Nov 19, 2015

Mishka Presents: Secret Walls "The Battle in the Bierhall" - L'amour Supreme vs. Skinner (11.21)



If you're in the area for Designer Con, you're not going to want to miss out on "Battle in the Bierhall", a Secret Walls event put together by Mishka. The main event will feature a couple titans in the toy and art scene, L'amour Supreme vs. Skinner. The event will begin promptly after Designer Con at 7:30PM at Der Wolfskopf. Afterwards will be an afterparty featuring the Dj stylings of Greg Mishka L'amour Supreme and Skinner from 9PM - 2AM. Did we forget to mention a toy release by Paul Kaiju, Splurrt and Mutant Vinyl Hardcore? Yup! That's happening too!


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Woes x Silent Stage Gallery - 'Cali Growlers' Panda Head Release at Designer Con


Woes and Silent Stage  are at it again with the 'Cali Growlers' Edition Panda Head. Exclusive just for DesignerCon, this release is limited to only 20 pieces for $250 a pop. Each head mount is hand painted by Aaron and will be available at the Silent Stage booth #909.

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David Horvath x Sun-Min Kim x Klim Kozinevich - Dream Big Friends Kickstarter

Dream BIG Friends 02

Awhile back we briefly mentioned the Dream Big Friends project, then shrouded in secrecy, from Ugly Doll creators David Horvath, Sun-Min Kim and Klim Kozinevich of Bigshot Toyworks.   Now, we’re happy to bring you a first-look at the project which seeks to provide uplifting dolls which promote curiosity, achievement, and a more realistic body image—the antidote, if you will, to the ‘All Pink, All the Time’ status quo.  

Designed as an ongoing line, Dream Big Friends will begin in mold-breaking fashion with its debut doll – Yuna (10”) and her cat, Kamata.  Perhaps the first Asian-American lead in a doll series, Yuna comes in a stylishly casual outfit—check the socks!—complete with a Giant Robot Tee, a savvy nod to the creator’s friendship with the brand, its role in promoting Ugly Dolls in the early days, and of course GR’s promotion of Asian culture.

To make this Dream a reality, the three creators have launched a Kickstarter to fund Yuna’s production.  The campaign is very straightforward with two backing levels -- $40 for one Yuna and $80 for a pair.

If you’re going to be at DesignerCon, be sure to drop by the Bigshot Toyworks booth[#901]  to meet Yuna in prototype form.


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Tracy Tubera – Future Boy ‘MAG’ for DesignerCon


After a teaser shot awhile back, Tracy Tubera has unveiled the next edition of his Future Boy resin slated for DesignerCon.  Made in collaboration with Mana Studios, the MAG edition celebrates the speckled design of the Nike MAG BTF-inspired kicks.  Instead of  the shoe’s LEDs, this Future Boy rocks GID speckles for old-school light power. Limited to 100 pieces, Future Boy MAG will be available for $120 from Tracy’s booth [#320].

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3DRetro at DesignerCon: Artist Gnome by Ron English

gnome_1_final 2

3DRetro will release the OG edition of it’s new Artist Gnome figure (4”) from Ron English.  This triple-take jumbles the artist’s identity with that of his three-eyed Bunnny Rabbbit for an unique (and 1st) self-portrait toy. This first edition is limited to 300 pieces and will be available for $30 from the 3DRetro booth [#532] for $30.  

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Nov 18, 2015

Super7 x Secret-Base - Silver Phantom Alien Release at DesignerCon



Super7 has just announced a last minute exclusive release for DesignerCon! Feast your eyes on the new Silver Phantom Alien from Super7 and Secret-Base. This stunning release features a crystal clear soft vinyl with a silver paint rub. These will be available blind with a chance to score a limited 'spooky alien mouth' variation. Find them at the Super7 booth #406 for $50 each.

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Paul Kaiju at DesignerCon with Splurrt


Without a doubt, the Paul Kaiju booth is one of the most popular at DesignerCon. Paul will be sharing space with Splurrt at booth #533 for the weekend. He's got both days covered with amazingly painted soft vinyl, which will be on display. DesignerCon will also be the debut release of his new Biterfish and Popo Von Poomz figures. The booth release/raffle schedule is as follows:

9:00am: Free tickets available
12:00pm: Paulkaiju Random Drawing
3:00pm: Splurrt Random Drawing (Saturday only!)
Sunday November 22nd:


10:00am: Free tickets available 
12:00pm: Paulkaiju Random Drawing


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Amanda Louise Spayd & Chris Ryniak at Designer Con



The amazing duo known as Amanda Louise Spayd and Chris Ryniak will have their very own booth #1230 for this years DCon. They've been working non-stop to bring you the very best critters for one of the biggest art toy events of the year! Everything will be on a first come first served basis, so be sure to make their booth one of your top priorities. One of those goodies being their exclusive Thimblestump Hollow Tropical Edition of Grumblethorn and Buckley by Cardboard Spaceship.



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Doktor A. - Todd Morden Release at DesignerCon


Doktor A. is proud to introduce the newest member of the Mechtorian family, Todd Morden! This resin mini-figure will debut at this years Designer Con at Dok's booth #114 in 3 'Coldcast' metal editions, Pewter, Brass and Verdigris. Each figure stands 3" tall and are limited to 100 pieces with only 10 of each available at DCon for $45.

Todd grew up in the shadow of his popular sister Heb. Some people called him odd. But really he is simply unique. Artistic, quirky, friendly and mostly Vegan. He dwells in a lovely valley and quietly effects the world.”

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Scott Tolleson x Pobber Toys - 'Classic' Edition Paco Taco at DesignerCon



It ain't no party at Scott Tolleson's DesignerCon booth #525 without some tacos! There he will be releasing a limited number of his 'Classic' Edition Paco Taco from Pobber Toys. This mono edition will retail for  $35 and should go as fast as a fresh batch of tacos from your local Taqueria.

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Cameron Tiede at DesignerCon – All Three Toobas Revealed

unnamed (3)

Back on Monday we showed you one of three Tooba variants to be released by Cameron Tiede’s Wood Candy Workshop at DesignerCon.  Now, here’s a look at all three: Silly, Sleepy, and Surly.  Each is 8” tall, has 3 points of articulation, and is handcrafted from Hardwood Cherry, Walnut, Maple, and Padauk.  Each variant is limited to 9 pieces (27 in total) and will be available w/included Muslin Sack  at the WCW booth [#110].


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Cometdebris DesignerCon Releases


Cometdebris will be making his way out from Japan once again for this years DesignerCon. He will  of course have a nice variety of his amazing soft vinyl figures available for sale. The DCon exclusives that will be up for grabs at his booth #1106 will be Electric Boy in a clear orange vinyl ($50), Kappa Shonen in yellow vinyl ($60), green and neon red Sametan ($45), and Ace Robo in a glorious aurora vinyl ($60).


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Jermaine Rogers at DesignerCon



To follow up with our earlier post of Jermaine Roger's Dero Skin Choices figure is a single photo that sums up all his goods for Designer Con. He will be debuting a new line of skatedecks, as well as 3 versions of his limited edition 'Scoundrels' Prints. From the toy side will be the Dero Skin edition Choices figure and an unpainted white edition. Were you needing some Dero action? The 'Talisman' colorway of the Creeping Deity will be making an appearance and is limited to 25 pieces total. You can find Jermaine posted up at his booth #920.

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Andrew Bell - Standard Edition Karoshi San Salary Man at DesignerCon


The Standard Edition of Andrew Bell's Karoshi San Salary Man figure will be available at this years Designer Con in very limited numbers! These will soon be available at all of your favorite toy store retailers, but Andrew will have a small batch up for grabs as a special early release just for DCon. Pick up the standard edition for $55 from the Dead Zebra booth [#411].  Andrew will also be offering a number of pencil and ink drawings. Definitely be sure to drop by and check it out.



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Wrong Gallery x De Korner x Luke Chueh Bear Head


For DesignerCon, De Korner will release a limited number of the life-sized Luke Chueh Bear heads(ABS, 13x13x6) first seen at Luke’s recent show at Wrong Gallery in Taipei.  Produced by Wrong Gallery, these production pieces are half-heads, designed to be wall-mounted.  30 will be available at Dcon for $200 each from the DeKorner booth [#622].

In addition, De Korner will have a few Bear Heads hand-painted by Luke (likely similar to the ones seen below from his Taipei show) for $500 each.  Luke will be signing at the booth on Sunday (11.22) at 1 PM.


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Huck Gee – Skullhead Blanks (GID, Black, Red) at DesignerCon


Huck Gee will be at DesignerCon this year and he’s bringing along new Skullhead Blanks in three varieties: GID, Flat Black and Gloss Red.  These will be available for purchase from the Mana Studios booth [#401]. Huck will be signing at the booth from Noon to 1 PM on both Saturday and Sunday (11.21-11.22).

Be sure to swing by the booth to check out some of Huck’s past and future releases including a preview of his next custom set – Bugslot & Denguard #9.

unnamed (1)

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Kyle Kirwan - "Children of the Halfcast" Custom Show at DesignerCon


During the weekend of DesignerCon, Kyle Kirwan will be hosting a zombie themed custom show of his figure Willow, "Children of the Halfcast" at his booth #824. He's got some heavy hitters participating : 

Josh Kimberg, Brent Nolasco, Leecifer, DoubleParlour, Chipsouper, Goreilla, Joe Whiteford, Grace Lang, George Gaspar, Miriam Zemel, Joe Scarano, Jalos and DuBoseArt.

These you most definitely have to see in person! Be sure to stop by Kyle's booth to see all of his other goods up for grabs.

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Munky King x Doktor A x Luke Chueh – Mechanics of Life at DesignerCon


Luke Chueh’s Target figure is quickly becoming *the* toy for amazing artist collaborative projects.  First there was the Self-Medicated Targets by Jason Freeny in 2013 and now 2015 brings the Mechanics of Life (The Artist’s Daily Struggle with Self Motivation) from Doktor A. Starting with the vinyl figure, he’s  cut open the chest to reveal the bear’s mechanical cold-cast resin underpinnings. Nestled among the gears is the sad one’s heart which he must wind daily with the key. Mechanics of Life includes a gear-shaped base, chest cover, and a wall background display piece. A job brilliantly done Dok.

Mechanics of Life is an edition of 50 signed by both artists, 25 of which will be available at the Munky King booth (#435) for $250 each.  The remainder will be available shortly after DesignerCon from MK.


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BeeFy and Co. at DesignerCon: Mari the Cuddlefish “Inked” Edition

Mari Inked Edition DCON


BeeFy and Co. will release the final edition of their Mari the Cuddlefish vinyl toy at DesignerCon this weekend.  Limited to 125 pieces, the Inked Edition features a dark olive green design with light blue, yellow and red accents. It will be available for $65 from the BeeFy booth [#134] along with a selection of plush, vinyl, and Tees.

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DKE at DesignerCon: Star Smurfs by Greg Aronowitz

SDCON2015_lukesmurfwalker SDCON2015_smurfvader

DKE has an expansive DesignerCon lineup this year including these sweet Star Smurfs!  Ever wished the Smurfs did Star Wars?  Thankfully, Greg Aronowitz—a multi-faceted artists with 300+ movie credits—did  and the result are these limited-edition Luke Smurfwalker and Smurf Vader handcast and painted 2” carded  Figures (Editions of 50, $55 each) from his studio BarnyardFX.  


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DeKorner at DesignerCon – Exclusive Kawz Troopers + S.U.C.K.L.E. 2


De Korner will be at DesignerCon once again this year with an exclusive translucent SUCKLE 2 set in De Korner yellow, two exclusive Kawz Trooper bootlegged bootleg , as well as  a strong selection of previously released toys. 

Limited to 50 pieces, the SUCKLE 2 set features all ten of the standard figures in translucent yellow.  Packaged in bag and header, the sets will be available for $20 each.

If one Kawz bootlegged bootleg is good, perhaps two is even better.  The double dose starts with the DiY KAWZ Trooper head in solid white (Edition of 15, $20) and finishes with  the Hologram Kawz Trooper head in translucent blue (Edition of 15, $30).

Finally, If you’re looking for a hard-to-find piece or looking for deals on smaller, older pieces ideal for stocking stuffers, the De Korner booth [#622]  is a good place to check first—it’s always overflowing with archival stock.


dk_dcon2015-2 image1 dk_dcon2015-4


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Cameron Tiede at DesignerCon – Big Bad Bellow Minis



Cameron Tiede’s Wood Candy Workshop’s DesignerCon announcements bring news of more awesomeness each day. So far  we’ve already mentioned the TV inspired Tooba limited-edition figures and the uniquely customized Dum Drops.  Now, here’s a look at the brand-new Big Bad Bellow wood mini-figs (3”).  These cleverly named little chaps have their mouth wide open as if mid-shout or mid-bellow as it were.  These are handcrafted with Canary wood bodies and Padauk, Walnut and Maple details.  They will be available—along with Cameron’s other releases—at the WCW booth [#110].


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Nov 17, 2015

Tru:Tek -- DesignerCon Lump O’ Oozeball

dcon 15 coal oozeballs


Flowing with Holiday humor, Tru:Tek will release the Lump O’ Oozeball at DesignerCon from Skinner’s booth [#tba]. Unlike coal, the newest Oozeball sofubi will make a great gift.  Limited to 15 pieces, the new edition i cast in squishy black vinyl with squeaker underneath. Plus, 1 in 5 is hand-painted by the artists.  The Lump O’ Oozeballs come in a deluxe linen drawstring coal sack with handmade gift tag for just $50.

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Urban Vinyl Daily at DesignerCon: SanJiaoMo by Toysbian

unnamed (1)

Urban Vinyl Daily will release a special hand-painted micro-run of the SanJiaoMo figure from Toysbian.   Limited to three pieces, the triangle headed figure with exposed brain is painted in a vivid metallic rainbow of red, yellow, blue, green, purple and more.  Packaged in the traditional header and bag, the Dcon SanjiaMo will be available at the UVD  booth [#707] for $135 each.


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3DRetro at DesignerCon: Felipe Metallic Edition by Juan Muniz

felipe_metal_1_final 2

3DRetro has a strong lineup for DesignerCon including a new Metallic Edition Felipe by Juan Muniz.  The new edition features pearl, gold, bronze  and silver grenade balloons. Even lethal danger looks better with a dose of bling.  Limited to 150 pieces, the Metallic edition will be available for $55 at the 3DRetro Booth [#532] starting on Saturday (11.21) at DesignerCon in Pasadena.

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