Nov 18, 2016

Ron English x ToyQube – Boxing Brain Vinyl at DesignerCon


ToyQube will debut the brand-new Boxing Brain vinyls (4.75”) from Ron English at their DesignerCon booth (#619).  These deliver the punch of the OG resin Boxing Brain in a leaner, meaner form.  They’ll be available for $30 each or $55 for a set (left and right-handed).  In other TQ news, here’s their signing schedule:

Saturday 2 PM – Germs will sign his new Lucha Squid figure.
Saturday 3 PM – Edward Colver signing his new Piece of Shit toy.

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Munky King – DesignerCon Exclusives


The shark is back!  Munky King will drop the new black + gold Shayu by Sharktoof at DesignerCon.  From menace and bling to kawaii and kink, MK will also launch their new Kitty Sutra vinyls from Kevin Luong in two editions.  The two cats can be pulled apart for mix, match and mate fun.  Find these drops as well as the previously announced  Kuronamigami Uprisings from Kozyndan, at the MK booth [#435].


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Nov 17, 2016

myplasticheart at Designer Con


Another first timer to Designer Con and coming out from the east coast is myplasticheart! They will be sharing some space with Andrew Bell at booth #414. We announced earlier the release of the Pocket Pork Dumpling Series 2 with Shawnimals and Squibbles Ink. Each blind boxed figure measures 1.8 x 1.5 x 1.6 with dozens of designs for $7 a box.

unnamed (3) unnamed (4)

On Saturday from 12PM – 1PM, James Groman will be releasing his King Korpse figure in a “True Terror & Fearful Fantasy” edition for $550 and a Mixed Parts edition for $400.


Seulgie will have some exclusive DCon edition satyr figures. Each figure will sport different colored horns and will retail $200 each.


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Rotofugi At Designer Con


Rotofugi will be coming out from Chicago to share some awesome toys at their booth #902 at this years Designer Con. They’ve got quite a few exclusives you’re going to want to see. First up is the Cranberry Swirl Jerome figure by Kozik, which are handpainted by Squibbles Ink and are limited to only 25 pieces. Looking for more sweets? Look no further, because also available is the Vintage Mini Marshall by 64Colors. This release is an edition of 500 pieces. How about slimy? They’ve got you covered with the Lake Monsters Nuclear Fluorescence Snybora by Chris Ryniak. These will be limited to only 50 pieces.



Highproof Toys will also be having their very own exclusive at the booth. Check out their Jade colorway, which is limited to only 5 pieces of both evolved and non evolved editions. Did they mention this piece also glows in the dark?


Mark Nagata will also have some one-off customs available at the booth. These customs include Eyezon, King Negora, Glow Tripus, Dino SaiKobi and four mini Negoras. First come first served!

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Zombiemonkie’s “Black Magic” Edition Dragon Cultist at Designer Con


Zombiemonkie is venturing out into limited edition resin carded action figures! We are super pleased with his Dragon Cultist figure, which is based on on the works of H.P. Lovecraft. Each figure is handmade in resin and features 2 points of magnetic articulation and comes with a miniature Necronomicon accessory. The debut release of the “Black Magic” edition Dragon Cultist will be limited to 20 pieces at Zombiemonkie’s booth #1232 for $65 each.


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Brandt Peters x Unbox Industries – Orion at Designer Con


Brandt Peters just unveiled this beauty! In collaboration with Unbox Industries, they are proud to announce Orion, who will be debut releasing in very limited numbers at this years DCon. We believe these will be available at the Unbox Industries booth #1021. We cannot wait to see more of Orion! We recommend finding their booth stat, before they sell out!

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Flat Bonnie at Designer Con


Flat Bonnie will be bringing her world of adoptable plush to Designer Con! You can find all of her adorably cute cuties at her booth #317. She will have two exclusives available for the event. The first one would be her Surfing Otter with Magnetic surfboard. This 11” plush will retail $50. Just in time for the holidays are her Mr. and Mrs. GingerBun Holiday Ornaments. These DCon exclusives will retail $25 each or $50 for the set. She has also teamed up with Leecifer to produce their very own Honoo plush! Honoo stands 15” tall and will retail $75 each. Most importantly all these plush are made from vinyl pleather and faux fur! All these and more can be found at her booth! More photos after the jump.


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Woot Bear at Designer Con!

unnamed (7)

It ain’t no party like a Woot Bear Party! Coming all the way down from the Bay Area, Woot Bear will be posted up at this years Designer Con at booth #1805. They have a bunch of amazing stuff from a ton of talented artists. To start off the list is Scott Wilkowski with his beautiful resin pieces. Up for grabs will be some Wootkowski “Woot Bear Belly” figures, which stand 3.25” in 3 different colors that are limited to 20 pieces each for $70. Then we get some Skeleton’s in black and white and pink and blue swirls for $100.

unnamed (8)

Available all weekend at their booth is their exclusive Junko Mizuno print. She will also be signing on Sunday from 11AM– 2PM. The DCon Exclusive print colorway measures 18 x 12 and is an edition of 50 pieces for $20.

unnamed (16)

Kyle Kirwan brings the heat with his Bitey Bloom and Willo figures. Each are edition of only 5 pieces! The High Ridge Bloom stands 5.5” tall  and will retail $75. The High Ridge Willow stands 11” tall and will retail $175.

unnamed (17)

Peter Kato will be tagging along for the DCon ride. He will be signing at the booth on Saturday from 11AM-2PM. He will be releasing some Kaleidoscope Candy Bunnie Box resin figures (15 pieces) for $25 a piece. He will also have a collaborative Flower Bun Masked Bedtime Bunnies with Mariangela Tan. These will be limited to 5 pieces for $120 each.

unnamed (19)

Last but certainly not least, Coyote Den Collectibles will have some hand print Native American Dunny Blind box figures for sale. Hidden somewhere in there is a bloody chase. This is a run of 10 pieces for $60 each.


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3DRetro at Designer Con

unnamed (7)

3DRetro will have a bevy of exclusives available for this years Designer Con! A lot of which are also debut releases, which we are excited to see! First up is Juan Muniz’s Smile Felipe Vinyl Figure. This release is the OG edition, which you will have the first go at for only $45 each.

unnamed (8)

Next up we have Jim McKenzie’s King Gordo figure. This so happens to be Jim’s debut figure coming into the vinyl toy scene. The bronze edition is limited to only 30 pieces for $45.

unnamed (9)

Nathan Hamill x Touma’s newest figure Kaiju Frankenstein will be making an appearance as a GID edition. Each side of this figure represents both their unique art styles. The GID Kaiju Frankenstein will be limited and will retail $50.

unnamed (10)

Jeremy Fish’s Bison Van is back once again! Last year it debuted at DCon and we are now happy to see a GID edition. This glowing chunk of vinyl will set you back only $100.

unnamed (11)

Last but not least, we have another Nathan Hamill release, the Lavabear. The Bronze edition is super limited and made its original debut release during Shanghai Comic-Con. Only a few made it back, so don’t expect many to hang around for the weekend. Each Bronze Lavabear will retail $80.

All of these goods and more can be found at the 3DRetro booth #532.

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Joe Ledbetter at Designer Con!

unnamed (12)

Joe Ledbetter will be attending Designer Con for another year! His booth #1134 will be jam packed with sold out vinyl toys and prints, as well as new pins, magnets, patches and other goodies! Give them a visit if you’re in the area! *Inner monologue* “COME ON LAVA BUNNY!”

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De Korner – DesignerCon Exclusive Pins

 mcfly mock15043928_1499871050029575_1465664839664795648_n

Just in the nick of time, De Korner will release two exclusive pins at DesignerCon.  First up is their deluxe Marty Exposed pin by Pirate Robot (1.75” x 1”, $15) which features a 16-color design complete with spot GID on the eyes, mouth, hands, and rib cage.  Next, there’s the Mickey Trooper by B.A.L.D. (1” x 1”, $10).  Both pins include matching stickers and will be available at the De Korner booth [#622]


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Tracy Tubera at DesignerCon – Jordan Sith Infrareds Pre-Order + Reppin Pins


Pow!  Tracy Tubera delivers the knockout blow with his upcoming Jordan Sith Infrareds collabo resin—a Star Wars +Jordan homage--ith Mana Studios. Shown above as a gray unpainted proto, the final 7.5” piece will be cast in black with a red translucent saber and color hits on the kicks for that classic Infrared vibe.  Dig the dynamic pose, stare hard and you just might see Vader in action.

Pre-orders are up now on Tracy’s web shop and we’re pretty sure the piece will be on display at his DesignerCon booth (#320). Speaking of DesignerCon, Mr. Tubera will also be dropping his new Reppin pin series featuring Iron Man, The Hulk, and Cap. 
15043503_700505640112171_226308140428165120_n15043758_196842467439911_7054229908163133440_n JORDAN_SITH_INFRAREDS_COLOR_CALLOUTS_FNL_REVISED2

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Scott Tolleson x De Korner – Frosty Kookie No Good at DesignerCon

The lovable misfit Kookie returns to DesignerCon with a swanky ice cold clear edition. Frosty Kookie No Good from Scott Tolleson and De Korner features clear vinyl  with blue and silver spray.  He’ll be available for adoption from  both Scott’s booth [525] and De Korner’s [622].

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Nov 16, 2016

Win VIP DesignerCon Tickets

Three days until DesignerCon! This year DesignerCon is introducing VIP Tickets ($25)—in addition to the standard 1-day and 2-day tickets—which are super 2-day tickets with extra perks: access to the new Dcon Panel sessions plus admission to the Saturday evening VIP  party. Standard and VIP Tickets are available here.  You can also try your luck with an Instagram giveaway to win a pair of VIP tickets.   Check out the contest post/pic for all the  info on what you need to do to enter, it’s pretty standard with a wrinkle or two.

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Nov 15, 2016

The Sour Lemon – DesignerCon Exclusives

14533700_1773042126292581_135379757171736576_n  15043568_1620135958287863_2719357611454496768_n 14565015_1611975522436861_1955717318193446912_n15046829_1145183475519163_8937019892851277824_n

The Sour Lemon (Booth 1800) returns to DesignerCon with a sweet lineup of sofubi exclusives from Itokin Park, Mirocktoy, Paul Kaiju, and Devils Head Productions plus a few surprises.  That’s some mighty strong lemonade. The tentative schedule looks like this:

Available Saturday first come/first serve at opening (9 AM)

Itokin Park/Mirocktoy:
Black Rocket Boys $85
MG Rocket Boys $85
Kattobi Mirokumaru (mini) $42
Massive Attack $75
Ryuutoukikai Nimbus (totem) $48
Karugaru (eagle buddha) $160
Shakatti (buddha) $130

Itokin Park is working on silver Astronauts and Space Mode Men which may be available at the show.

Available Sunday first come/first serve  at opening (10 AM) 
Paul Kaiju:

Popos $90
Mock Pilots $80
Li'l King Jinx $20

Devils Head Productions:
Yellow Alavakas $60
Marbled Yellow/Purple Alavakas $60

Be sure to drop by The Sour Lemon booth (#1800) for all of these exclusives and more surprises in the works.  The booth is on the far right hand side as you enter the new DCon Hall C.


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Coarse Los Angeles Studio Gallery and Open House (11.19)


It’s DesignerCon weekend, which means plenty of art toy awesomeness, including a Coarse event!  That’s right, last year’s event went so well, that Mark, Sven and crew are throwing open the doors of their Frogtown studio and gallery on Saturday evening (11.19). 

Coarse will be showcasing select sculptures from their most recent exhibition. If you couldn’t make it out to Chicago, this will be a great opportunity to see the work firsthand.  Releases?  Yep – exclusive drops + warehouse finds. Come hungry and thristy-–there will be a German sausage truck (free)  as well as free beverages. Sketches?  Mark, Sven, and Amanda Visell will have you covered. finally, enjoy tunes spun by Jonathan Snipes.   Parking is very limited by the studio, so plan to carpool or take an Uber to enjoy the evening with the Coarse crew.

Coarse Studio and Gallery Open House
Saturday, November 19th 2016 (7-10 PM)

Coarse Los Angeles
2940 Denby Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90039

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De Korner at DesignerCon – KAWZ Head Trooper X2


De Korner has several exclusives lined up for DesignerCon this weekend (11.19 – 11.20) including two new bootleg-meets-bootleg KAWZ Head resins, a fun sticker pack and new pins.  The KAWZ Head Trooper “Homage” (8 pcs, $40) features a multi-color splatter on black design painted by Mike Mendez aka MaloOne  while the Trooper “Inside Out” Edition (6 pcs, $40) features a brainy pink + black design from Manny Rodriguez aka PirateRobot.  De Korner’s DesignerCon exclusive Sticker Pack ($5) features a set of 3 stickers—Marty, Krusty, and Mickey Trooper—from PirateRobot and Bryan Lopez aka B.A.L.D. 

Look for news about their DesignerCon Exclusive pins shortly. All of this plus De Korner’s usual selection of recently released toys and hard-to-find collectibles will be available at their booth [#622].

kawzz_homage-1 image2

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Nov 14, 2016

Super7 at Designer Con 2016


Super7 will be bringing their 15th Anniversary Lucky Bag to this years Designer Con! What better atmosphere to open a blind bag full of goodness with other toy collectors alike. There will only be one sized lucky bag, which contains 6 figures and will retail $225 each. They guarantee that no two bags are the same.

But that is not all!


They will have their newest colorway of their “The Worst” Action Figure line, ‘Graveyard Shift’. This release features 6 different action figures, Black Falcon, Robot Reaper, Snake Tut, X-2 (The Unknown), Batula and Gas Phantom. Each figure is expected to retail $15 or as a set for $90.


This special release is brought to you by a bunch of folks! This is a collaborative release between Secret-Base, Super7, Devil Head Productions and barksxwreck. They are all happy to introduce you to the Brothers From Another Mother Ghostfighter 2-Pack. These figures will come dual bagged with an extra long header card.


We also have a brand new “Glowing Night Light” Honoo by Leecifer, which in fact is GID! From Invisible Creature is the Yellow Belly Leroy C. Both of these Monster Family figures will retail $35 a piece. Be sure to find Super7 at their booth #305.


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Paul Kaiju – Designer Con Release Schedule



One of the biggest phenomenon's would have to be the Paul Kaiju booth. Whenever it comes time for their raffle drawing, all things around his booth stop. PK just announced his release schedule for his booth #533 for both Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, raffle tickets will be available from 9AM –230PM with the drawing taking place at 3PM. A bunch of new figures will be available, including the new Quarteroid Mini and Chimera figures. You will also of course have a chance to score yourself a couple Hyper Krakens and a Mockbat!

Sunday will be the day for one-offs, as well as a couple Dual Headed Mockbats. Not enough for you? There will also be Domino jack and some painted and mixed parts M.O.O.N. Goons. Tickets for this raffle will be available from 10AM – 130PM with the drawing taking place at 2PM.


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Jermaine Rogers at Designer Con


A booth you definitely will have to go check out during Designer con is going to have to be Jermaine Rogers! His booth #920 will have everything from vinyl toys, customs, skatedecks and of course art prints! Some of the things you can expect are his new Veil: Specimen #72 ‘I Think I am Losing My Mind’, which was done with the help of Bigshot Toyworks. This figure stands 10” tall and is definitely one of our favorites for this upcoming convention. There will also be a ‘Debris’ colorway, which got a special paint treatment, where no two pieces are identical.


For all you wall hangers, the Skate Series 2 features 3 new 8.5 maple decks with some amazing artwork. As always, Jermaine’s print selection will be outstanding, especially with his new ‘This Yellow Brick Road Goes Nowhere’ (Blue Sky Variant) art print and another print to match your ‘I think I am Losing My Mind..’ print.


15016366_10154873976734835_7912742272953769408_o 14990938_10154873715534835_6675507885308657367_o

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Hyperactive Monkey – Monkey Kung Fu Chubs & Kung Fu Master at Designer Con



Hyperactive Monkey has a couple more toys to add to their roster of Designer Con releases. Joining them at their booth #421 are the new Silver Edition Monkey Kung Fu Chubs. This set features an almost gunmetal gray soft vinyl on both Shao Lu and Shao Mei. Adding onto the Monkey Kung Fu Master is the all new Bone Edition Pocket Master. This release is limited to only 20 pieces total and come signed and numbered with a mini-print.

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Devil Head Productions x The Sour Lemon – Designer Con Exclusive Alavaka



Devil Head Productions and The Sour Lemon will be offering up a couple of exclusive Alavaka Figures. Version 1 features an unpainted yellow colorway of Alavaka with an extra Bodhistavva head. Version 2 features a purple and yellow marbled vinyl, also with an extras Bodhisattva head. Mix and match for tons of fun! Both figures will retail $60 each. There will be a limited number held back for Devil Head’s workshop, so be sure to keep an eye out for an announcement on November 21st. These will be available at the Sour Lemon booth #1800 in Hall C.

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More Cometdebris at Designer Con!

14550019_1788171704769052_2701540158670372864_n 14590965_522862961254855_7186880771964010496_n 14515750_408809159508152_5725571282540429312_n

Cometdebris heard our plea and is delivering with more vinyl for Designer Con! Available at his booth #909 will be his brand new Sametan, which features a blue and red vinyl for $45. His Ace Robo will also be making an appearance in a silver glitter vinyl for $60. Last up for this announcement is his Electricboy in a clear blue vinyl for $50. Does he have more up his sleeves? Let us wait and find out! Check out his previously announced releases HERE and HERE.

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Horrible Adorables at Designer Con


Get your walls ready for some mountable plush, as Horrible Adorables will be making their way to Pasadena, CA for Designer Con. They will be posted up with their very own booth #1716. What can you expect to find at their booth? You will be sure to witness some amazing adorable felt creatures and some enamel pins! You will also get the chance to meet the artists behind the fantastic work you see here.

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One-Eyed Girl at Designer Con

ResinsJunkfood FriendsGrubby Bubs

Kasey aka One-Eyed Girl is super excited to announce her very first ever resin figures! She has teamed up with Lickyourelbow to get these done just in time for Designer Con. She is starting things off with a bang with 3 variants available, which include the Korny Kandies, Smoochies and Sweet Juicies. Each variant is limited to 10 pieces and stand approximately 2” tall for $35.

Candy not your thing? Then how about some “Junkfood Friends”? From this line you, there will be available Corndoggy, Frenchie and Pete Zah, which are only just 3 of the 7 “Junkfood Friends”. Prices for these figures will range from $70-100.

Last up are the “Grubby Bubs”, hich is a set of 3 custom Figgle Bits/Thimblestump Hallow Figures by Amanda Louise Spayd and Chris Ryniak. These customers will be available for $65 a piece. 

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