Nov 05, 2014

The Chung! at DesignerCon


The Chung! will debut two new figures at DesignerCon.  First up are his new Anxiety Cat resins (above).  Sculpted by The Chung! with a perfect expression.  This one will resonate with almost everyone.  He will also drop a special cold cast nickel silver ‘Love Totems’. Again, the expressions are the key to this set of figures.  Check the new toys out and all of his other work at his booth [#526].


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Win a Chester Figure from Cameron Tiede at DesignerCon



As you may know, Cameron Tiede  will be exhibiting at DesignerCon for the first time.  Be sure to drop by his booth [#110] for the debut and release of his new Scrambled Wood mini figures and for a free chance to win the prototype of his sold out “Chester” figure.


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Spankystokes at DesignerCon


The Spankystokes booth #518, like every year, will be booming with tons of exclusive releases! Above we see the collaborative Stroll resin figure with Wetworks, which is limited to 10 pieces as a pre-order for $80 each. You can see the rest of the exclusives after the jump.


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Joe Ledbetter x Munky King – Good Morning Sunshine at DesignerCon


Munky King will launch Good Morning Sunshine, the OG edition of Joe Ledbetter’s monkey figure at DesignerCon.  Matching the painting which inspired the figure,  the colorful Good Morning Sunshine is ready (well kinda…) for the new day with a cup of joe in hand, cigarette, and a way too cheerful bird.  Limited to 500 pieces, the figure will be available from the Munky King booth [#100] for $90.  JLed will be signing on Saturday (11.8) from 11 AM to 2 PM.

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Woes x Silent Stage Gallery – Panda King 2 California Bear at DesignerCon


Woes Martin and Silent Stage are bringing the Cali King back for DesignerCon.  They  will drop the limited-edition Panda King 2 California Bear aka Cali King 2, the sequel to 2010’s original California flag themed Panda King.  Limited to 35 hand-painted pieces, Cali King 2 will come with the state flag accessory.  It’ll be available from the Silent Stage collective booth [#1101].


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Uamou Takes on DesignerCon


This will be the first year Ayako aka Uamou will be attending this years Designer Con all the way from Japan and we couldn’t be happier! It goes to show that this event  gets bigger and better every year. She will have her very own booth #403 and will be carrying a number of exclusives you’re going to want to check out, including: “American Dream Series” Uamou, Bastard, and Real Uamou figures, Uamou x Onell Design custom Crayboths, and the Cosmic Blue Fortune Uamou finger puppets. Check them all out after the jump.


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Bill McMullen’s AD-AT point5 at DesignerCon


Alrighty folks! Here we have a follow up post from a previous mention of Bill McMullen’s new AD-AT point5 (HERE)! This resin release is a perfect replica of the classic AD-AT vinyl figure from 10 years ago. AD-AT point5 stands 6” tall and comes boxed in packaging alluding to the original’s box. You can also find a small replica photo of ‘OLD SCHOOL INVASION’, which inspired this piece. There will be a limited number of ‘Early Bird’ AD-AT point5 figures available at the DKE booth #1230 for $200 each.


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Mutant Vinyl Hardcore at DesignerCon


The Mutant Vinyl Hardcore x Paul Kaiju booth #610 will be booming at this weekends Designer Con, where these masters of monsters will be slanging some sofubi! There will be one-offs, there will be limited runs, there will be unpainted releases, there will be a lot of people to compete against! With all of these amazing pieces for Saturday, we’re wondering what he has in store for Sunday!

9AM – Free Raffle Ticket Handouts
12PM – Paul Kaiju Random Drawing
3PM – MVH Random Drawing

9AM – Free Raffle Ticket Handouts
TBD – MVH Random Drawing
2PM – Paul Kaiju Random Drawing

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Jason Limon x Prints on Wood – Cat Creeper Release at DesignerCon


Jason Limon will be releasing his new Cat Creeper figure/print at this years Designer Con! These will be available at the Prints on Wood booth #512 all weekend long. This puzzle Dimensional Print stands 12” tall and are limited to 100 pieces for $125 each. Any remaining pieces will find their way online!

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Nov 04, 2014

Urban Vinyl Daily x WeAreNotToys – Dead As F*CK Custom Show at DesignerCon


Urban Vinyl Daily and WeAreNotToys have teamed up to bring to you “Dead as F*CK Custom Show: Round 2”, which features JC Rivera’s Champ figure as the platform figure. This show will feature customs by a ton of artists, who include: Blazon Brikhaus, DeeTen, Gerrick Meyers, Jordan Devries, Josh Mayhem, Kanser Omega, MaloApril, Matt Eeks, Mike Die, Nathan Hamill, Spanky Stokes, Tasha Zimich, Travis Lykins, 84 Pages and more. You can find these customs on display over at the UVD booth #921.

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kaNO x ToyQube – 24” Hi-Def Release at DesignerCon


kaNO’s 2 foot tall Hi-Def was first seen on display at the myplasticheart booth during NYCC. Now Toyqube has announced that they will be releasing this 24” giants at their booth #213 during Designer Con! There is no official word or pricing, but once that news is out, we will let you know!

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MAD – 10” Modern Hero MAD*L Pre-Order @ DesignerCon


For all the fans of MAD’s signature Modern Hero character, you’re going to want to be making your way to Designer Con this weekend or have a friend attend if you can’t. That’s because MAD will be opening up a Pre-Order for these handpainted custom 10” Modern Hero MAD*L’s!  There will only be 6 available in each colorway, the OG and the Skeletor edition. Be sure to make your way to the madtoydesign booth #604 bright and early on Saturday! This release comes with both the top hat and chain, just like the 5” release.

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Konatsu x Q Pop Shop – Negora & Migoras for DesignerCon


The Q Pop Shop booth #821 will be carrying a very limited supply of Konatsu’s Negora and Migora figures at this years Designer Con! Up for grabs will be the “Alice” colorway, which will be available for both Migora and Negora figures, as well as the “Peach” Migora colorway! Remember folks, super limited. Their booth may be one of the first stops you’re going to want to take.

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Urban Vinyl Daily x Flower Pepper Gallery ‘For the Love of Music’ (11.8)



Flower  Pepper Gallery will present ‘For the Love of Music’ opening on Saturday, November 8th 2014 in Pasadena during DesignerCon weekend.  Curated by Urban Vinyl Daily, the show features original album inspired-art in the 12” x 12” format, matching the classic record sleeve size. The artist line-up includes:

Alecks Cruz, Brain Killer, Chase Tafoya, CHema Skandal!, Greg Rivera, Ian Ziobrowski, Jason Chalker, Jason Gallo, Jc Rivera, Jeff Beck, Jenn & Tony Bot, Jeremiah Ketner, JerkFace, JFury, Jon Chase, Lesile Randolph, MaloApril, Mr. Shane Jessup, Nathan Hamill, Peter Cadoso, Scott Kinnebrew, Sentrock, 64 Colors, Squid Kids Ink, Switch, Tasha Zimich, Tatiana Garcia, Tony Rabit, Travis Lykins, ValleyDweller and Veggie Something.

If you’re going to DesignerCon on Saturday, be sure to add the ‘For the Love of Music’ opening to your ‘after’ list – the gallery is a fairly short walk from the Pasadena Convention center.  Maybe go to the show first and then check out the Dcon Pajama Party…

‘For the Love of Music’
Opening: Saturday, November 8th 2014 (6:30 PM – 9:30 PM)

Flower Pepper Gallery
121 East Union Street
Pasadena, CA 91103


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Carson Catlin at DesignerCon Pt. 2 Omens, Last Knights and more.


A few days ago, we posted about several pieces Carson Catlin is bringing to DesignerCon.  Now, Carson has announced more reticulated customs including eight Omens ($130 each), two customs of ‘The Last Knight’ ($200 each), two custom LA Hands – Pond (Purple/Gold) and Decay (distressed metal look), for $140 each.   These will be available from the booth [#301] he is sharing with Scott Tolleson and Lana Crooks.   And… he’s not done.  Stay tuned forCarson’s Dcon Update #3.


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J*RYU x Huck Gee – Skullhead Bust


J*RYU has gotten his hands on a few of Huck Gee’s Skullhead Busts and this is what he has created! There will only be 3 of these available at this years Designer Con beginning this weekend on November 8th & 9th. Each bust will retail $550 and will be found at the J*RYU / Vampy Bit Me booth #1113. First come, first serve!

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Toy Art Gallery –- DesignerCon Proto Debuts by Miscreation Toys, Bubi Au Yeung, Naoto Hattori, and Joseph Harmon

In addition to numerous new releases, Toy Art Gallery will also be showcasing a portion of their upcoming sofubi lineup for the coming year.  First up is the massive Cestoda by Miscreation Toys. Pretty wicked.  TAG will be specializing in Gatcha figures for 2015 and they will be previewing a few of them at the ‘con including the Soul Buddies by Treeson creator Bubi Au Yeung,  a Naoto Hattori series, and a Joseph Harmon series as well. Be sure to drop by Toy Art Gallery’s booth [#223] to check all of the protos and new drops.


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Restore DesignerCon Releases – Neo Japan [Galapagos Idea Japan] & Fog: Kimono Ghost


Restore will be releasing not one, but two new editions for DesignerCon.  First up is the Neo Japan [Galapagos Idea Japan] for $100.  This striking, double-take piece features super clear vinyl (7.4”)with a clever combo of colored thread and fabric to simulate an anatomical effect.

Restore is also releasing Fog – Kimono Ghost, a special release of their collabo Jungle Fever chameleon figure with PopSoda. This lucky bag release features a GID Fog with beautiful Kimono accessories by Sachi.  Each Lucky Bag ($100) will feature the GID figure, a Kimono cape (assorted colors), and one (or if you’re lucky all three) bonuses : a DX Kimono Cape, artist signatures on the feet (Restore, PopSoda, and Sachi),or vintage Hannya Charm.

Both figures will be available from the Refreshment Toy / PopSoda booth [#624].  Please note that the booth will only accept cash, no credit cards.


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Cometdebris – DesignerCon Exclusive Electricboy


Cometdebris is bringing his “A” game for DesignerCon. In addition to the four already announced exclusives (Kappa Kid, Ace Robo, Sametan, & Kappa Shonen) he’s also releasing the first production edition of his brand-new Electricboy figure.  It’s cast in unpainted clear glittery vinyl and will be available for $55 from the Cometdebris booth [#1231].Be sure to drop by and check out all of his shiny new sofubi.

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Chris Ryniak – DesignerCon Exclusives


Chris Ryniak will be  bringing a suitcase full of exclusive resins for DesignerCon.  He’ll have three limited-editions including the Green Grape Fuzzlethump (ed. of 10, $200), Aqua Lime Mini Bubblegut (ed of 12, 6 @ dcon, $200) , and Harlequin Burblebum (ed. of 12, $200) [L to R, above].   He’ll also be bring one-off ChurbleFurbs, 50 bugbites in assorted colors ($18), Wobblear Stickers, and 5x7” drawings ($75).

All of this will be available from the Circus Posterus booth [#700], where he will be signing with Amanda Louise Spayd on both Saturday and Sunday from Noon to 1 PM.


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Jamie Lee C x DeKorner –- Tree Year Old Groot at DesignerCon


Ever wondered what Groot would look like as a toddler ?  Cosplay model/artist Jamie Lee C has a cute answer –- Tree Year Old Groot.  The hand-made 5” limited-edition plaster figure comes with a hand-drawn bib, pacifier, headphones (not shown) and a print.  Tree Year Old Groot will be exclusively launched at DesignerCon  by DeKorner [booth #822] for $60 each.

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Luke Chueh x Munky King – Bitch:The Black Sheep Edition at DesignerCon

For the follow-up to  Luke Chueh’s debut Bitch:Golden Fleece Edition, Munky King once again goes fancy again for DesignerCon with another hand-finished exclusive.  Bitch:The Black Sheep Edition ups the luxury quotient with two metallic candy-apple red wolves with a flocked black sheep in the middle of the action. Limited to 50 pieces, the Black Sheep edition will be available for $160 at the Munky King booth [#100] during Luke Chueh’s signing at 2PM on Saturday (9.8).


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Paul Kaiju Schedule for DesignerCon 2014


This is the news I am sure a lot of you have been waiting for, us included. After months of teasers on Instagram, Paul Kaiju proudly presents the full release roster for the PK / MVH booth #610 at this  years Designer Con. You can expect different releases taking place on Saturday and Sunday, so you’re going to want to make up your mind if you want to attend one day or both! He’s got everything you want from Boss Carrions, Mockbats, Goons, Domino Jacks, Mr Rees and so much more! The schedule is as follows:

9AM – Free Raffle Ticket Handouts
12PM – Paul Kaiju Random Drawing
3PM – MVH Random Drawing

9AM – Free Raffle Ticket Handouts
TBD – MVH Random Drawing
2PM – Paul Kaiju Random Drawing

RULES for PK Drawing:
Free ticket-wristbands available at booth 610 from 9:00 am until the drawing begins.
One wristband per person, per drawing.
Winning numbers will be drawn at random. Winners earn the opportunity to purchase ONE full-size figure and One Mini from available stock.
Winners must be present, to purchase. Damaged or broken wristbands may be ineligible.
Payment due at time of purchase, via Cash, Visa, AMEX, Mastercard or Discover Card. No checks please.
Remaining stock will be offered on a first-come, first-serve basis after the drawing is closed.
The figures available are for adult collectors only, you must be at least 18 years old to enter the drawing.
Prices limited to supplies on hand at this event
Tickets have no monetary value and do not guarantee any right to purchase.


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Dekorner x Good For You Toys – DesignerCon Exclusive Django Fett “Dust” Edition


DeKorner has joined forces with Good For You Toys to release the  DesignerCon Exclusive Dja ngo Fett “Dust” Edition.  The latest rendition of Django Fett is cast in smoke resin with yellow deco and strong weathering.  Limited to 10 pieces making it the rarest edition so far, the Dust Edition,  featuring new card back art, will be available from the De Korner Booth [#822] for $60. Don’t miss the latest chapter in the galactic struggle against slavery.


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Nov 03, 2014

BlackBook Toy x Suicidal Tendencies – S”K”UM-kun Cyco Blue at DesignerCon



Kaz of BlackBook Toy has once again collaborated with Suicidal Tendencies on a revised version of the S”K”UM-kun sofubi figure.  Cyco Blue, the first edition of the new version features a new behind-the-back hand-sign, Suicidal Tendencies’ logos on the chest and back, Blackbook Toy logos on the revised mini New Era cap underside and shirt back as well as a new  screen printed drawstring bag.  Knuckle of Little Chop Design once again locked down the sculpting.

Perfect for fans of SK8 Punk and inspired urban sofubi, the rebirth of S”K”UM-kun will debut at DesignerCon where it will be available from the BlackBook toy booth [#504] for $120.  It will also be released online from BlackBook Toy on 11.13 @ 8 AM PST.


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