get a chase ticket, then you’ll have the option of buying the chase ($100) or purchasing the regular – your choice.   Props to DeKorner and Malo One for creating a fun bonus for collectors.  Also, be sure to check out Malo One’s and Malo April’s customs at their booth [#814].


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Nov 06, 2013

Cometdebris – Designer Con Exclusive Sametan


This may be the final Designer Con exclusive release coming from Cometdebris. Behold the Purple & Pink Edition Sametan figure, which is an edition of 25 pieces and will retail $45 each. Find them at his booth #418 at this weekends Designer Con!

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Scribe & 40Threads for Designer Con


Booth #623 is where a lot of the action is taking place this year, since both Scribe and 40Threads will be posted up there all weekend. Some goodies you can expect from them are a few 4.5” Rumpus figures retailing from $50-60, Resound Field Guide Mini Rubber figures, Sumego figures, amazing plush, and so much more!

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More Silent Stage Gallery for Designer Con


If you needed any more reason to check out the Silent Stage Gallery booth at Designer Con, here are 4 more! First up is their GID Bearheads with Luke Chueh, which are limited to 50 pieces and will be hand painted by Luke. These will retail $60 each. Then they have an exclusive Octopus Plush with 40Threads that are limited to only 3 pieces at $60 each. The Silent Stage booth #623 will also be home to the Bronze “3 Monkeys” figure by Luke Chueh, Angry Woebots, and J*RYU. This piece was sculpted by Jesse and casted by Fullmetto Casting and stands 6” tall. These will be available for $450 for the set of 3 and is limited to only 10 sets. Last up is J*RYU’s GID Niddos Owl. These mini figures stand 4” tall and are limited to 10 pieces at $70 each.

Don’t forget about their previous announced releases HERE and HERE.

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Sam De Jesus – Antaeus Online & Designer Con Release (11.15)


Sam De Jesus has recently sculpted and designed a new figure by the name of Antaeus. This frog creature wielding an automatic rifle for a tongue stands 7.3” tall. There will be 50 pieces available at his booth #313 at Designer Con, with 45 green, 5 orange, 5 turquoise, 5 purple, and 5 DCon exclusive black. They will be available for $100 each with any remaining available on his online store HERE on November 15.


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