Oct 07, 2019

kaNO x DesignerCon Be@rbrick


And so it begins… Over the weekend kaNO posted pics of his new 100% Be@rbrick, part of the upcoming DesignerCon Be@rbrick series which features several high-profile artists. KaNO's design features his signature urban style including water tower and cap silhouettes in the two clear ears.


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Jul 14, 2019

DesignerCon Tickets Available Now


Get ready for DesignerCon 2019 by purchasing your tickets now.  Buy a VIP ($70), Weekend ($35) or single day ($20) ticket over at the DCon site and check a key item for your to-do list. If you love Art Toys, the VIP is the way to go as it's the only ticket to the Friday VIP night.  DesignerCon 2019 is November 22nd through the 24th with a futuristic space theme.

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