Nov 27, 2018

DCon Tarbus the Tardigrades Available Now from DoomCo Designs


If you missed them in Anaheim, DoomCo Designs’ DesignerCon Exclusive Tarbus the Tardigrade soft vinyl figures are available now.  Both feature marbled GID + glitter casts with Porcelain glowing blue and Jade glowing green.  The exclusives are available for $20 each from the DoomCo web shop.


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Nov 15, 2018

Huck Gee x BAIT x Robotech– S.Head at DesignerCon


Surprise!  BAIT will be dropping their Huck Gee X Robotech S. Head figure at DesignerCon.  A member of the Dread Squadron, S. Head is clad in black + red with old-school tiger shark teeth markings. Find this bad-to-the-bone edition at the BAIT booth [#419].


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Joe Ledbetter x Jurassic Park–Spitter at DesignerCon


And then there were three.  Joe Ledbetter has announced and revealed his officially-licensed Jurassic Park Spitter vinyl figure from 3DRetro.   Sculpted by Dave Bondi, JLed’s take on the Dilophosaurus stands 6” tall, is limited to 250 pieces, and will be available at DesignerCon.   Spitter joins the Nychos Trex and Felipe Rex by Juan Muniz as the trio of Jurassic Park vinyl toys dropping at DCon.

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Nov 14, 2018

Jermaine Rogers at DCon — Animal Toy Soldier Edition


Not one, but a deadly pair.  Jermaine Rogers has announced that he will be releasing a second Animal edition at DesignerCon.  Done in the classic army man green, the Toy Soldier edition joins the Shadow (black) edition.  The timely new resin incarnations of the Choices rabbit will be available at his booth [#1713].

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DesignerCon Exclusive Cough Syrup Kayzilla by adFunture


adFunture’s Kayzilla is coming to DesignerCon.  The exclusive Cough Syrup—ah the horrible memories—soft vinyl edition (~5”) will be available from the Ko-Re Ko-Re booth [#2330] along with many other hard-to-find toys from Asian artists and brands. Definitely worth a visit.


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Thimblestump Hollow 2 Exclusives at DesignerCon


Surprise!  Amanda Louise Spayd and Chris Ryniak are bringing two Canyon colorway exclusives from Thimblestump Hollow 2 to DesignerCon.  Both Fuzzhorn and Woolworth will be available from their booth [#1305] with some reserved for an online drop later this month.  

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Itokin Park at DesignerCon — New 2.0 Space Releases


Itokin Park has posted full reveals of his DesignerCon 2018 releases.  As mentioned the other day, he’s created new sculpts (2.0?) of three of his popular space figures—Astronaut, Space Mode Man (above) and Robot Suit.  Each of the new versions features articulated arms where the originals had sculpted-in arms.  Additionally Robot Suit is smaller than the original while the other two are larger than the original versions.  These will be available on Saturday (11.17) at The Sour Lemon [booth #151].  Stay sharp!


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Nov 13, 2018

Kranyus ‘Can’t Rain All The Time’ by DaveMarkArt Debuts at DesignerCon


Martian Toys will release the next artist edition of their Kranyus vinyl figure (8”) designed by Theodoru.  The DaveMarkArt edition features a gray+black color scheme with the blue eyes and rainbow stripe that the artist has made his calling card.  Limited to 150 pieces, the Can’t Rain All the Time colorway will be available at the Mothership Art Gallery booth [#2324] beginning on VIP Preview Night (11.16).

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Yosuke Ueno x VTSS — Kaiju Bokulla Debuts at DesignerCon


Kaiju Bokulla may be cute and colorful now, but just wait a few years…  Debuting at DesignerCon, the playful beast child is the newest figure from Yosuke Ueno and VTSS.  The nearly 8” vinyl figure will be on display at the VTSS booth [#1740]. Limited to 200 pieces, the figure goes up for pre-order on Saturday November 17th for $120 and will ship at the end of January 2019.

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myplasticheart at DCon: Mitt Whiskey by Six TwentyEight


In keeping with a convention tradition, myplasticheart will have a super-limited MITT from 6 28 for DesignerCon.  While most of the special editions have been riffs on pop culture, this year 6 28 was inspired by spirits.  Whiskey Mitt is cast in a translucent whiskey-hued sofubi and features black accents and pale green eyes.  Find Mitt at the mph booth [#107] for $65.

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Mister Cartoon x The Hundreds — Bronson Art Toy Debuts at DesignerCon


The Hundreds will debut and release their new Bronson vinyl by Mister Cartoon at DesignerCon.  Part of their new collection with the renown tattoo artist, the street wise cat features tail lights as shades and an ice cream for the hot LA summer days. Bronson will be available in the True Blue edition at their booth [#822] starting on VIP night (11.16).  The black + grey edition will be available through Mister Cartoon’s site this weekend.


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BAIT at DCon: Gold SSUR Rebel Ape Bust


BAIT will release its exclusive Gold SSUR Rebel Ape Bust at DesignerCon.  Standing roughly a foot tall, the vinyl sculpture features the apparel brand’s popular mashup design blending the iconic leader with the provocative movie franchise.  Find it at the BAIT booth for $150 each [#419].


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Luke Chueh x Munky King — Possessed CMY


Pssst… The Possessed CMY figures are on their way.  In a fun twist, each of the three colors will be a retailer exclusive—Cyan from IamRetro, Magenta from Munky King and Yellow from MSX Art.   Drop by the Munky King booth [#400] for a preview of the CMY editions before they are released.

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Colus — Wicked Snake Resin for DesignerCon


While it doesn’t appear to have a name yet, the brand-new snake figure from Colus is sure to draw a line at DesignerCon.  Limited to 15 pieces, the translucent figure features a smoke + red accents design with a sculpt that incorporates a hybrid snake/horse concept.   Find it at his booth [#301].  The snake joins Deer Crossing Red in the artist’s DCon lineup as of now.  Expecting price to be around $300.

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Joe Ledbetter — Wolfgang Incoming!


Joe Ledbetter has been teasing his new figure and we’ve been wondering if he’s been moving parts around in the seemingly jumbled photos—things didn’t just seem to connect.  With this exclusive first look—thanks Joe!—we now know why the teasers seemed odd. Wolfgang is completely over the top! 

Building on JLed’s prior adventuresome poses, his frenetic wolf pushes 3D to the edge.  Eyes bulging out of the sockets, smoke out of the ears, skull exploding out of his skull, the brain reaching even greater heights—absolutely bonkers.  Oh yes, there’s also that ginormous tongue which cleverly acts as the third point of support. This self-described homage to Tex Avery and Big Daddy Roth was brought to life by Dave Bondi and a talented team of digital sculptors.  Bondi guided Wolfgang down the stretch with the critical final sculpt.

Joe is producing Wolfgang in conjunction with Bigshot Toyworks as a 10.5” resin figure in the standard blue edition seen here as well as Mono and Lava editions. The edition size for the standard colorway will be between 100-150 pieces.  Pricing has yet to be finalized, but will be announced shortly.

When?  Pre-orders will be taken this weekend at JLed’s DCon booth [#2211] and from his online store.  Be sure to drop by the booth to drool (errr ‘view’) over the painted Wolfgang proto.  Hit the jump for an entire preview gallery.


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Nov 12, 2018

Mothership Art Gallery at DCon — Unit O1 TEQ63 by QUICCS


After two alternating black and white editions, comes the new Unit 01 TEQ63 (6”) in too cool for school purple + green from QUICCS and Martian Toys.  These will be available at the Mothership Art Gallery booth [#2423]—40 on Friday (VIP Preview night) and a limited number on Saturday.  Love the gum soles…


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I Am Retro Exclusive The Devil Dunny in Pink by Godmachine x Kidrobot


What The Devil?  Godmachine’s crazy 8” in Pink (and blue) ?  I Am Retro will debut their  exclusive edition of the 8” Dunny from Godmachine  and Kidrobot at DesignerCon.  Limited to 150 pieces, the pink edition will debut at their booth [#2029].  They will also have a DCon Exclusive silk screen print (18 x 24”, 50 pcs), smaller litho prints and Godmachine T’s. Arcane Divination keeps coming — look for more in ‘19.


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Colus — The Last Stand. Deer Crossing Red at DesignerCon.


Colus will return to DesignerCon in Anaheim at Booth 301.  He’s just started to reveal releases including one that’s bound to get collectors excited. Deer Crossing Red features a very red cross and is the final edition of this popular character. 

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The Bots x UVD Toys — Black Sheep Bubbles Debuts at DesignerCon


UVD Toys will debut the new Black Sheep Bubbles from The Bots at DesignerCon. Limited to 50 pieces worldwide, Black Sheep will be available for $30 each  and will be joined by the Bluberry Convention Exclusive Bubbles which debuted at Five Points Festival.  Find Bubbles at UVD Toys [booth #2431]


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Andrew Bell — Larry Lactose Toys + Lacto’s at DesignerCon


Just when we thought it was safe to dive back into a bowl of morning cereal, Andrew Bell has given us the best reason yet to ponder our food choices. He’ll be releasing his Larry Lactose resins in both regular and vintage finishes at DesignerCon. The 6” figures come with magnetic crowns. Ten of these fun figures  will be at the show, presumably of each edition.

The new toys complete—an assumption, Andrew is sneaky—a fun, in-jest collection that started with the Lacto’s pin that comes in an elaborate faux cereal box.  While the project has stirred up some commotion, the products are his artistic reaction to current events in the toy world and as he’s said his own lactose intolerance.   Get all your Lacto’s merch at his booth [#108].  Next time you go grocery shopping, remember O-No Foods, makers of the very worst eats.


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Nov 11, 2018

Feelin’ Blue. Bondi Bear Returns to DesignerCon.


The Bondi Bear is back.  Woot Bear will release Dave Bondi’s rendition of the store’s mascot in a new translucent blue edition.  Find this super shiny drop at their booth [#402].

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Toy Tokyo at DCon: Hand-painted Sofb Boys by Taku Obata


Toy Tokyo is quickly becoming the Sofb Boy source at DesignerCon.  In addition to their Sofb Boy Raw.v6 Exclusive, they will also have six hand-painted one-offs from Taku Obata himself.  The ‘digital’ purple one in front has us staring, just a bit. Find these at the TT booth [#100].

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AlisAlleyArt — Steam Bunnies at DesignerCon


Aleasha Acevedo (AlisAlleyArt) cooks scrumptious resin food toys. She’s got several treats lined up for DesignerCon including these Steam Bunnies.  The Steam Bun triplets (happy, grumpy, and sleepy) come as a set with mini bamboo steamer and a red envelope with vinyl Steam Bun stickers.  Pick up the Steam Bunnies from her booth [#918] for just $75.


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Xpanded Universe — DesignerCon Exclusive Sherbert Metal Sloth


Xpanded Universe is ready to expand your mind with its DesignerCon Exclusive Sherbert Metal Sloth sofubi.  The last sloth for 2018 features a triple marbled mix of orange, avocado green and blue vinyl produced by Lulubell Toys. Pick up this exclusive from Xpanded Universe [booth #933].


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Alex Pardee — Blind Box Pins for DesignerCon


Oooh. Alex Pardee has dreamt up something fun for DesignerCon.  He’s mixed together his regular pins + some super rare pins including some never released ones to create his very own Pin Blind Bloxes.  Each box features three pins—2 standard + 1 rare. Even better, each blind box will be $10—the value is real.  Get them before the insta-vanish from Alex’s booth [#126]. See the pics (above & after the jump) for what you can expect to find.


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