Nov 11, 2018

Toy Art Gallery at DCon: Debut Skullion by Martin Ontiveros


Power chords incoming.  Toy Art Gallery will debut Martin Ontiveros’ brand-new Skullion with a special DesignerCon exclusive. This first factory-painted edition executed by Uh Oh Toys layers frenetic action upon the base green vinyl with green, orange, purple, black + more sprays plus rubbed details to bring out the textures.  There’s also that green guitar with sling.   The DCon Skullion will be available from TAG at booth #543.


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Mothership Toy Market at DCon: BallZee Nano TEQ63 by QUICCS


Motherhip Art Gallery is bringing the Mothership Toy Market to DesignerCon featuring exclusives from indie artists/brands including a brand-new Nano TEQ63 from Quiccs and Devil ToysBallZee brings the flavor of the iconic anime with the QUICCS street style.Find it exclusively at the Moothership booth [#2324].

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Itokin Park x The Sour Lemon at DesignerCon


The Sour Lemon [Booth #151] will once again host Itokin Park at DesignerConKazuhiko Ito will be at the booth and is going big this year with the release of six figures.  He’ll have new, revised editions of his popular Astronaut, Space Mode Man and Robot Suit. The new sculpts feature articulated arms and new sizes than the OG versions. Size wise, Astronaut and Space Mode Man are larger while the Robot Suit has been scaled down from last year.

From today’s IG previews, it looks like there are three Space Mode Man colorways: Red, Blue, Yellow (lemon).  There are also two Astronaut editions: green + gray and blue + pink. Finally, there’s a silver + gray Robot Suit featuring a pilot with glasses.  It’s an exciting year for Itokin Park collectors with the new sculpts and all the color choices.  Expect news on the release details shortly. 


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Nov 10, 2018

myplasticheart at DCon — Pooltime Bunnies & Kitties by Seulgie

43493059_261658584533885_4701278541848108123_nSeulgie has once again worked her charming magic for DesignerCon.  She’s created a new collection of Pooltime Bunnies & Kitties in a variety of colors and swimsuit designs. Available at the myplasticheart booth [#107], these will range from $100$120 based on the design. 

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The Sour Lemon x Six TwentyEight — DesignerCon Exclusive Lemon Drop MITT


Lemon Drops incoming!  The Sour Lemon has collaborate with Six TwentyEight on a fancy soft vinyl concotion.  Mitt Lemon Drop (edition of 10) features a light, lemony yellow MITT pair withed a darker translucent yellow bumper car.  The silver spray on the face, and the little mint scarf.  Available at The Sour Lemon booth [#151]


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Flat Bonnie x Touma — DesignerCon Knuckle Bear & Mao Cat


After a few fairly generous teases, Flat Bonnie has revealed a pair of new DesignerCon exclusive collaborations with Touma —  Flat Knuckle Bear & Flat Mao Cat.  Recasts as a 2.5d plush, this fun version of Knuckle Bear--Touma’s signature character—casts a shadow at 11” tall, is crafted in gray vinyl pleather and features sewn-in numbered DesignerCon tag. What he might lack in ferocity, Knuckle Bear more than compensates with charm and good looks.  The 4” flat plush version features pink vinyl pleather and a fancy sewn-in numbered DCon tag. 

Flat Knuckle Bear ($60) and Flat Mao Cat will be available from the Flat Bonnie booth [#802].  If you can’t make it out to Anaheim, you can also pre-order the Touma collaborations on the Flat Bonnie site through 11.19, with orders shipping on 12,17.

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Jermaine Rogers — ‘Animal’ Shadow Edition at DesignerCon


Animal is coming to DesignerConJermaine Rogers has recast and rearmed his fateful rabbit as a reminder of the times we live in.  The  8” resin edition— larger than the 6” vinyl—was sculpted by Bigshot Toyworks and brought to life by the craftsmen at Mana Studios. Limited to 50 pieces, the glossy black Shadow Edition will be available at the artist’s booth [#1713].  Jermaine has also mentioned that he will release an new S2 Choices vinyl—the second following the FYE exclusive Storm Edition.

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Nov 08, 2018

Ron English x Secretbase MC Supersized Xray LA Edition at DesignerCon


Toy Tokyo has announced they will be releasing the MC Supersized XRAY LA vinyl (6.5”) at DesignerCon.  This is the matte edition of the figure featuring the half-painted / half-transparent design with inner skeleton.  It comes blind brown bagged (pic after the jump).  You’ll find it at the TT booth [#100].


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The Bots x UVD Toys — ‘Dusk Bunnies’ Come Out To Play at DesignerCon


Meet the Dusk Bunnies by The Bots and UVD Toys.  These ‘ghosts of the forests’ join Luna and Bubbles as the latest inhabitants of the World of Luna to make the leap into toys.  The 3” hand-cast and hand-painted resins will be available from the UVD/The Bots combo booth [#2431].


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Nov 07, 2018

Get Wet! DesignerCon Exclusive Dobichan Monochrome by Flat Bonnie


Flat Bonnie has been hard at work sewing and stitching each and every one of her DesigernCon Exclusives. Luckily for us, she’s starting to unveil them.  First up is the popular Dobichan in a new monochrome edition. Find this cutie and other exclusives including Two Touma collabos at her booth [#802].  And, if you can’t make it to DCon, there will be a pre-order later this week. 

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He’s Back… 12” Shanghai Toby DesignerCon Exclusive by Gary Baseman


Surprise!  Gary Baseman’s Toby is back in vinyl.  The 12” Shanghai Toby comes in a deluxe red, slide over style box.  Created for his Shanghai Exhibition as  VIP collector gifts, a very limited number of these signed figures will be available at DesignerCon. Drop by his booth to pick one up [#2310]

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Scott Tolleson x Pobber — Truffle Bao at DesignerCon


There’s plenty of tempting toys on the DesignerCon menu.  Now comes word of the new Black Truffle Bao by Scott Tolleson x Pobber.  The new ‘lil guy will be available at Tolleson’s booth [#2005].


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I Am Retro x Sket One — DesignerCon Exclusive Spoiled Rotten Chocolate Milk


Convention Season is the best season with so many great releases including the just announced I Am Retro x Sket One  DesignerCon Exclusive Spoiled Rotten Chocolate Milk resin figures complete with crow bar. The follow-up to the sold-out OG Spoiled Rotten Milk will be available at the Sneaker Lab booth [#720].

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Nov 06, 2018

Dulk x Silent Stage x Thinkspace — Rhino Project Pre-Order at DesignerCon


What’s this?  Silent Stage has shared a render of an upcoming rhino + fam project from Dulk.  Done in conjunction with Thinkspace Gallery, the as yet un-named piece will be on display at Silent Stage’s DesignerCon booth and available for pre-order.  Exciting news. The sculpt looks compelling.  Color choices play a big role in Dulk’s art, so we’re looking forward to a painted reveal.

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DesignerCon Preview Event at Sneaker Lab DTLA (11.8)


In a year of groundbreaking firsts, DesignerCon is holding a special preview event on Thursday evening (11.8) at Sneaker Lab in Downtown LA.  The RSVP event will offer the first look at releases from several companies including Medicom Toy, 3DRetro and more. In addition to the evening event, people who have purchased VIP badges can pick them up at Sneakerlab from 11AM to 6 PM thereby skipping the pick-up line at DCon and speeding up entry into the convention.  

DesignerCon 2018 Exclusive Preview
Thursday November 8th 2018 (7 to 10 PM)

Sneaker Lab
721 South Los Angeles St.
Los Angeles, CA 90014

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Mutant Vinyl Hardcore x Medicom —LASH VCD Debuts at DesignerCon


Medicom has big plans for DesignerCon with an enormous 60 x 60 booth [#405] and scores of drops including one that MVH fans have been anticipating for sometime.  The LASH VCD features Last Dying Wish brand’s devilish mascot in a bold, arms-outstretched pose.  At 13”, this one is ready to impose its will on your collection.

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Hyperactive Monkey at DCon: Gerald Okamura ‘The Golden Gunslinger’ Jade Edition


Jerome Lu and Hyperactive Monkey are bringing their Gerald Okamura ‘The Golden Gunslinger’ resin back for DesignerCon. The Jade Edition of the dual-pistol wielding figure featuring the martial arts actor known as ‘The Man of Many Weapons’ is set to impress with a glossy, swirled cast that evokes the iconic Asian stone. Available at the Hyperactive Monkey booth [#1118], the figure includes a limited-edition print and sticker.  The masterful one himself will be at the booth on Saturday (11.17).


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Okluna at DesignerCon: Sora’s Guardian Spirit and More


The charming and mystical world of Ok Luna is coming to DesignerCon.  The brand has announced they will be releasing several toys for the show from the myplasticheart booth [#107].

Based on the flier, it’s likely that Sora’s Guardian Spirit is one of those drops. First released at last month’s Taipei Toy Festival, the translucent guardian features an astral design with blues and purples.


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Kidrobot DesignerCon Dunny Preview #3: Vincent by Scott Tolleson


Kidrobot’s preview of the upcoming DesignerCon Dunny series continues with the quintessential DCon design: Vincent—the convention’s mascot—by Scott Tolleson.  With a large, squarish head, and sculpted gear, the figure looks great and retains the essence of the character, in part by dialing back the Dunny DNA.  We’re looking forward to the next preview from the series which will be released at the Kidrobot booth [#2010].

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Toy Tokyo @ DCon: Sofb Boy Raw V.6 by Taku Obata


Toy Tokyo is bringing  Taku Obata’s Sofb Boy Raw V.6 to DesignerCon.  Cast in light orange, the Unbox-produced art toy is based on the Japanese artist’s large-format wood sculptures celebrating B=Boy culture. The 10” figure features nine points of articulation for expressive poses. This latest colorway will be available from the Toy Tokyo booth [#100]. 

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Nov 05, 2018

Mirock Toy x Planet 3 Toys —Janken Bōzu for DesignerCon


A few weeks ago we posted a stylish teaser of an upcoming collaborative release in the works from Mirock Toy and Planet 3 Toys.  With today’s full reveal, it turns out that the new toy headed to DesignerCon is in fact a Bōzu.

Janken Bōzu is quite literally a meeting of artistic styles. To create the new edition, Yohei Kaneko of Mirock Toy modified  dark blue+light blue marbled Bōzu’s by blending one of three arms into the top of the head and then hand-painting the sofubi toys in a blue+gold design. The elegant hybrid measures 6.7” tall, comes in three versions—each with a different hand gesture—and will be available in very limited quantities for $80 from the Tomenosuke booth [#2232].

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Nathan Hamill Heats Up the Griddle for the DesignerCon BurgerCat Catsup Edition (11.17)


Nathan Hamill’s BurgerCat is back in the new Catsup edition for DesignerCon.  Created with Science Patrol, the translucent red version of the fast food + feline combo drops on Saturday November 17th at 9 AM for ¥2700 ($25) at DesignerCon from the War Machine booth [#2313] and online from both Nathan’s web store and Science Patrol’s web store.


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Nov 04, 2018

Amy Sol x Munky King — Changeling Leaf Debuts at DesignerCon


Munky King will debut the new Changeling Leaf soft vinyl figure from Amy Sol in DesignerCon.  Cast in a deep orange, the debut edition of her very first art toy matches the Fall rhythms. First shown in proto form at SDCC, the piece is based on Amy’s sculptural work, embodying nature in graceful figurative forms.  Find Changeling Leaf at the Munky King booth [#400].

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Nov 02, 2018

Aloha! Lolligag Twilight Edition Debuts at DesignerCon


Lolligag will debut their Twilight Edition of their Aloha! Lolligag vinyl art toy at DesignerCon.  Inspired by the changing colors as the sun sets, the new edition is bathed in purple and pink hues. For this pre-release, 24 pieces of the new Lolligag will be available from the brand’s booth [#1007].

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DesignerCon Dunny Series: The Jewel Guardian by Chris Lee


Next up for Kidrobot’s DesignerCon Dunny previews is the Jewel Guardian from Chris Lee.  This mystical design has a fun symmetrical design that is just a tad abstract while playing with recognizable elements.  Good stuff.  the series debuts at DesignerCon on Friday (11.16) from the Kidrobot Booth [#2010].

Those in the magic arts have sought the aide of the Jewel Guardian all throughout history. It protects and catalogs the universe’s most powerful, beautiful, and dangerous precious stones. It also has the ability to create completely ones when the need arises… at a price of course. The Jewel Guardian loves to play games and for seekers of the rarest of stones, he’s been known to send them on scavenger hunts that cross time and space.

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