Nov 06, 2013

BAIT x Jesse Hernandez – Exclusive Jungle Death Serpent at DesignerCon


In addition to their previously announced exclusives, BAIT will also release their exclusive Jungle Death Serpent from Jesse Hernandez and Kuso Vinyl. Limited to 50 pieces, this sharply colored edition mixing light green and yellow will be available for $110 from BAIT’s booth [#401] .

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Andrew Bell For Designer Con


Here we have the second half of the Ham/Bell combo booth #703 at Designer Con. Presenting Andrew Bell’s DCon releases! First up his new Dealmaker figure with MPHlabs. The “Blueblood” edition features a light blue vinyl with magenta and black sprays. They each come bagged with a header and will retail $35 each.

dcon-megadiyAndroid dcon-megaAndroid-500x375

Andrew Bell will also be doing a preview release of these 9.5” tall Android figures! These vinyl figures feature ball joint arms, movable and removable heads, which is large enough to fit a can inside. There Mega Android Green edition will retail for $70 and the blank White DIY will retail $65.

For those hunting for older goodies, Andrew will also have available a few gems from his vault, which will include his Groob figure, some Zliks, and a bunch of older limited edition Androids that you cannot get anymore! Not only that, but there will be some original drawings and sculptures available as well! 

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Toy Art Gallery – Clear Sofubi for DesignerCon


In addition to their previously announced exclusives, Toy Art Gallery will release a large number of crystal clear sofubi figures at DesignerCon – both individually (via lottery) and as part of their lucky bag offerings.  Going by the photos, collectors can expect clear versions of Vertebrata (Paul Kaiju/Blobpus), Blood Thirst by Brent Nolasco, Rotting Reaper Corpse by Michael Pro, Takoshi by Muntiki, Luft Kaiser by Paul Kaiju and a Marty, Killer and Globby set by Bwana Spoons and T9G.  Be sure to check ‘em out at the TAG booth [#215].


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Furrybones Designer Con Exclusive Metallic Gold Edition Beta


Furrybones will be debuting their newest figure, Beta at this years Designer Con with an exclusive release. The DCon exclusive Metallic Gold painted Beta figure will be limited to 100 pieces. This cold casted resin figure stands 4” tall and was designed by Misaki Sawada. Be sure to stop by their booth #416 to pick one up for yourself!

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3DRetro x Scott Tolleson – MoonSHINE Bitta Critta at DesignerCon


For DesignerCon, 3DRetro will release the new MoonSHINE Bitta Critta from Scott Tolleson.  This second-edition of Scott’s cute yet ornery lil’ guy glows in the dark for nighttime fun. This one will be available for $50 from the 3DRetro booth [#233].


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October Toys at DesignerCon


For DesignerCon, October Toys will have several plastic goodies for your collecting pleasure. For OMFG! fans, there’s the debut of OMFG Series 3 in the standard flesh color as well a special exclusive  Stealth Ed. OMFG S2 set ($10) which features temperature sensitive pieces which change from black to clear as they warm up.  Plus, they’ll also have the November OTMFG releases – flesh Zombie Pheyden ($2) and Beet Juice Baby Deadbeet ($2).  For all your mini pvc needs, be sure to drop by October Toys’ booth [#231].


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Flat Bonnie x Nathan Hamill – Octoplush Pre-Orders at DesignerCon


Flat Bonnie has teamed up with Nathan Hamill on the brand-new Octoplush – a plush version of his Octopup vinyl.  The 12” handmade plush will be on display at Flat Bonnie’s Dcon booth [#705] where she will be taking pre-orders (10 pcs, $100 + s/h).  From the photos of the prototype, it looks like Yukari has worked her magic again with her latest offering.


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Nov 05, 2013

Toy Art Gallery – DesignerCon Exclusives


Toy Art Gallery will be at DesignerCon with an impressive selection of exclusive art toys.  First up is the DesignerCon exclusive Pink Akashi from Dave Bondi (50 pcs).  TAG will also offer several exclusives from Rampage Toys including a Black Dino Set (5 sets), Black Micro Set (5 sets), and Thrashout Ugly UnicornSplurrt fans will definitely be interested in his Cadaver Twins micro editions.  Other exclusives include two AOI Ion Men (cream/black and blue w/cape), Dcon Exclusive Alavakas (5 pieces, each diff color splatter), a Cameran Exclusive by Angel Abby (8 pcs), a trio of Galaxy People exclusives (4pcs / figure), and Antichrist 666 micro editions from Frank Mysterio.  Check em all about at TAG’s DesignerCon booth [#215].


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Mutant Vinyl Hardcore x Paul Kaiju @ Designer Con


To follow up from our previous Mini-Preview HERE, Paul Kaiju has finally announced all the goodies he will be bringing with him to his booth #322 with Mutant Vinyl Hardcore. Along with that news comes their booth schedule for both Saturday and Sunday. On both days they will be handing out raffle tickets for he and Rich at 9AM. On Saturday the raffle drawing will take place at 12PM for Paul and 3PM for MVH. On Sunday, Rich’s drawing will take place at 11AM, followed by Paul’s at 3PM. Here are the rules for the raffle:

- Free tickets available at booth 322 from 9:00am until the drawing begins.
- One ticket per person, per drawing.
- Winning tickets will be drawn at random. Winners earn the opportunity to purchase ONE full-size figure and One Mini from available stock.
- You must have your ticket in-hand in order to redeem.
- Winners must be present to purchase. You may not “hold” tickets or items for another person.
- Payment due at time of raffle, via Cash, Visa, AMEX, Mastercard or Discover Card. - - No checks please.
- Remaining stock will be offered on a first-come, first-serve basis after the raffle is closed.
- The figures available are for adult collectors only, you must be at least 18 years old to enter the raffle.
- Prices limited to supplies on hand at this event
- Tickets have no monetary value and do not guarantee any right to purchase.

You can see all of the edition releases, as well as one-offs from Paul on his website HERE. You can also check out the MVH Price list posted below! Prepare your wallets folks, as this booth will be poppin’!


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Nathan Hamill – Firefly Strife and Sire and more at DesignerCon


For DesignerCon, Nathan Hamill and 3DRetro will release the brand new Firefly edition Strife and Sire vinyl figure.  As the name suggests, the monochromatic Firefly glows in the dark making it a welcome addition to any glow toys collection. Limited to 150 pieces, the Firefly Strife and Sire will be available for $50. 

In addition, Nathan has collaborated with Pronto Pixel on the limited-edition ‘Lavalifer’ print. The 14” x 17” print features Nathan’s Lavabear exploring Pronto’s universe (8 pcs, $30).  Both The Firefly Strife and Sire and the print will be available at DesignerCon from the 3DRetro booth (#104).  Nathan will be signing on Sunday (10.10) @ 2 PM.


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Designer Con App by Bad JuJu

screen568x568 (1) screen568x568 (2)

You may be fluttered by all the madness that is Designer Con, but what if we told you that there was a simple way to manage all of what’s going on, all on your smartphone. Well the folks of Bad JuJu have developed this amazing app you can download for both your Android Devices and your IOS Devices. This app can help you track down artist signings, special releases, events, photo sharing capabilities, purchase tickets from the device, and even give you a full map with all the vendors. Be sure to give it a download to help keep your shopping list nice and tidy!


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Bait for Designer Con

IMG_9990 IMG_9978

You know BAIT will be doing things big things with their booth #401 this year! Here are two of those things so far! There is the Greyscale Smurk from David Flores and BlackBook Toy. These bad boys are limited to 100 pieces and will retail $100 each. They will also have Coolrain Studios’ Baby Horns figures. There will be 3 variants to choose from, Vexx, Mighty Horn, and Fire Horn. They are limited to 50 pieces each and retail $60 a piece.

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DeKorner for Designer Con

dekorner-deathshead DeKorner-Carsoncatlin-dice

DeKorner has a few things you are going to want to get a hold on at this years Designer Con! First up is their exclusive “Evil” Deathshead Smurk by David Flores and BlackBook Toy. There are only 66 of these in existence and features a gray vinyl, with red, black, and pink details for $90 each. Every 1 in 6 will get a DCon only surprise.

There is also Carson Catlin’s Reticulated dice, which feature the DeKorner colors. These are limited to 10 sets for $20 each with any remaining available online! Find all of these goodies at booth #720.

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Designer Con 2013 Souvenirs, Goodies, Prints, and Sketchbooks


Not only will all of the amazing booths at Designer Con have goodies, but so will DCon itself! They will have stuff from a Collectable Coin by Jon Paul Kaiser, T-Shirt by Patrick Ballesteros, Tote Bag by Scott Tolleson. Then there are also art prints by Patrick Ballesteros, Chris Lee, Brandt Peters, and Kathie Olivas. In need of something to have your favorite artists sketch in? Then there are two exclusive sketchbooks with covers by Ragnar that are limited to 100 each.

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Gary Ham for Designer Con


We previously announced the release of the Kid in the Wooper Looper Costume by Jen and Tony Bot HERE, but that’s not all! There can’t be a Gary Ham booth without some sort of wooden toy and that’s the Hermees Roadster 5” wood push toy from Ink It Labs. These are limited to 50 pieces at the Ink It Labs booth #800. Then at the Ham/Bell booth #703 there is also the D-Lux micro run of 8 Pastel Camo Wooper Loopers for $85. Stop by the booth first before everything is all gone!


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Martin Hsu for Designer Con


Martin Hsu has many goodies in store for you at this weekends Designer Con! He of course will have a few of his amazing Dragon Boy vinyl figures available, as well as 3 custom exclusives by Mark Nagata. Each figure was hand painted by Mark and are one of a kind. They will retail for $450 each. Martin is also presenting his new print, “Humble Bear”,  which is 11” x 14” and limited to 60 pieces for $40 each, also available online HERE. For the ladies, the Tiger Girl Tee will be up for grabs for $25 and can also be found available online HERE. There is also a small number of the Crabby Bear plush figures, which is limited to 30 pieces with 5 available at the Con. Have you had enough yet? Us either! Last up are the hand painted 3” Custom “Tiny Flutters” Dunnys that are limited to 2 pieces and retail $150 each. Be sure to stop Martin’s booth #532.


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DeeTen for DesignerCon


DeeTen will be at DesignerCon – his booth (#615) will be stocked with several exclusives.  First up, there’s his golden-hued Lost Idol 3” custom dunnys (5 pcs, $80).  He’s also got his Captain Cat plush in Dcon Purple (12”, $25).  Plus, he will also debut the Gold Nugget Dunny ($40 each).  If you can’t make the show, be sure to check for remaining stock.


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Nov 04, 2013

Dizzyland – Trafic Series 1 Mouse Skully Release @ Designer Con

Introducing the Mouse Skully by Dizzland, which will be making its first release and debut at this years Designer Con. The limited edition Tragic Series 1 features a very familiar iconic character, which will be available blind boxed with 4 different resin colorways. There is the Bone White edition, Black Death, Toxic (GID) and Massacre and will retail $40 each or $150 for the set. These can be found at the Kuso Vinyl booth #733! Did we mention it also has an articulated jaw!

To enjoy DIZZYLAND MOUSE SKULLY, you should be in good health and free from heart conditions, back or neck problems, motion sickness, or other conditions that could be aggravated by this product. Those who do not the minimum height requirement may not use. Expectant mothers should not use. Please keep your hands and feet inside your ride vehicle at all times. Supervise children at all times.



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Squid Kids Ink - Mini 10-Doh! DIY Series Release @ Designer Con


Here is more big news coming from Squid Kids Ink for Designer Con! The introduction of the DIY Mini 10-Doh! blind box series! Each case features a ratio of 7 gray, 7 white, 2 black, 2 gold, and 2 GID figures, which makes a great variety of customizing fodder. All of the figures come with 5 sets of black and white labels so you can mix and match. Each blind box will retail for $10 each or $200 a case. If you purchase a case from their booth #332 or on their online store, you will also receive a limited edition “Mystery Man” Mini 10-Doh! figure.

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Scott Tolleson at DesignerCon 2013


For DesignerCon, Scott Tolleson has created several new editions of his original, self-sculpted figures.  First up there’s his homage to the Mouse – the Stuffed Idol Pewter Edition, which stands 7” tall, is limited to 10 signed/numbered resin pieces, and comes with a stenciled box -- $175 each.   Plus, Scott will also release the D-Con Hipster Edition of his new Trayjus resin figure in both pink and green colorways  (above) with satin finishes (10 s/n pcs each).   The 6” figures comes bagged with header card and will be available for $75 each or a combo price of $140 for both.  All three figures will be at Scott’s Booth [#233] – direct from the Sucklord booth(s).


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Ron English x BlackBook Toy – Popaganda Pink Designer Con Exclusive Big Boner


Here we have another Designer Con exclusive coming from BlackBook Toy. Check out the Popaganda Pink edition of Ron English’s Big Boner soft vinyl figure. These are limited to 50 pieces and will be available at the Kozik booth #318 for roughly $107 each. Remaining pieces will be made available on November 15th at 8AM PST HERE.


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Philip Lumbang x Dragatomi – Panda Awesome Bear at D-Con & Other Releases


Dragatomi shares this teaser of what is to come at their booth #300 at Designer Con. It’s something a lot of us have been waiting for, which is what looks to be the Panda edition of Philip Lumbang’s Awesome Bear. Stay tuned on more news on this drop! While we’re on the topic of Dragatomi at Designer Con, why don’t we take a look at what other goodies they’ve got!

kush OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         modernherobank greencavey

Well they’ve got the “Kush” edition Fujisan figure by Bigfoot, Lisa Rae Hansen’s MegaSeth figures, MAD’s Modern Hero Bank, and their exclusive Green Cavey figure. That’s about 5 reasons so far that you are going to want to stop by their booth this weekend!

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Nov 02, 2013

Kyle Kirwan – Designer Con Exclusive Mudcat Edmund


Kyle Kirwan will be making his way out to Designer Con with a special release of his Edmund figure from the Mudcat series. This D-Con exclusive is a tribute to his booth mates, Double Parlour. They are limited to 10 pieces, with 5 available at D-Con and 5 available in his webstore HERE for $25. He can be found at booth #208


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Woebots x Silent Stage Gallery - Shadow Fur and Fang Pillow

Shadow Pillow

Would you like some Woebots on your bed or couch? Well Silent Stage Gallery has just released the Shadow Fur and Fang pillow! This 16” pillow is limited to only 50 pieces, with limited numbers available online and the rest at Designer Con. Swoop them up HERE for $60 each!

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Cometdebris – Designer Con Exclusive Tokoji Seijin


Here is #3 of Cometdebris’ releases for Designer Con, the GID Tokoji Seijin. There will only be 15 of these available at the convention, which retails $90 each. Find them available at his booth #418 on both November 9th and 10th. Don’t forget about the recently announced Ace Robo and Kappa Shonen!

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